Email letters, September 16,  2013

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This is to letter writer Sheila Ely. The non-partisan School Board is a myth. When candidates receive thousands of dollars of support from Unions which give consistently to only one Party, there is partisanship.

When folks talk about non-partisan elections it means they are only interested in their particular point of view being represented. There is nothing non-partisan about the current make of the School Board, the majority on the Board support the Agenda of the Democrat Party, period.

School Board Elections have been partisan for years. Getting the Conservatives involved only evens the playing field.

As suggested by Tim Pipe’s on-line letter Tuesday (“Constitution incorrectly cited in letters about recall election”), when Newt Burkhalter (“Recall of Sens. Morse, Geron showed resistance to tyranny”), Ray Langston (“Dems’ tyranny spurred recalls, secession drive”), John Smith (“Recalls demonstrated citizens’ objections to abuse of power”), and Dan Davidson (“Respect for Constitution led to ouster of Morse, Giron”), assert that gun laws are “unconstitutional” or government policies are “tyrannical”, they simply mean that they don’t like them. 

However, the substantive weakness of their position is betrayed by their own hyperbole.

In the “nation of laws” so treasured by gun-rights advocates, any legislative enactment is presumptively constitutional until a Supreme Court decides otherwise.  Thus, Langston’s claim that Colorado’s duly enacted statutes requiring universal background checks and limiting magazines to 15 rounds are “unconstitutional” is at best premature. 

As chronicled by the Sentinel, those statutes were “fairly” debated, and the proposed 10-round magazine limit was increased to 15 following a public hearing.  Closing the “gun show loophole” was even less controversial.

Of some 69,000 registered voters in SD 11, only 17,089 (25-%) voted.  Thus, the “power of the people” to oust the incumbent was wielded by only 9094 (12.5%) voters.  So, what that tally actually revealed was the indolence of common-sense gun-law supporters.

Edmund Burke once wrote, “All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing”.  As Dr. Janis Orlowski, Medstar Washington Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, opined after the Naval Yard mass shooting, “There’s something evil in our society that we as Americans have to work to try and eradicate.”

Gun violence has become a public health crisis – with some 85 Americans dying daily therefrom.  The redundant proliferation of guns in our society is statistically associated with the increasing frequency of mass shootings and gun deaths (including suicides).  If guns were tainted food, we’d all be demanding immediate action.

Kevin, you are completely ill-informed. Check your facts as the teachers union has always supported those who champion the cause for kids and not those who push individual agendas for notoriety!  The truth be known there have been candidates, if asked, to politicize their candidacy were probably consider rated to be from the GOP.

Bottom line now is the GOP is so desperate to find leadership it has politicized a school board election.  In the past , members were considered for their interest in education, not because they were from a particular political party.  In fact, they never discussed what party they represented.

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