Email letters, Sept. 25, 2012

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To the chagrin of local “conservatives” – apparently including Sharon Compton and L.K. Prichard, whose on-line letters demonstrate that objective fact-checking has not yet penetrated their corner of the Western Slope, President Barack Obama leads in “swing state” polls, because – one by one – the President’s actual accomplishments and the inescapable internal contradictions of alternative Republican policies (embodied by Romney-Ryan) are being accurately assessed by an increasingly attentive electorate.

First, Republicans like Compton demonized an imaginary President Obama (“alien”, “muslim”, “socialist”, etc.), while the real President Obama implemented policies more reminiscent of Dwight Eisenhower – saving Wall Street and the auto industry, while stimulating the economy by investing in education and infrastructure.

Next, Romney insisted that President Obama was “making things worse”, even while most economic indicators showed things improving (albeit slowly).  House Tea Party Republicans then caused stock markets to drop precipitously (albeit temporarily) by threatening to wreck the world financial system over the “debt ceiling”.

Ryan claims that President Obama’s recovery has been the most anemic in our history, but a recently released economic study proves quite the opposite – despite persistent GOP obstructionism intended only for partisan gain rather than to create “job, jobs, jobs”.

Meanwhile, President Obama also confronted the economically ruinous implications of increasing health care costs, health insurance premiums, insurer abuses, and uninsureds.

Rather than champion a government-run “public option”, President Obama endorsed the Republican-originated model proving successful in Massachusetts – but Republicans like Prichard branded him a “collectivist” (i.e., “communist”) nonetheless.

Because “Obamacare” promotes preventive care and extends the viability of Medicare, the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission both rejected the idea of repealing it and recommended an additional “public option”.  Romney-Ryan would replace Medicare with “voucher care”—to fund more tax cuts that will magically reduce deficits and the national debt (thereby combining both “VooDoo Economics” and “fuzzy arithmetic”).

Finally, Romney’s plan to “create 12 million jobs” remains as secret as his tax returns. 
Therefore, not surprisingly, Romney-Ryan have simply not passed Middle America’s common sense test – even if “low information voters” still support them.

                Bill Hugenberg

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