Email Letters: September 2, 2016

Let’s actually adhere to words in our Declaration of Independence

I don’t want to live in any other country, but I cannot say that this is the “greatest country in the world.” What makes it that? That we brought African people here to make them our slaves and lackeys? That we drove the Mexicans across the Rio Grande and claimed all of California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and parts of Colorado for ourselves? That we took this country from the Indians by force and drove them to reservations where they have languished for years? We marry a person and we don’t love them every minute of marriage. We love them in spite of their foibles and weaknesses. Are we proud of everything our spouse does or says? I think not. We can love this country and still find reasons to be critical of its actions.

I understood what Michelle Obama said eight years ago. She is a black woman who experienced discrimination, hatred and isolation simply because of the color of her skin. She had to fight to become the woman she is today. For her bi-racial husband to be elected president of the United States of America made her very proud of this country. I don’t think the far right, radical Christians think about walking in another person’s shoes. They are perfect the way they are and their God is looking out for only them, but He created all of us, didn’t He?

When we actually adhere to the words in the Declaration of Independence and the Pledge of Allegiance, our country might become the “greatest country in the world.” Just repeating the words, “all men are created equal” and “liberty and justice for all” is hypocrisy. We repeat them without thinking about their intrinsic meaning. Let’s live them and mean it when we say them.



Clinton has not accomplished one thing of importance

This letter is in response to a letter submitted by Don Bell, who stated that he would be voting for Hillary Clinton, based on her service record. Obviously, Mr. Bell either didn’t do his homework or is simply oblivious to the facts.

The fact is this woman has no record. Her only claim to fame is the fact that she is married to Bill Clinton. In her 40-plus years in the public eye, she has not accomplished one thing of importance. She was a disgrace as a lawyer. She did not pass one significant piece of legislation as a senator, and she disgraced the country during her time as secretary of state.

Donald Trump is the only candidate that is talking about fixing our broken country. The Democrats seem to be in denial of the facts. I will take my chances with Trump.


Grand Junction

Trump’s candidacy a dangerous threat to civil liberties we hold dear

Donald J. Combover tried to paint all undocumented immigrants in this country as violent criminals. He didn’t call them “immigrants” although most of them have risked their lives coming to this country because the places from where they’ve come threatened them with starvation, violent death, or worse. He called them “illegal aliens,” a term that denigrates the humanity of the millions of law-abiding, hard-working people who take the lowest paying jobs and try to get by, raising their children to have a better life. Lumping all undocumented immigrants as “aliens” and “criminals” is a big step toward fascism and despotism. We’ve seen this before in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, in Mussolini’s Fascist Italy, in Franco’s Authoritarian Spain. Where does it lead? First the undocumented immigrants, then the liberals and political opposition, then racial minorities, then religious minorities, and then ... and then poor folk who get conscripted into fighting foreign wars for the “glory of the Homeland,” dying and suffering disfiguring wounds for the satisfaction of the despot’s pride.

Watching this demagogue give a speech on MSNBC shocked me as I saw, first hand, the ferocity of the untrue statements he uses to whip up emotional support for cruel policies that would destroy our free society. I’d like to fault the media for giving the Wannabe’s campaign more than an hour of free airtime without giving equal exposure to Hillary Clinton. But I also have to acknowledge that without such exposure, I wouldn’t have seen what a dangerous threat his candidacy is to the civil liberties we hold dear.

It now is incumbent on the media to give Clinton an equal amount of free media coverage of her campaign speeches.

Piedmont, Calif.

Republican leaders should go beyond power and denounce Trump

In my opinion, there is an urgency facing this nation with Donald Trump being the nominee for the Republican Party. I am dismayed that certain Republican leaders have not stepped up to the plate with courage to not only address Trump but his followers as well.

It is my notion leaders like John McCain and Paul Ryan are putting their hold on to power before country. This is a shame, considering they both love America. The hero, and great American, John McCain was offered as a prisoner of war in Vietnam the option of going home and leaving his fellow prisoners behind. He declined. Where is that John McCain now? Paul Ryan showed some grit when he stated he was not ready to endorse Donald Trump. Why did he put power first over country by eventually endorsing Mr. Trump?

