Email letters, Sept. 7, 2012

President’s ‘incomplete’ grade reflects lack of leadership

Our president this week gave himself a grade of “incomplete” for his performance as president. As a state senator in Illinois, he voted “present” 129 times. In his three years in the U.S. Senate he missed 24 percent of the votes.

As president, he has held more fundraisers than any president in history, including the total time of their time in office and his time of less than one term. He has had exactly two cabinet meetings this year.

It’s a good thing there are no issues needing attention. He has, of course, found plenty of time to play golf. This is what President Obama calls leadership?

Grand Junction

Riverfront issue pits small business against regulation

The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce and Diane Schwenke have again managed to pit business against a small but vocal segment of our population.

Unfortunately because of our city council’s inability to do its job of representing voters, we will pay the price of another ballot issue.

Unfortunately, Schwenke has successfully demonized the Brady Trucking zoning issue to the point that it has nothing to do with preserving the riverfront and protecting the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers, which nearly everyone agrees are the Grand Valley’s most important natural resource, to a battle between small business and government regulation. We all know how that argument is going to play out with voters today.

The riverfront has come a long way in the past 35 years thanks to a lot of hard work by many people, Bennett Boeschenstein included. The vision of those who worked so hard was not to clean it up in order to develop it into an industrial area. This issue should not be about Brady Trucking or small business or even personal property rights. It should be about an important public resource and its associated riparian values.

Grand Junction could welcome business by helping to develop industrial areas that provide infrastructure and directing growth away from our limited riverfront. I realize that my vote will not count for much in this issue, but I cannot help but feel that if the city council and planning department had done their job, it would not be needed.

The Grand Junction chamber is going to have to do a better job at convincing me to buy locally if this is what it calls supporting local business. This is not about Brady Trucking. It is about where we have come and where we are going.

Grand Junction

Wright gains support of state police organization

Hey, District 54, guess what we found out. Jared Wright is just as much a human as any of us are. He suffered a bankruptcy of which he is working to solve; he was late to work a time or two as a former police officer. Any of that sound like you?

Jared was a legislative intern and became the youngest staff member for Congressman Scott McInnis and helped individuals and businesses on issues and took on the federal bureaucracy to help them to stand up for their constitutional rights.

Jared was presented a high honor by the Colorado State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police. This is its recommendation submitted Aug. 16: “The Colorado Fraternal Order of Police is proud to support and endorse Jared Wright for election in House District 54.” It also stated that Jared is “a citizen politician who will take the time to listen to the community.”

Jared will do all he can to protect and stand by the U.S. Constitution to insure our constitutional rights such as the Second and 10th Amendments are concreted to the paper they are written on.


Don’t underestimate the power of a great speech

A person who has to be of a conservative or Tea Party bent after President Obama’s speech Thursday evening tweeted that “a great speech will not turn a country around.” It is evident that that person has never heard Winston Churchill’s “Bulldog Speech.”

He has not heard the speech, “The Battle at Agincourt.”  He has not heard Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address.”

He has not heard Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have A Dream.”  He evidently has not listened to other great speeches. Nor did he listen to Obama’s speech Thursday evening.

For his information, it was not Obama who has diminished hope.  It is the “do nothing” party in Congress.  If I were a Republican or Tea Party member, I would be full of shame and disgust and repulsed by the “Do Nothing” members of Congress who for doing nothing have been well paid. 

It doesn’t take much of a seer or a futurist to figure out where this will lead.  Don’t be misled— they do not mean well for the great United States of America.  May God continue to bless America because those blessings are badly needed.

Grand Junction

Robinson’s help to illegal immigrants questioned

With the Club 20 debates just hours away I wonder if the moderators will address Dan Robinson’s history of using his skills as an attorney to help illegal aliens.

“Access to Justice” is an organization with links to the American Bar Association and the Department of Justice that exists to help individuals with limited means get legal help and advice at no cost. Dan Robinson, the Democrat candidate for Colorado State House District 55, seems to be a “regular” with ATJ. This in and of itself is not a bad thing, but it looks as if Robinson has been doing a lot of favors for people in the country illegally.

In a letter from Leslie Castro, Dan Robinson is referred to as, “a local attorney who does a lot of pro bono with undocumented immigrants.”

A majority of Americans, and certainly a majority of voters in Mesa County—where real unemployment is stuck at nearly 20 percent—oppose giving favors, services, tuition breaks and blanket amnesty to illegal aliens.

Dan Robinson does not share the law-and-order character of the people he is running to represent. Voters in Mesa County, as well as the crowd at Club 20, should reflect seriously on whether or not they want a man who is supposed to uphold the law, assisting people who intentionally break the laws that the rest of us are expected to uphold.

Grand Junction

Have voters already made up their minds?

Riding in the passenger’s seat on a recent car trip to Denver, I saw a lot of different state license plates and a few bumper stickers. The number of different states was surprising. Equally surprising was the varied geographical differences. The most notable thing was the absence of bumper stickers.

Not long ago, on this same trip, I saw stickers everywhere. This time they were few and far between. Thank goodness, they’ve always looked a little tacky to me.

Several that I did see, things like “Change It Back” and “I built MY business” were pretty prominent. That last one is no doubt a bitter reply to an Obama comment a while back. (Not exactly the wisest thing to blurt out with small businesses struggling in this economy.)

The absence of any kind of stickers was obvious. I wonder if that reflects the fact that most people have already made a choice and don’t care to advertise it? Or, are there really that many people who haven’t decided who to support yet?

