Email letters, October 4,  2013

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As evidenced by the above on-line letters, Thursday’s Sentinel editorial (“Point made, now reopen government”) and Dr. Michael Pramenko’s guest column (“Cruz and tea party want to overturn the results of last year’s election”) exposed just how deeply the cynically disingenuous misinformation campaign waged by ObamaCare’s opponents has permeated the Sentinel’s readership.
Thus, Bud Markos’ fact-free missive (“House Republicans must continue to fight against Obamacare”) is based on the unstated premise that the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) will be worse for the U.S. than a government shutdown, a debt ceiling default, and/or a return to the “pre-existing condition” of our previous out-of-control health care “system”.

Louis Dunn (“Dr. Pramenko’s column sparks thoughts on modifications”) falsely implies that Repugnicans have offered an actuarially viable alternative to the ACA, while failing to mention that it remains stalled in a House committee, would cost $1 trillion more than “ObamaCare” over ten years, and would employ the same approach that already failed in California, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas.

David Zulian (“Dr. Pramenko continues to mistakenly boost Affordable Care Act”) calls the ACA “socialized medicine”, when it originated as a “conservative”, market-based proposal—endorsed by Club 20 and Colorado’s Republican Governor Owens, and then successfully implemented in Massachusetts as “RomneyCare”.

At least David Wetherell (“Editorial on shutdown shows bias against conservatives”)  admits that the debate is purely ideological – not evidence-based.  Wetherell’s brand of “conservatism” might have more credibility had Sarah Palin and Chuck Grassley not falsely convinced gullible voters that “ObamaCare” created “death panels” – when the ACA statutorially eliminated hundreds of real “death panels” used by private for-profit health insurers to deny and/or cancel coverage based on “pre-existing conditions”.

How long can such “conservatives” cling to the same ideological arguments used against Social Security and MediCare to now deny millions access to affordable health care?

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