Email Letters: September 13, 2016

VA health care system works very effectively and efficiently

In the aftermath of the Military Presidential candidate’s forum, I am so tired of hearing VA bashing, by presidential candidates or anyone else. I have been using VA health care for a little over a decade in Anchorage, Seattle, and in Grand Junction.

Without a failure, the care has been very good, wait times have been almost non-existent, and the electronic medical records tie it all together throughout the system. Hopefully you get my point; the VA health care system works very effectively and efficiently from my perspective. I could give many examples of short wait times for appointments, medical professionals who went an extra mile to be sure I understood what was going on throughout my treatments and an overall system I rate with an “A” or even “A+” grade.

If any veterans using the health care services in Grand Junction think they are not being well served, I will make one suggestion and one offer. I suggest you try to get similar treatment in the non-VA health care world and see how long it takes, how responsive they are and what your end result will be.

More realistic than you following the suggestion above, you are welcome to contact me and I would be willing to talk with you about your experience with the VA. To the fullest extent that can be allowed, I would also be willing to act as your volunteer advocate to help you get the best out of the system, like I feel the system has given me.


Unlike Hillary, Trump will put Americans first

Many people are unhappy with our choices for president. But allowing Hillary to become president is the worst choice of all.

Our next president will appoint one or more Supreme Court justices. Those who value gun rights, the Constitution, common sense, and freedom will be out of luck with Clinton’s choices. Supreme Court justices are appointed for life. What would our country look like after 20 years with Hillary’s Supreme Court? Trump has released a list of his candidates for Justice Scalia’s replacement. Every one of them is better than anyone Clinton would choose.

I once voted for a third-party candidate. I showed my discontent with the two parties, but third-party votes probably shifted that election to the candidate I really didn’t want. Please don’t waste your vote like that.

I believe that Trump will put Americans first. We already know that Hillary won’t. Protect America. Vote Trump.


We need NFL players who will set a positive example

NFL players who refuse to show respect for our National Anthem need to pack their bags and go home. They don’t deserve to be here with their hands out to take our money! We need players who will set a positive example for our youth and citizens.

Grand Junction

Which letter to the editor are we to believe?

In the letters to the editor on Sept. 9, David Kearsley of Mesa endorsed Donald Trump. His letter is essentially a rehash of Trump’s latest television commercial claiming that he will create jobs and help the middle class. He also intimates that Trump “projects strength and those who will threaten us will think twice in facing him.” Is the same Trump who regularly expresses his “man crush” for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin? Is this the same Trump who changes his mind on policies from day to day, perhaps hour to hour depending on his audience? Or perhaps the one who will not reveal his plans, other than to fire some generals, because he has no plans?

On March 18, 2016, The Sentinel printed a letter from Mr. Kearsley in which he told us “Trump cannot unite our party.” He also pointed out that Trump admitted to “gaming the system all his life.” Lastly, in expressing his support for Senator Ted Cruz and impliedly comparing Senator Cruz to Trump stated, “Senator Cruz is not an embarrassment.”

Which Mr. Kearsley are we to believe, the one who now supports Donald Trump or the one who led us to believe that Trump is an “embarrassment” only six months ago?


Grand Junction

Obama seems unaware that America’s relationships with every country are strained

It seems the president is considering a veto to the legislation giving the right of 9/11 families the right to sue Saudi Arabia claiming his concern for the already “strained” relationship we have with them.

Apparently the president is unaware of the fact that over the last seven years, our relationships have become strained with every country in the world. His administration has alienated our friends, allies, and enemies alike, even our oldest long-term good relationships with countries such as Britain, Israel, and Germany. However, apparently he feels if we keep giving our enemies more money and apologizing they will love us again. Let’s hope with a new president in four months the healing will begin!

Grand Junction

It is time to stop turning a blind eye to abuse

This morning I was appalled to read online about the death of yet another disabled child at the hands of their caretaker – in this case his own mother!

As a person employed in a mental health related field, I am regularly faced with the grim reality of abuse among the mentally ill and disabled populations – something that is rarely addressed in media.

