Email letters, Sept. 20, 2012

U.S. diplomatic facilities cannot be fortresses

In his obvious haste and desire to criticize the administration in his letter published Wednesday, Sept. 19, Ed Arno overlooks the fact that it was the consulate in Benghazi that protesters stormed, not the embassy, which is in the capital, Tripoli. The consulate was protected by Libyans who ran away when the mob overwhelmed them.

Ambassador Stevens, who was visiting the consulate, felt very comfortable with the Libyan populace and had a habit of traveling without a security detail. I guess we could make it mandatory that all our facilities in the Middle East be heavily protected and diplomatic personnel always travel heavily protected, but what is the message that sends to the native population about what we think of them? Why are we even there if we don’t think the neighborhood is safe for our facilities and personnel?

Stevens was probably the most knowledgeable person relative to Libya in our diplomatic service. He felt safe in Benghazi, and the situation came up suddenly, undoubtedly well planned in advance. The same thing could have happened in London or Paris or Berlin, orchestrated by elements wanting to make a statement or embarrass us.

Security is necessary, but do we really want to make U.S. diplomatic facilities appear to be fortresses in the countries in which we have established diplomatic relations? Do we trust nobody?

Yes, diplomatic facilities are considered to be U.S. sovereign property, but they exist as guests of the countries where they are located. I think a heavily fortified U.S. facility in somebody else’s country is a slap in the face to that country regardless of the potential danger involved.

The diplomatic service is an inherently dangerous business. Neither the administration nor Stevens was negligent in this case. Stuff happens!

Grand Junction

Vandals, Edwards chastised over John Otto rock defacement

Shame on those who vandalized the historical rock at the Museum of Western Colorado! It shows how ignorant the vandals are. I am also surprised at David Edwards’ remarks. I care not what he is but will not vote for him due to his ignorance. Will he try to censor anything he does not understand?

That rock is a part of Western Colorado and has nothing to do with Nazis. Do a search on Google, and you will see that it has been used in other countries for centuries and not for intolerance.

The vandals showed true intolerance in their actions. Hopefully someone will call Crime Stoppers and turn them in.

Grand Junction

Social Security recipients part of Romney’s 47 percent

Many folks living here in the Grand Valley are like me, paying no income taxes and depending on Social Security for basic needs.

Technically, I suppose we’re in that 47 percent Romney spoke of and the Democratic Party is so excited about. I contend that the 47 percent figure is bogus. I personally am not in the Obama camp and don’t consider myself part of his grand entitlement dream.

Even though I draw a Social Security check every month, I hasten to remind that I worked and my employers paid into that system for more than 42 years.

Just because the money was mismanaged does not now make it a government entitlement.

Grand Junction

Steve King’s marijuana bill only benefits law enforcement

Why won’t our law enforcement legislator show facts to support his dramatic claims about increases of “too stoned to drive” nationwide. Most states have zero tolerance levels to begin with. Accurate for impairment or just incarceration? What’s up? No facts from Colorado that support his claims?

It was shown this past year that what King stated as fact didn’t support his bill. It showed that two of his only three examples displayed would have been legal if they were legal medical marijuana patients, still the only legal use of marijuana in Colorado. One of his three examples shown was more than a decade old. Accurate?

For more than 70 years we’ve been told marijuana isn’t like alcohol, can’t be classified like alcohol and can’t be measured like alcohol. What’s different now? Convenience? King’s stand seems to suggests his interests are making laws to set arbitrary limits for legalization rather than making informed, accurate decisions of impairment. Does King’s bill benefit anyone other than law enforcement?

King nearly got his bill passed this year, refusing to allow public input. Researchers have shown some medical marijuana patients can test at 16 nanograms and exhibit no impairment. Five nanograms is an arbitrary level established by/for law enforcement, not science or to measure actual impairment as nothing else was remotely considered. Good lawmaking when one group can be singled out and discriminated against? What about the many mind-altering prescription drugs taken every day? Never impaired? Ha!

