Email letters, Sept. 7, 2012

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Ms. Haun, isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Wasn’t there an
illegal alien sitting on the board of Western Slope Conservative Alliance (the very same board you currently sit on)? And wasn’t it recently revealed that the same illegal alien was receiving food stamps? And wasn’t that same illegal alien serving as a
campaign finance director for Republican State Sen. Steve King and was
the western slope director of American’s for Prosperity who partners
with Western Slope Conservative Alliance? Or maybe it just makes a difference to this
Western Slope Conservative Alliance board member what language the
illegal alien speaks, eh? Come on Ms. Haun, you can’t have it both ways.

I laugh at the tax list above…attacking the corporations with more taxes only serves to encourage the corporations to hang onto more of their money and re-invest less in new projects and job creation.

As the Sentinel reported Sunday (“Obama out to renew magic; Romney slams defense cuts”), would-be commander-in-chief Mitt Romney Saturday “faulted both his own party in Congress and Obama for exposing the armed forces to huge spending cuts”.

Since “9/11”, when asleep-at-the-switch Republicans allowed us to be attacked by a ragtag band of terrorists, our military spending has almost doubled – even though the Soviet Union ceased to exist – and now exceeds the military budgets of the world’s next 17 most militarized nation-states combined (many of which are our allies).

Thus, only if Romney is intent on conducting a foreign policy aimed at alienating the rest of the world (including our allies) and/or is embracing a “Neo Con” military strategy of go-it-alone warfare against multiple enemies (without those allies) – thereby jeopardizing the accumulated wealth of the “1%” – does his preposterous posturing make any sense.

Meanwhile, more sober bipartisan analysts conclude that at least $100 billion annually could be trimmed from our bloated military budget without any diminution of national security.  That’s $1 trillion over ten years.  Sequestration mandates only $600 billion in defense cuts over ten years – leaving $400 billion untouched.  That’s arithmetic.
Romney (and Congress) reflexively decries any defense cuts (“not in my district”) as “job killers”.  However, every credible study demonstrates that defense spending is even less effective than “tax cuts” at “creating jobs”.  Alan Greenspan observed that spending on infrastructure, education, and health care strengthens the productivity and performance of the economy as a whole, while military spending does not.  Thus, redeploying wasteful military spending to rehiring teachers and building infrastructure (see President Obama’s American Jobs Act of 2011) would add a million more jobs than defense cuts may cost.
Clearly, Romney-Ryan are fraudulent “front men” for the “1%’s welfare state”, wherein “things [will] get a lot better” for the “military-industrial complex”.
                Bill Hugenberg

Just a couple of minor points.

The river front trail is an ONGOING EXPENSE to the Taxpayers of Grand Junction and mesa County.

Brady Trucking PAYS taxes and provides very good, high paying jobs.

Changing the zoning because a bunch of whiners was an illegal act by the city council, placing themselves at risk of legal action by affected businesses.
The council operated outside the law by violation Constitutional Law
(Ex Post Facto), they removed themselves from any legal protections.

Mr. Hugenberg?

Had the congress listened to the Grace commission we could have saved several TRILLION dollars by cutting Unconstitutional spending in the 1980’s, but, oddly enough, the democrat party chose to ignore those findings, violate their promise to cut spending and went on a serious, UNCONSTITUTIONAL spending spree.

But those FACTS do not support your agenda, and are therefore, of no consequence in your mind.

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