I feel compelled to write today, not just because of the tragedy of this boy’s death, but also because of the way this type of death is so often discussed in media. Online, on the radio, and on television these murders of disabled and/or mentally ill people by their caretakers and/or family are consistently described in terms of the poor, poor killer who was subjected to the inconvenience of this person’s very existence. This is absolutely evil.

This boy – Austin Anderson – allegedly spent days begging his mother to take him home while she watched him slowly die of heat exhaustion and dehydration. She allegedly brought him out to the middle of nowhere, wearing a diaper, and forced him out of the car and waited for him to die.

A parent has one job: to care for their offspring. If a parent is unable to do so, they can seek help and resources, and can cede the responsibility over their child to a person or agency that can provide that care.

It is time to stop turning a blind eye to abuse.

People with disabilities are people, too, and it is time that we stop ignoring this fact.

Grand Junction

When bikers pay their way, they can get their way

In response to the article “Cone Zones” written by Amy Hamilton: “thanks to resurfacing dollars provided by the Colorado Department of Transportation.”

Do you mean taxpayer dollars that are funneled through assorted government agencies, each of which take their cut, and returned in the form of infrastructure maintenance? If so, wouldn’t it have been more cost effective to cut out all the bureaucracies and kept the money local?


The section will be especially tricky and expensive to expand because utilities and private irrigation units are located near the roadway. CDOT also would have to gain right of way access through the area to further construction along that section of roadway.

“This is a particularly difficult section of the corridor,” Beck said. “Even if the money was available, it would take several years to do this half mile. It’s problematic in that you can’t fence bikers off. It’s a narrow section.” CDOT officials said while the project would be difficult to accomplish, it is not off their radar. “We’re trying to work our way through the corridor. This is one of the last sections we’re going to get to,” Beck said.”

Why can’t we “fence the bikers off” if it is done as a matter of traffic flow and safety for the motorists that are paying for the improvements?

If that “half mile” is so important to the bikers isn’t it their responsibility to get the rights of way and provide the funding? When they pay their way, they can get their way!

Now this is just as an aside. “Improvements are being made to meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act on sidewalks. Some sidewalks are being reconstructed and sidewalk ramps are being updated with yellow, plastic warning plates that allow a person with disabilities to feel the raised bumps, indicating a road crossing.” So the disabled blind drivers will know to watch out for disabled pedestrians?

Cumming, Ga.

The politically correct public bribe is now toys and games

We’ve all heard that George Washington gave away whiskey for votes. In the meantime we’ve become more civil and inclusive: the voter age has been lowered and women and minorities are allowed to vote. Now the politically correct public bribe is toys and games.

If these toys distributed among the college children comes from and out of a niche actor’s pocket (Sean Astin?), fine… or maybe they’re funded by the donors Hillary courted in Aspen last month. In any event, it’s by, from and for the “1 percenters.” Bet Trump supporters are jealous.

Grand Junction

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is best for the job

Most Americans see the nation as headed for big trouble because of Trump’s rhetoric and Hillary’s dishonesty. We don’t like either candidate. It is a dilemma!

Don’t we want the best for America? No law says we must choose from one of two parties. Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate, and he went on to heal a divided nation. Now, again, the nation needs leadership to heal the political dividedness tearing at the fabric of government.

Libertarian nominee Gov. Gary Johnson, honest and competent, is best for the job. He belongs to a neutral third party, and won’t get involved in the ugly partisan bickering. Gov. Johnson, a seasoned chief executive, has the know-how to cooperate with both sides of the aisle to restore balance and efficiency to government. Having served successfully as two-term governor of N.M., Gary Johnson is a trustworthy leader who can straighten out the corrupt mess in DC and get the government working for us again.

Cable TV continuously reports on the vicious fights between the two most reviled candidates ever; we don’t like being told we “must decide between the lesser of two evils.” The notion of voting to send one evil to the White House just to keep another evil out is preposterous and wrong.

Bluffton, S.C.


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