It is no secret that many followers of Trump are as dangerous as he is. It is my opinion many have been indoctrinated by hate-radio and plainly just misled. The moment and time is here for all Republican leaders to go beyond power and do the right thing for America by denouncing Donald Trump along with enlightening his followers.

Hyannis, Mass.

Hillary has a long history of being dishonest

It has become increasingly challenging to decide whether one should feel sorry for or simply be amused by the rants of some on the far left who refuse to accept actual facts pertaining to their beloved and honorable Hillary Clinton. Such is the case with Sentinel letter writer Don Bell, who alleges that previous letter writer Dan Bledsoe neglected to incorporate into his letter any facts pertaining to his claim that Clinton is a liar. It is interesting to note that Mr. Bell’s letter was absent any facts supporting his claim of “the damage to this country that a Trump presidency would do.”

To satisfy Mr. Bell’s request for facts I will provide but a brief summary factually outlining Clinton’s 30-plus year history of corruption, collusion, dishonesty, deception and outright disdain for the American people and our laws. She lied to keep a child rapist out of prison where he (and she) belongs, then admitted in an interview that she knew he was guilty of brutally beating and raping this 12-year-old girl, then went on to laugh about how she got him off so easy. So much for her claim of being a champion of women’s rights. She lied about Chelsea being at Ground Zero during the attacks of 911. She lied about “running under sniper fire” until a video verified her blatant dishonesty. She lied about a video causing the Benghazi attacks even after she texted Chelsea that it was a terrorist attack. She then went on to lie to the families of those brave Americans who lost their lives, due to Clinton’s gross negligence and clear dereliction of duty, not providing adequate security for them. She lied about her illegal use of her private, unsecured server, and her emails, demonstrating extreme negligence and carelessness for highly classified and even top-secret documents.

She continues to double down on these lies, at least when she’s not cowering behind her staff in order to avoid answering questions pertaining to each passing day’s new scandal, such as the new one whereby Clinton working with a foreign government under investigation for not supporting the Iran sanctions, helped create a shell company whereby they could funnel millions of dollars into the fraudulent Clinton Foundation.

But for a lack of space and time, I could continue providing Mr. Bell with additional facts regarding Clinton’s propensity for lying. And with all of this, Mr. Bell encourages us all to vote for Clinton based upon “her record.” How laughable.

Grand Junction


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To anyone who wishes to see how weak the evidence is for Hill-Liar-Ee, just go to the two sites our local comedian, history revisionist, and Democrat spin master/apologist Bill Hugenberg provided.  Now we know where some of the BS he frequently supplies comes from.  Seriously, if you want a laugh, go to these sites.
                      Rick L. Coleman

Can you disprove any of it? Or is your amusement supposed to be convincing on its own?

Something else you might consider, Mr. Coleman.

In this country, someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. So your statement about “how weak the evidence is for Hill-Liar-Ee” misses the point. What actually matters is whether the accusations against her can be proven. That is where your side collapses.

Mr. Iles,
  Did I say Hill-Liar-Ee is guilty of anything?  No, I did not.  And, no, I did not say that anything needed to be proved about what the local comedian provided.  I agree with it all.  It’s just that when her qualifications are listed and one of them is that she has traveled more than any other SoS I find that funny.  There were other items listed that were almost as funny.  I know you conclude that when someone travels they accomplish something, and you’re right, they burned up a lot of carbon.  It doesn’t necessarily follow that anything substantive was accomplished.
  Hill-Liar-Ee is going to collapse under the weight of her own baggage without me having to prove a thing.  Rick L. Coleman

You say she’s guilty of lying. Yet every single accusation falls flat when you look into it. I have, and the only one that isn’t shot full of holes by additional facts that the conservative pundits ignore is what she said to the Benghazi families. What she said there was not recorded and the families differ on what she told them.

So regardless of whether you personally think she’s qualified, you have a long way to go before your “Hill-Liar-Ee” is anything more than an empty insult.

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