Email Letters: September 21, 2017

The American people are tired of politics as usual

The political establishment still doesn’t get it. The reason that Trump was elected is that we’re tired of “politics as usual.”

We are fed up with Congressmen passing laws and exempting themselves, becoming multimillionaires on $200,000 salaries, and giving billions (almost $19 billion in 2016) to other countries while our veterans receive substandard care.

We’re tired of our government poorly performing one of its few legitimate functions, border control. We’re fed up with government allowing millions of illegal immigrants (and dangerous criminals and drugs) into our country so that liberals can increase voter rolls and businesses can get cheap labor while our schools and prisons are overburdened, hospitals are bankrupted, and millions of citizens are unemployed.

We’re tired of seeing food stamps and welfare abused by ever-increasing numbers of the “gimme” society being established by government handouts. (Watch all the junk food paid for with food stamps by people wearing brand-name clothes and brand-new tattoos.)

We’re weary of politicians and government officials who cheat, steal, lie, seduce, molest, and sext. We’re tired of “pay to play.” We’re tired of sending idealistic representatives to Washington to have them contaminated by a system grown so tainted by money and power that corruption is rife and, worse, accepted.

If we don’t reduce government to its Constitutional limits and institute term limits to minimize corruption, Atlas Shrugged will soon become a reality.


Show detailed plan of how 3A and 3B will solve issue of 165-day school year

Until I see or hear a concise and logical reason why the children in District 51 only go to school for 165 days a year while the rest of the state goes for 180 days and see the detailed plan on how 3A and 3B are going to address this specific problem, I will not vote for 3A or 3B.

Grand Junction

Sentinel should publish cost of salaries of D51 administrators

First, I want to congratulate John Nadolny for his probing, detailed letter on Sept. 20 concerning the law-enforcement and school-needs ballot initiatives.

I have a similar, but much simpler question concerning how our money is to be spent.

Would the Sentinel please publish the cost of the combined salaries of District 51 administrators down to, and including, all school principals? A listing, by number of persons in each capacity, also would be helpful.

I, too, am troubled by the questionable performance of our school system. We seem to pay on the same scale as the large national counties, but we don’t get the same results. I suspect we could get by with fewer administrative positions.

Grand Junction


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Ms. Many, you have listed all of the things you see and hear on conservative media, not to mention tweets and Facebook posts. Almost all of these have been proven time and again to be bogus. Why are you still spreading them?
II didn’t see a solution for all these problems in your post. Yes, you said that voting people you like would only be contaminated when they went to congress. We know what you say you want but you apparently don’t have a clue as to how to make it happen.
I have yet to see you bitch about our election system. How can your chosen candidate be elected, or re-elected, without bundles of money, primarily from those who buy reps that you elected? Do you have a clue how the Supreme Court enters into this? They have pretty much said ” let ‘er rip” with money in elections. I believe, as apparently you do, that elected reps are not beholden to you, but to their donors. Those donors don’t believe even close to what you want. Why do you continue to support them? They are your enemy, not your friend.
When you want to discuss politics how about knowing something about what you say, preferably the truth, from a respected source? You may respect Hannity but in the real world he is a dangerous clown. We have a mess but it is the way our system works and you seem to not understand that those you support are diametrically opposed to what you say you want.

Well, Mr. Borgen, since you claim to have, “seen the light” or maybe you think you “are the light”....  Why do you continue to support the candidates you do?  There is corruption on both sides of the aisle, but Washington Compost, NYSlimes, and CNN do not report the corruption on your side.

Meyers, grow uo!

Meyers, grow UP. Most people stop the stupid naming in about the fourth grade. I’ll support candidates when there is an election. If you want to comment why not do so about the actual comment I wrote? You seem to have a hard time getting beyond what you think is the case and your hatreds. Again, grow up!

Wellll, Mr. Borgie McNasty.  Let’s see you refute Ms Many’s letter point by point if you are the “adult”.  Otherwise, your comments are just more attacks on anyone who DARES hold a different opinion.

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