Email Letters: September 12, 2016

Cyclists and motorists alike should look out for each other

In regard to the excellent editorial of Friday Sept 7., 2016, “Share the Road,” this writer would like to support the ideas expressed in that piece.

The opposing civic clubs, Motorists Opposed to Bad Bicyclists and Bicyclists Against Mad Motorists must set aside their differences in the interest of life and limb (primarily the cyclists’ lives and limbs) and in the interest of common courtesy. (Full disclosure: the writer is a member of both clubs.) Members of MOBB should bear in mind that cyclists are taxpayers too, and most, if not all, own cars. If you (MOBB members) have a surge of anger and resentment that causes you to act carelessly, or with hostility, you could – in the blink of an eye – knock your orthopedic surgeon off his or her bike resulting in serious injury.

Aside from all the paperwork and possible liability, you really don’t want to injure your doctor. It might also be your attorney, your dentist, your pastor or even your mechanic or your tree surgeon. In reality it doesn’t matter who that cyclist is. Take a deep breath and resist letting your emotions govern your actions.

To the members of BAMM, obey the rules of the road. To ignore them is a disservice to everyone out there – not only the members of MOBB but also your fellow cyclists (BAMM members) as well. Courtesy on the part of cyclists will do much to heal divisions between MOBB and BAMM members. In any event, you don’t really want to offend someone in an F350 Hemi Dual Axel as a practical matter.

In all sincerity, and with those in mind who have lost their lives or been seriously injured in auto-cyclist accidents in our community, let’s look out for one another and treat one another as we would hope to be treated. In short, Share the Road.


Grand Junction

Leave the canals closed to the public for the greater good

I want to comment on the articles and “You Said It” about trail use on local canals. First of all, between the Riverfront Trail, trails up on the Mesa and various other hiking and biking trails in the valley, why in the world does anyone need to walk or bike along the canals? Does that fall under, “if it’s there I must use it?”

Second, as a former trail host for both the state park system and city of Grand Junction, plus a hike leader for a local social club, I have seen with my own eyes what slobs people in this valley can be. It is nothing to see all kinds of trash that hikers and bikers and fisherman leave on our trails, not to mention large amount of dog feces. Do we really want all this trash and dog droppings left along our canals? If those canal trails are open to the public that is exactly what will happen. I have already read complaints about the trash gathering at the new roundabout at Horizon and I-70.

Do the people who want to use these canal trails think that it will be any different there, or that the people who use it or walk their dogs there will be any more responsible then they are in the rest of the valley? I think not. The only thing that will keep those trails clean is the wind blowing all the trash into the canal, which will create it’s own problems. Leave the canals closed to the public for the greater good.


Club 20 should have included Libertarian nominee in debate

Recently a private club in Grand Junction held a debate for Congressional candidates from District 3. Two-thirds of the candidates, the Republican and Democratic nominees, were invited. Yours truly, the Libertarian nominee, was not.

Club 20 can invite whomever they want, of course, but by any measure they did not have a legitimate debate without me. While the numbers of Libertarians are rather small, one-third of the voters in District 3 are independents who do not affiliate with any political party. By definition, they are open to something other than what the two major parties choose to tell them.

Club 20 excluding me was petty and our acceptance of it is shameful – tyranny’s invitation to come and make itself comfortable in America.

Club 20 was not interested in what I had to say. Democracy’s loss. I hope others will be and that I will be included in future debates. The voters of our district deserve nothing less.


Clinton is one of the hardest workers on Capitol Hill

Hillary Clinton is one of the hardest workers on Capitol Hill. Her schedule is daunting. Most of us would take time off to recover from pneumonia, yet Hillary Clinton is pushing herself to help other Democrats run for office, as well as doing all the requirements of a presidential candidate, all while having pneumonia. I’m 66 and could not keep up with her, yet alone while having pneumonia.

We elected Kennedy when he had a serious back injury and Addison’s disease. Would we elect an FDR today when he had polio and could not stand unsupported? A woman president. A woman who has continued working with pneumonia. History in the USA will never know a more competent woman candidate for the President of the USA.


With a record like Tipton’s, surely it’s time for a change

Kudos to the Sentinel’s Charles Ashby (“Tipton ad: Schwartz is enemy of coal; Claim is murky; bill had support of GOP leaders”) for accurately chronicling Congressman Scott Tipton’s continuing proclivity for misleading and/or lying to his 3rd C.D. constituents.

Tipton’s ad claims that his Democratic opponent Gail Schwartz is part of a non-existent “war on coal” because she “crossed party lines” in 2010 to vote for a bill sponsored by Western Slope Republicans. How disingenuous can one get?

Since well before 2010, the real “enemy” of coal has been the “Drill, Baby, Drill” crowd who exempted fracking from the Safe Drinking Water and Clean Air Acts, endangered the health of local communities, and produced a glut of natural gas that decimated the market for coal. Thus, Tipton is just another two-faced “free market conservative” who rejects the unregulated operation of the “Invisible Hand” when it works too efficiently – and blames “climate alarmists” while blindly denying the reality of climate change.

