Email Letters: October 4, 2017

NFL players are protesting racism and social injustice in our country

I understand that people think the protests during the national anthem are disrespectful. But I feel that racism and social injustice is also disrespectful. The players are not protesting the flag; they are protesting the racism and social injustice that is going on in the country.

The U.S. was founded on protests, i.e. the Boston Tea Party. There have been countless military veterans that have no problem with the protest. People are losing sight of what the players are protesting. When Brandon Marshall of the Broncos knelt last year, he went and talked to police officers in Denver about the problems that African Americans face in this country. These protests are starting a conversion between the police and the African Americans. I also feel that the president should invite some NFL players to the White House to discuss the issues that the African Americans face in the United States.

Grand Junction

We need to know where our elected officials stand on gun control

According to their office staff Tuesday morning, neither Sen. Cory Gardner nor Rep. Scott Tipton has indicated which way he will vote on the NRA-sourced bill to legalize public possession of firearms silencers and armor-piercing ammunition.

Come on, lawmakers, the Las Vegas mass murderer’s body count would have been much worse if he’d had silenced weapons and armor-piercing ammo.

Is this what you want? Well, your constituents don’t. When you vote on these carnage-enhancers, will your monetary relationship with the NRA have anything to do with it?

We want to know where you stand. Now, please.

Grand Junction

Our country must acknowledge need for God, not gun control

Someone contrasted the response of President Trump to that of Hillary Clinton concerning the mass murder in Las Vegas. Hillary called for more gun control and Trump acknowledged our need for God. I agree with our president.

Gun control will not make us safer. John Lott has proven that. George Mason rightly turned what the British had said, “The best way to enslave a people is to disarm them first.” “The Second Amendment Primer” by Les Adams ought to be required reading in America post Las Vegas shooting.

Some post that ISIS/Islam may have radicalized the shooter. Might explain it – never excuse it. Some suggest he had been prescribed anti-anxiety drugs recently – again such might explain it –but it never excuses the evil. Trump has suggested the only sure path and response – when the president sought God first. In 1833 Joseph Story published that when the Constitution was adopted the general sentiment in America was that Christianity should receive encouragement from the government. Recently our government has forgotten God and forgotten their duty to acknowledge God.


Local media fails to provide adequate news coverage

Why wasn’t the main headline on Tuesday the Las Vegas shooting instead of hemp? Your paper only seems to cover School District 51 or marijuana stores, but all the news channels are the same way. If you want to know what’s going on you, need to read the Denver papers or watch their news broadcasts. I guess this is what you get in a small town.


Sentinel seemingly only focuses on the liberal side of politics

I see The Daily Sentinel is devoting two weeks of front-page coverage on the subject of growing hemp. The Daily Sentinel might as well get out of the news business. The only thing they focus on is the liberal side of politics. They make it a point to directly get the liberal points of view and print mostly that. They think that’s what we all want to read. The comment section is only what suits what they want you to know. Most of the other political news is probably copied from some other biased source.

Grand Junction

What we really need are sensible gun safety laws

Contrary to the Sentinel’s “head-in-the-sand” editorial opinion (“We need baseball now more than ever”), what we really need are sensible gun safety laws – not more baseball.

Conservatives and gun rights enthusiasts tend to worship at the altar of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, whose rhetorical slight-of-hand and arrogant sophistry in District of Columbia v. Heller turned our Second Amendment jurisprudence on its head.

In Heller, Scalia dismissed the argument “that only those arms in existence in the 18th century are protected by the Second Amendment” as “bordering on the frivolous,” but posited a false (“bordering on the frivolous”) equivalency between “arms” (weapons of war, within the rubric of a “well ordered militia”) to “communications” (as protected by the First Amendment) and privacy (as protected by the 4th Amendment).

Thus, Scalia (writing for the 5-4 majority) was spuriously insisting that the “18th century” drafters of the Second Amendment would not have changed one word or comma in it had they presciently foreseen the lethality and proliferation of modern personal weaponry.

The inconsistency of Scalia’s dubiously selective “originalism” is exposed later in Heller, wherein he concedes that the Second Amendment was never intended to permit “unusual or dangerous weapons . . . not in common use at the time.” Thus, even if the drafters had anticipated multi-shot pistols and double-barreled shotguns, the “self defense” rationale Scalia applied to handguns in Heller need not pertain to semi- or fully automatic weapons.

Meanwhile, the tragic events in Las Vegas prove once again that Republican recipients of the NRA’s $3.5 million in campaign contributions to current members of Congress – e.g., Scott Tipton ($18,950) and Cory Gardner ($5,950) – have blood on their hands.

Republicans refuse to close the so-called “gun show loophole” (thereby allowing felons, the mentally infirm, and even terrorists to purchase assault weapons with no background check)—so, there are well-advertised gun shows almost every weekend in Las Vegas. Republicans offer “prayers and sympathy” to victims of gun violence, but voted against renewal of the assault weapons ban in 2004 and 2013, much less any limits on magazine capacity, the sale of armor piercing ammunition, and/or the sale of fully-automatic modification kits.

“If the horror of Las Vegas teaches us nothing else,” it’s that doing nothing while allowing “blood money” to trump common sense is fatally irresponsible.

Grand Junction


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