The word lacking in King’s statements is always impairment, the thing we all want regulated. Driving while impaired is not acceptable, but neither are King’s attempts to push laws through without public input. He’ll try it again; it’s the only way he can proceed. Damn the torpedoes, and the public, full speed ahead.


Free enterprise, smaller government appear to be anathemas to Obama, Borgen

John Borgen wants us to take a lesson from “those countries exceeding our results” in education and medicine. And these are?  Several, seemingly, in education. When did we slip there?  After the establishment of the Department of Education?  Before that, education policy was left up to the individual states. We seemed to do pretty well overall. However, the federal government edict of “do better this way” has not succeeded.

Who has better health care?  The UK?  They do rationing. Obamacare?  I believe rationing is inevitable with that. Wait until Borgen exceeds the (to-be-selected) age for the no-more-of-those-procedures-because-they-are-too-expensive limit has been reached. Will he complain? 

He says, “The constant talk in conservative circles about wanting nothing to do with European cultures and socialist ideas is a perfect example” of why we are floundering. Which European socialist country should we emulate?  Well, we know from President Obama’s own words that he believes in “redistribution” of money. Apparently, so does Borgen.

This country grew and became a magnet for immigrants over the years with free enterprise and smaller government. They seems to be anathemas to Obama and Borgen. I prefer those qualities that made us great. Why change a good thing?

Grand Junction

Young Eagles mentors will not attend air show

Members of our Grand Junction chapter of Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA800) voted not to be present this year at the Grand Junction air show as we have the past three decades. We want you to know why.

EAA800 is an organization with 175,000 members dedicated to growing general aviation. We strive to make aviation easier, more accessible, more rewarding and more fun. EAA800 ignites and nurtures interest by embracing “the spirit of aviation” in all that we do. An important duty of EAA800 is the Young Eagles Program in which we introduce youths by inviting each to fly with us at no cost. Our EAA800 has 35 active members who have performed more than 750 Young Eagle flights at Walker Field since 1993, plus about 100 more since moving from Walker Field.

About mid-2009 our group was given a briefing by the Grand Junction Regional Airport staff. They informed us that no one without a $125 badge may be allowed on the general aviation ramp and we must keep all the people inside the hangar with the doors closed, or the hangar owner could be fined $11,000 for each violation. With the construction of the prison-type fence and iron gates, we foresaw the demise of our Young Eagles Program.

The general aviation area of Walker Field is now a ghost town. The airport staff and board have acted against the best interests of EAA800 and other owners, users, tenants and the City of Grand Junction itself.

EAA800 cannot pretend that all is well at Walker Field. It is not. Last year we moved our operations to Mack-Mesa Airport where we’ll conduct our Young Eagles Program Saturday, Sept. 29 for kids ages 8-17. Pre-registration and details are at http://WWW.EAA800.ORG. Come on out and have your kids experience the freedom and wonder of flying.


Co-presidents, EAA800

Religion deadlier than guns

Is it possible that religion has killed more people than guns?

Now, that’s turning the other cheek.

Grand Junction

Daily Sentinel liberals refuse to print truth about Obama

So what do you liberals at The Daily Sentinel editorials gain by stabbing the very people who advertise with you in the back? Obama is killing businesses who advertise with you, yet you guys still won’t print editorials that speak the truth about what will happen if he’s reelected.

The liberal media lets Obama lie constantly and NEVER calls him out. What is it you’re getting, Silbernagel?

America’s in the toilet - jobs, debt, the Middle East, the economy. Yet you libs are doing everything you can to keep Obama going.

The middle class has taken a beating under Obama and will continue to get pummeled by him if he’s reelected, no matter how much he lies in his commercials. Middle class wages and the cost of food, gas, medical, etc. have all skyrocketed. Thirty million dollars have been lost in our local school budget under Obama.

Everything’s bad! So what is it the liberal media gains, Bob? And please don’t try to fill me with your “We’re not biased” crap!

Grand Junction

Sauer deserved front-page article

“Wrapped your lips around the fire hose of awesome”? Really, Jay?

You’ve been a good publisher. I like the direction the paper has taken under your direction. But next time, give your notes to Rachel Sauer to write the front-page story!

Grand Junction


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