If the latter is the case, I have this friendly reminder. There’s only a little while left to decide, and thanks for not advertising it.


Grand Junction

Ways to decrease national debt do indeed exist

As evidenced by the Sentinel’s revealing headline:  “Ryan warns of ‘welfare state with debt crisis’”, the Romney-Ryan campaign—having already resorted to shameless not-too-subtle racism by falsely accusing President Obama of eviscerating welfare-to-work requirements when Republican governors (including Mitt Romney) requested waivers from those regulations in exchange for increasing work requirements – has now fallen back on Republicans’ “old reliable”:  pure scare tactics.

As Ryan knows, the number of food stamp, unemployment benefits, and other welfare recipients – not to mention the national debt—has increased precisely because of the failed economic policies that precipitated the economic mess Republicans passed onto President Obama—and then ignored or obstructed his efforts to “create jobs.”

Ryan’s prediction of a “debt crisis” is particularly disingenuous because he voted against the Simpson-Bowles Commission’s recommendations and refuses to even consider any “revenue enhancements” – whether by increasing taxes or closing loopholes.

An article by John Cavanagh, the director of the Institute for Policy Studies, in today’s “Yes! Magazine”, aptly titled “7 Ways to End the Deficit (Without Throwing Grandma Under the Bus)”, demonstrates that $500+ billion in annual revenues could be generated by:

        1.      Taxing Wall Street (a tiny tax on multiple mega-transactions) =         $ 150B
        2.      Fairly Tax Corporations and Close Cayman Island Tax Shelters =           100B
        3.      Fairly Tax the Wealthiest Among Us                 79B
        4.      Fairly Tax Environmental Pollution (to Create a Disincentive) =       75B
        5.      End Fossil Fuel Subsidies to the World’s Most Profitable Corps. =       12B
        6.      Cut Military Waste and Dubious De Facto “Jobs Programs” =     105B          
        7.      Close 1/3 of Our 1000 Overseas Military Installations =            21B  
                                            $  542B
Thus, as long as Romney-Ryan won’t even discuss such “revenue enhancements” and/or military spending cuts, the impending “debt crisis” is a “cliff” of their own construction.

No wonder Democrats sought to remove Ryan’s immoral “god” from their party platform.


Grand Junction

Coram lauded for cost-saving stance

Kudos to Rep. Don Coram!  He just saved a million dollars in tax dollars. 

When he became aware that a Colorado public institution was about to award a contract that was not only over budget by more than $1 million but was also more than $900,000 over the lowest bid, he gathered the facts, dug in his heels and went to work. 

That contract was not awarded, thanks to his timely efforts!  If only we had more like him!



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I laugh at the tax list above…attacking the corporations with more taxes only serves to encourage the corporations to hang onto more of their money and re-invest less in new projects and job creation.

As the Sentinel reported Sunday (“Obama out to renew magic; Romney slams defense cuts”), would-be commander-in-chief Mitt Romney Saturday “faulted both his own party in Congress and Obama for exposing the armed forces to huge spending cuts”.

Since “9/11”, when asleep-at-the-switch Republicans allowed us to be attacked by a ragtag band of terrorists, our military spending has almost doubled – even though the Soviet Union ceased to exist – and now exceeds the military budgets of the world’s next 17 most militarized nation-states combined (many of which are our allies).

Thus, only if Romney is intent on conducting a foreign policy aimed at alienating the rest of the world (including our allies) and/or is embracing a “Neo Con” military strategy of go-it-alone warfare against multiple enemies (without those allies) – thereby jeopardizing the accumulated wealth of the “1%” – does his preposterous posturing make any sense.

Meanwhile, more sober bipartisan analysts conclude that at least $100 billion annually could be trimmed from our bloated military budget without any diminution of national security.  That’s $1 trillion over ten years.  Sequestration mandates only $600 billion in defense cuts over ten years – leaving $400 billion untouched.  That’s arithmetic.
Romney (and Congress) reflexively decries any defense cuts (“not in my district”) as “job killers”.  However, every credible study demonstrates that defense spending is even less effective than “tax cuts” at “creating jobs”.  Alan Greenspan observed that spending on infrastructure, education, and health care strengthens the productivity and performance of the economy as a whole, while military spending does not.  Thus, redeploying wasteful military spending to rehiring teachers and building infrastructure (see President Obama’s American Jobs Act of 2011) would add a million more jobs than defense cuts may cost.
Clearly, Romney-Ryan are fraudulent “front men” for the “1%’s welfare state”, wherein “things [will] get a lot better” for the “military-industrial complex”.
                Bill Hugenberg

Just a couple of minor points.

The river front trail is an ONGOING EXPENSE to the Taxpayers of Grand Junction and mesa County.

Brady Trucking PAYS taxes and provides very good, high paying jobs.

Changing the zoning because a bunch of whiners was an illegal act by the city council, placing themselves at risk of legal action by affected businesses.
The council operated outside the law by violation Constitutional Law
(Ex Post Facto), they removed themselves from any legal protections.

Mr. Hugenberg?

Had the congress listened to the Grace commission we could have saved several TRILLION dollars by cutting Unconstitutional spending in the 1980’s, but, oddly enough, the democrat party chose to ignore those findings, violate their promise to cut spending and went on a serious, UNCONSTITUTIONAL spending spree.

But those FACTS do not support your agenda, and are therefore, of no consequence in your mind.

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