Email Letters: September 22, 2016

Government and radical environmentalists keep shutting things down

It’s never going to stop. Government and radical environmentalists just keep shutting down activities and lands. And we keep letting them.

It started with logging. As a result, Western forests are now full of dead and dying trees and forest fires burn more acres and homes every year, and increasing numbers of people are evacuated. Carbon from people (vehicles/utilities) is terrible, but carbon-laden smoke from massive and numerous forest fires somehow poses no problems?

It moved to mining. Mining, which supplies all the materials that farming and logging don’t, became an evil use of land. Now many of our mining jobs – including energy production – are overseas.

We have so many restrictions on farmers and ranchers that it is often cheaper to import our food. So we now eat food from countries that don’t have our pesticide/herbicide restrictions, and somehow that food is OK. Meanwhile, they’ve put farmers, ranchers, miners, and loggers out of business and crippled far too many small communities.

But they didn’t stop at legislating major operators out of business. Now they’re after the weekend prospector, putting more and more land off-limits to recreational miners and putting nonsensical restrictions on them. Ditto for OHV riders.

And now the BLM wants to put limitations on 8,560 acres of our local ‘dobies because a Colorado Hookless Cactus exists in (according to one account) 2,000 acres of it, “to protect downstream waters,” and because “fragile soil” might be eroded. What in heck created the ‘dobies anyway? Erosion is fine when nature does it, but evil if people contribute?

Never say never when government is involved. They can always find something more to shut down. It’s never going to stop – unless people stand up and stop it.



Enough with politicians saying the economy is improving

OK, enough with politicians saying the economy is improving. If the economy is improving, why
am I recently unemployed? The company I worked for laid 40 off people last month. They closed the doors and sold some of the assets. We had no notice. They sent an email informing me that I was being laid off.

Being an election year, the democrats are claiming the economy is better and the republicans are
saying they will make it better. Nonsense.


Grand Junction

Sentinel article just pushed the liberal narrative

The article published on page 8B on Sept. 21 described the police shooting in Tulsa of an unarmed black man who had stopped in the middle of the road. The article says he “had his hands in the air.” Sorry, wrong! He refused orders to freeze or stop. He walked back to the vehicle, then stopped next to it and made a motion or reaching into a pocket or waistband. He could have easily been armed and we might have had another dead cop.

There is video of all this from a police helicopter. It was posted all over social media, and would have easily been seen before The Sentinel hit piece went into print.

There is no interest at all in objective and investigative journalism at your rag, it’s all just drink the Kool-Aid and push the liberal narrative.


Grand Junction


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Mr. Waite has to blame someone or something else for the loss of his “job”, but never himself.  So, he blames the Democratic Party, although (if he had been paying attention)he would realize that he is living in a “trickle down economics” world, something which has been true since the Reagan years.  Well, the bill is now coming due.

If the gentleman were better informed as to business and its “trickle down paradigm”, he would have realized a very long time ago that he is the one truly responsible.

Businesses fail, but that is almost always the fault of management, a management that has not been paying attention to what is happening beyond it’s own little world.  As a consequence of that, they delude themselves that all they have to do what it is they have done in the past, and everything will be “just fine”.  That is something which is true of not only management, but most employees as well.

Were he more familiar with what is taught in business and management schools, he would know the same thing some of us learned a long time ago.  Students at those schools are taught “how to” (usually how to manipulate and accumulate), that being all that matters, and without any consideration as to how what they do and how they do it can (and does) affect anyone else.  And that is a consequence of individuals who, holding a “materialistic” core value, not only lack a personal conscience but, and as a consequence of that, no social conscience.

Sorry, Mr. Waite, but many should have begun paying attention a very long time ago, decades and generations ago.  However, they chose (and it was a choice) not to do so.  Things were just too good for them. Well, those “jolly times” are gone, and it is now time, not to feel sorry for oneself and complain, but to do some actual and hard thinking.

Mr. Waite, I’m sorry you lost your job.  Every time another business closes more people wind up unemployed.  Several people I know gave up job hunting and found a little niche they can fill.  I wish you luck and hope you are able to find a way to make a living.

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