Email letters, Sept. 25, 2012

Community has invested nearly 30 years on vision for riverfront

Gregg Palmer says the city council was correct in letting the people decide what they want this city to look like in 20 years.

For Palmer’s information, that decision was made when James Robb and William Ela started the process to establish the riverfront trail. This community has worked for almost 30 years to complete their vision.

It was only under Palmer and his cohorts that the city council screwed the whole thing up by attempting to allow heavy industrialization of the old rendering plant site.

My, how short our memories are when we make a mistake.


President’s actions speak more loudly than words

This presidential election reminds me of a story: Two students are running for student body president. On the day of their campaign speeches, the first offers a well-thought-out plan for improving conditions at the school. The second offers free ice cream. That candidate wins in a landslide! Are American voters this naïve?

Our forefathers gave up everything to come to this land of the great human experiment of self-government. They came seeking freedom – not just freedom of religion but freedom from oppressive governments that ruled every element of their lives.

Obama’s clear objective is to take America back to federal government control. He has bypassed our duly elected Congress to pass his agenda by using 923 executive orders in 40 months in office. All this was done behind closed doors and in conference with his handpicked, non-vetted, extremely liberal “czars.” Even congressional committees cannot get the facts.

Obama has even ignored decisions made by the Supreme Court of this land. Impeachable! Where is the balance of power so carefully laid out in our

He insults our allies while pandering to our enemies. He spends trillions of dollars of borrowed money that we, the people, must pay back. He is admittedly ashamed of the Pledge of Allegiance and the American flag.

Watch Obama’s actions, not his words! By his actions he will show you where America is headed. He wants to go forward with his agenda. Are we, the people, going to let him?


Inform voters on voting requirements

To make sure that all voters, new and otherwise, know where and how to register, where to vote and what kind of ID it takes. It is essential that you find out all the details and print them on your front page where everyone can see them.

Grand Junction

Negative campaigning seems endless

I read that politics have been fiercely partisan since the 18th century. In fact, nasty rhetoric and dirty tricks are nothing new and go back to before colonial times.

Be that as it may, I remember a time, not long ago, when election candidates focused more on what they intended to do for voters rather than what their opponent would do if elected.

Sadly, I guess those times are behind us and we’re stuck with never ending negative campaigns. I hear those work and when your opponent has no positive record to stand on or can’t cite any recent accomplishments, then what else can you do? I try to understand; after all, it IS only politics as usual.

It’s hard to understand though when your mailbox is stuffed every day with attack ads and the phone rings day and night with robocalls.

All I know is that this negative campaigning puts both candidates in a bad light, leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes this election season seem endless.

So, stop it already and debate the issues. There are issues, aren’t there?

Grand Junction

Beware of Obamacare

Seniors, be careful what you vote for. You may be happy with your health insurance now, but you won’t be when Medicare stops paying for life-saving procedures after you turn 75.

Yes, Obamacare and its faceless panel WILL be deciding for you what is available and what is not. And it will start very soon after this election.

The only way to beat this is to stay healthy for as long as you can, hope that Obamacare will be rescinded and vote accordingly.

Grand Junction

Wolf Creek development would dramatically affect environment

The latest attempt to circumvent the public will comes in the form of a proposed land trade atop Wolf Creek Pass between an out-of-state and absentee developer and the U.S. Forest Service.

Ultimately, the result would be the same —- a large development in the wrong place. It’s the wrong kind of use for picturesque Wolf Creek Pass that is perched atop the Continental Divide and surrounded by wilderness, wetlands, areas with no roads, and irreplaceable wildlife habitat. The Forest Service should choose the “no action alternative” and not allow such a shortsighted plan for development to move forward.

Additionally, climate change is playing havoc with our state, with temperatures in the West increasing faster than the nation as a whole. Such changes have dramatic effects on our Colorado environment, and there is absolutely no reason to further stress the problem with such an ill-conceived development. Besides the danger climate change poses for our entire ecosystem, the ski industry is, perhaps, its first commercial casualty.

Given this, there is absolutely no reason to even consider this ridiculous development in one of the more pristine areas of Colorado.

Manitou Springs



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To the chagrin of local “conservatives” – apparently including Sharon Compton and L.K. Prichard, whose on-line letters demonstrate that objective fact-checking has not yet penetrated their corner of the Western Slope, President Barack Obama leads in “swing state” polls, because – one by one – the President’s actual accomplishments and the inescapable internal contradictions of alternative Republican policies (embodied by Romney-Ryan) are being accurately assessed by an increasingly attentive electorate.

First, Republicans like Compton demonized an imaginary President Obama (“alien”, “muslim”, “socialist”, etc.), while the real President Obama implemented policies more reminiscent of Dwight Eisenhower – saving Wall Street and the auto industry, while stimulating the economy by investing in education and infrastructure.

Next, Romney insisted that President Obama was “making things worse”, even while most economic indicators showed things improving (albeit slowly).  House Tea Party Republicans then caused stock markets to drop precipitously (albeit temporarily) by threatening to wreck the world financial system over the “debt ceiling”.

Ryan claims that President Obama’s recovery has been the most anemic in our history, but a recently released economic study proves quite the opposite – despite persistent GOP obstructionism intended only for partisan gain rather than to create “job, jobs, jobs”.

Meanwhile, President Obama also confronted the economically ruinous implications of increasing health care costs, health insurance premiums, insurer abuses, and uninsureds.

Rather than champion a government-run “public option”, President Obama endorsed the Republican-originated model proving successful in Massachusetts – but Republicans like Prichard branded him a “collectivist” (i.e., “communist”) nonetheless.

Because “Obamacare” promotes preventive care and extends the viability of Medicare, the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission both rejected the idea of repealing it and recommended an additional “public option”.  Romney-Ryan would replace Medicare with “voucher care”—to fund more tax cuts that will magically reduce deficits and the national debt (thereby combining both “VooDoo Economics” and “fuzzy arithmetic”).

Finally, Romney’s plan to “create 12 million jobs” remains as secret as his tax returns. 
Therefore, not surprisingly, Romney-Ryan have simply not passed Middle America’s common sense test – even if “low information voters” still support them.

                Bill Hugenberg

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