In Washington representing the Koch Brothers at the expense of the 3rd C.D., Tipton has himself waged a “war on coal workers” and other rural Coloradans by voting to cut Food Stamp funding and against extending federal unemployment benefits for Delta County’s dislocated coal miners – while the 2013 bill that Tipton’s ad hypocritically criticizes was sponsored by then State Senator Schwartz “to help boost new jobs for coal miners” in the renewable energy field, and was supported by the Delta-Montrose Electric Association.

Remember, this is the same Scott Tipton who defeated Democrat John Salazar in 2010 by cynically exploiting voter ignorance about the financial impacts of “ObamaCare” on Medicare, and stoking ill-informed fear about TARP, the Stimulus, and the auto bailout.

In 2011, Tipton joined his fellow “Tea Partiers” to threaten “the full-faith and credit of the United States,” costing taxpayers billions in increased interest expenses on that debt.

In 2013, Tipton voted to “shut down” the government – and then publicly lied about his vote at a local “town hall” meeting (at which he also fear-mongered about the National Debt using fraudulent projections ginned-up by fellow-Republicans), and admitted to his irate zealots that the scheme to extort the repeal of ObamaCare had been futile all along.

With a record like that, surely it’s time for a change. Gail Schwartz for Congress!

Grand Junction

Scott Tipton’s recent attack ad on Gail Schwartz is false

Rep. Scott Tipton’s recent attack ad on Gail Schwartz is false. That is the most charitable way to put it. The footage of abandoned buildings – empty for years or decades – have nothing to do with the recent downturn in coal mining. The implication that Hotchkiss’ loss of two of its three gas stations is also connected, is false. I challenge Tipton to explain how the Maverick closing eight years ago – when all three mines were in top production – is related to a bill passed in 2013.

Which gets to the nugget of the lie: that SB252, which then state Senator Gail Schwartz co-sponsored, somehow led to the mines’ closures. That bill was supported by our local electric coop and was good for our community. It increases additional incentives for projects like the first-ever (west of the Mississippi) coalmine methane power plant that captures, and coverts to power, methane that continues to escape from these mines, whether open or closed. That project was built in partnership with numerous entities, including the Oxbow Mine, where it is located.

After 6 years in office, at a total tax-funded salary of nearly $1 Million dollars, Tipton should have a record to run on. Apparently he doesn’t and instead must run by spreading falsehoods. I support Gail Schwartz for Congress. She has visited the valley many times, and wants to help move us forward. That Tipton chooses to divide us in this difficult time makes him unfit for that office.


Tipton has demonstrated he doesn’t stand with his constituents

Congressman Scott Tipton seems conflicted. He has signed on to the idea that introducing lead for fishing and hunting is OK by him, but he wrings his hands when the Animas River ran yellow.

He wants to defund the EPA, but thinks they don’t do enough to prevent accidents; the answer then is to defund them so the EPA can do less.

He has attempted 60 times to defund the affordable Care Act while enjoying his own health care.

He is impossible to get a hold of unless you represent a special interest or you have made a donation.

He certainly has demonstrated he doesn’t stand with his constituents.



Being an abortion champion like Hillary makes one a ‘destroyer of love and peace’

Mother Teresa recently became Saint Teresa after she was canonized a Saint by the Catholic Church. Now, when most of us think of Mother Teresa, we think of all the charitable works she did with the poor but we should recall how very pro-life she really was.

At the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast, with the Clintons in attendance, she delivered a powerful speech and said the following: “And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another.” And, “Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”

Can you imagine how uncomfortable the Clintons felt upon hearing those words? Yes, Hillary thinks Donald Trump is unstable and dangerous, but being an abortion champion like Hillary, makes one a “destroyer of love and peace,” according to now Saint Teresa. And doesn’t this sound like the Democratic Party: “Many people are very, very concerned with the children of India, with the children of Africa where quote a few die of hunger, and so on. Many people are also concerned about all the violence in this great country of the U.S. These concerns are very good but often these same people are not concerned with the millions who are being killed by the deliberate decision of their own mothers.” And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today – abortion which brings people to such blindness.”

*Quotes taken from brochure distributed by Priests for Life

Prairie Village, Kan.

Clinton made it clear that she only cares for herself, power, and money

I find it very telling to hear Hillary Clinton stand in front of a teleprompter and refer to Donald Trump supporters as “A basket of deplorables,” also continuing to say they are sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islam-phobic, etc.

This is a woman who professes to want to bring America together and will embrace all Americans. With the above statement, she made it quite clear what her feelings are of a good portion of the citizens of our country.

The truth came out with her speech last night. She feels privileged – above the law, in bed with her Wall Street buddies and the very wealthiest in Hollywood and around the world. She looks at what she refers to as the “regular people” as those to be treated with indifference and disdain.
For all the continuous lies she tells; in one prepared speech; she finally showed her true colors and feelings. She has the unmitigated gall to ask for the votes of all Americans when she only gives a damn about herself, power and money.

As a “legal” immigrant to my adopted country (the U.S. of America) I am truly insulted.



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I guess the IRS was too busy chasing after little Tea Party groups to look @ the Clinton Foundation:

And if the investigation into the Clinton Foundation finds nothing, you can just call for another one, and another one, and another one…

And they probably will, Ms. Patton. That doesn’t mean they will find anything, but the GOP won’t stop looking. Einstein’s definition of insanity seems appropriate here.

I missed the part where he said that. maybe because he didn’t.

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