Email Letters: October 5, 2017

It’s good business sense to invest in improving things we treasure

My child is grown up so why should I pay more taxes for schools? I’ll tell you why.

Thank goodness the community stepped up to support schools back when my daughter was a student. Thank goodness the youth of today are learning and growing to be productive adults. Hopefully many will choose to stay in Grand Junction to work and raise their families. Finally, thank goodness I live in a community that understands it is just plain, old fashioned, good business sense to invest in maintaining and improving things we treasure.

As a retired woman on a fixed income I don’t have a lot of spare money but it is my privilege to pay my “dues” to support our youth. Vote yes on District 51 Bond Issue and Mill Levy 3A and 3B.

Grand Junction

A defense attorney’s perspective on supporting public safety initiative 1A

I have been a practicing criminal defense attorney in Mesa County for 30 years. I submit this in support of ballot initiative 1A, the public safety sales tax proposed to support the special safety districts, primarily the Sheriff’s office and the District Attorney’s office, in Mesa County.

The jail is operating well above capacity, but this problem is more than just challenged living accommodations. The jail is so full that it is difficult to properly visit and represent my incarcerated clients. These early meetings are when I am able to gather the information to show that my client can be safely managed in the community, back at work, and back to being a productive citizen. At this critical early stage, this is valuable information the prosecution and courts want, but I am the only one in a position to get. When I do not have the access to my clients it slows the process, causing court delays, and further burdens the system. Although they are only accused, these persons have a right to their day in court in a timely manner. These delays affect my clients’ lives, sometimes resulting in loss of employment/family/education. The delay ultimately costs the system unnecessary time and money.

The backlog caused by the skeleton staff in the District Attorney’s office has my clients waiting, sometimes in jail, until the proper time can be devoted to resolving the case. Low staffing inhibits any ability to timely resolve issues and the case causing more delay, more time in jail. Prosecutors are cautious not to dismiss or plea bargain cases without careful consideration, but without the proper staffing levels that care can turn into lengthy delays before a resolution.

I respect the system; I have been working within it for 40 years. Having a properly functioning justice system is of paramount importance to me, my clients, and everyone involved. For these reasons I will be voting yes on 1A and I urge your readers to do the same.

Grand Junction

People with warped minds don’t care about gun laws

Now the gun grabbers are at it again. Do they know how many gun laws were broken before the shooter even pulled the trigger for the first shot? Do they realize that people with warped minds don’t care about gun laws? Let’s say that somehow we could get all the firearms out of public hands. These nutcases would still find a way to get them, and some already have. Cars and trucks are very destructive. Add a little diesel and fertilizer and trucks do a lot of damage and carnage. How many more laws do we need?


Local voters and young women beware – Tipton is at it again

Local voters – and particularly young women – should be aware that their 3rd District “Representative” Scott Tipton is at it again, joining in the persistent Republican assault on their Constitutionally-protected reproductive rights.

On Tuesday, Tipton voted with the misogynist Republican majority in the House to pass HR 36 – the fraudulently-named “Pain-Capable Child Protection Act” – on a substantially party-line vote. Tipton had previously also voted to suspend the rules to permit only one hour of debate and to bar amendments, even though no committee hearings were held.

HR 36 would ban abortions after 20 weeks – except in cases of rape, incest, or a threat to the life of the mother – and would punish doctors for performing an un-excepted abortion (with up to five years in prison), but not the woman seeking or having one.

As has become typical of Republicans’ dishonest approach to responsible governance (as with the Affordable Care Act, Climate Change, Immigration Policy, and Tax Reform), HR 36 arises from – and expressly asserts – the entirely junk-science claim that “there is substantial medical evidence that an unborn child is capable of experiencing pain at least by 20 weeks after fertilization, if not earlier,” when in fact there is no such evidence.

Moreover, while the general scientific consensus is that no such evidence exists, what evidence is available establishes conclusively that the neurologic structures needed by a fetus to feel pain are not completed or functioning until much further along in pregnancy, even into the third trimester. Thus, according to one expert, 20 weeks “is just an arbitrary limit set in place by politicians that has no medical or scientific backing.” See:

At some point, Sentinel readers and local voters should ask themselves why Republicans routinely rely on falsehoods and junk science (including economics) to advance their perverted policy agenda, and why we have elected Tipton – a willing participant in such debauchery – to represent us. Is it possible that their/his ideologically driven agenda actually has no “redeeming social value” or sufficient objective truth that can justify the pornographic policies they propose?

Grand Junction



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Mr. Thomas, why allow military-level guns in the hands of the public? Forget about nuts and mental cases. They’ll continue to make trouble. But when they use military weapons the trouble is magnified many times. They are meant to kill. That’s what the military does. Why not limit the damage the general public can do? Can you buy a military bomb? If you had the money can you buy an F16? All have just one legitimate use — killing other people.

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