Email Letters: September 28, 2017

We are lucky to have a health care organization like Community Hospital

When I read Katie Langford’s article on how much School District 51’s partnership with Community Hospital has benefited district employees, (“Health costs drop for school district employees,” Sept. 20) I was struck by how lucky we are to have a health care organization like Community Hospital here.

Most of the headlines around the entire country concerning healthcare are about how premiums are skyrocketing, and how people everywhere are paying more and more for health care. The political atmosphere in Washington D.C. makes it seem less and less likely that the two parties will ever come together to find a way to fix our health care system and make it affordable.

And yet, here in our little corner of Colorado, we have Community Hospital, which has managed to provide insurance to a major employer, cut the costs of deductibles and premiums, and forge a partnership with a big-city hospital to provide a full suite of services at a discount.

That they managed to do all this in the shadow of a larger competitor just adds to their credibility.

Community Hospital serves as an example of what the health care industry can and should be, and gives us hope that we won’t need to rely on Washington for health care solutions.


Grand Junction

Community desperately needs to pass measures 3A and 3B

This community desperately needs to pass measures 3A and 3B to support our schools. It’s true that fancy buildings aren’t necessary for learning, but many of our buildings are deteriorating to the point where basic safety is being compromised. And the reason our students have so few school days – far fewer than the state and national averages – is a direct result of past budget cuts. 3A and 3B will stop the bleeding and put five days back into the school calendar. There is a detailed plan, and you can read it at It includes replacing roofs and fire alarms and outdated textbooks. It’s not glamorous, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Grand Junction

Worldviews are the guiding principle by which we live our lives

I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Fisk, that this country is not a theocracy. In fact, the constitution prohibits congress from making any law “respecting the establishment” of a religion. It also protects the rights of those exercising any form of thought thereunder. Even your secular worldview, which is a realm of thought, is protected!

Where I take issue is when you say Christians should not practice their religion as a “guide for government.” Tell me then, what should guide these Christians when making important moral decisions? Shall they adopt your secular humanism or atheism? Shall they suspend the underpinnings of their worldview in order to partake in governance? A worldview is not developed or adopted just to practice “at home.” Worldviews, including yours Mr. Fisk, are the guiding principle by which we live our lives, and this includes governance. The constitution strongly discourages one vein of thought from monopolizing the public arena, and promotes the debate of ideas and the vetting of proposed legislation in a public forum before they become law. Laws are by definition a moral code, which are enshrined by the public officials and enforced for the amelioration of society.

Good sir, you have the right to your opinion and the freedom to practice whichever worldview you deem fit, at home or in the public sector. However, you do not have the freedom from religion in the public square. If you want freedom from religion, or any thought you deem deficient, stay at home!


Clean air is an invaluable public good

On Sept. 24, the Sentinel ran an op-ed touching on the importance of funding the methane rule. If the rule is not funded, operators can burn methane off into the atmosphere and leak methane through inadequately inspected equipment. This methane threatens our air quality everywhere; especially with the inversion we see every winter that traps polluted air for days or weeks at a time. Methane is harsh on our lungs and asthma attacks spike during these inversions. I don’t want to have to worry about clean air when I’m enjoying beautiful sunny days outside with my family.

Thankfully, Colorado is a leader in preventing leaked methane and as the op-ed says, “state leak detection and repair reports show the average leaks identified per inspections dropped by an incredible 83 percent from 2014 to 2015.” That is good news, but our neighbors in Utah and New Mexico don’t have a similar public health rule in place and methane pollution doesn’t stop at state lines. So, the methane leaked and burned off in our neighboring states blows over here.

Congressman Scott Tipton, I voted for you, please place greater value on our public health and fight to protect our air quality in Mesa County. Don’t defund a rule that protects our clean air.

Grand Junction

Donald Trump – not NFL players – shows disrespect for Constitution

As Thursday’s inane letters from Creighton Bricker (“Disrespect shown by NFL players is disgusting”) and Ralph Nash (“Disrespecting flag shows preference for oppression”) amply demonstrate, Donald Trump’s base in MAGA hats still enjoy the “blessings of liberty” (including the Daily Sentinel’s free speech policy, which they would deny to others), and that “disrespect” remains entirely in “the eyes of the beholder” (even when – as with kneeling NFL players – none was intended).

Indeed, given a previous Bricker letter (wherein he joined another writer in bemoaning the diminution of “white, male, middle income or less, Christian, and conservative” political power caused by demographic diversity), it is not surprising that Bricker would be “disgusted” by black athletes exercising their constitutionally-protected right of free speech to focus more public attention on the continuing disconnect between the values purportedly represented by our flag and the daily reality encountered by black citizens.

Thus, while Bricker is free to boycott the NFL if he so chooses, I’m sure the league will welcome him and other like-minded “numbskulls” back when they gain appreciation for the true patriotism of protesting players willing to risk their livelihoods for that cause.

Moreover, both Bricker and Nash seem to equate silent kneeling during the national anthem with flag burning or other forms of desecration, even though kneeling (as Colin Kaepernick himself explained) is historically a sign of respect (as opposed to sitting on the bench or turning one’s back on the flag while the anthem is played/sung).

Not surprisingly, Nash has it backwards – kneeling NFL players are not expressing “a preference for government oppression,” but rather are courageously protesting against violent police oppression of black citizens. Of course, Nash probably knew that already.

Therefore, because the First Amendment expressly prohibits governmental abridgment of free speech, Bricker, Nash, and their ilk should more aptly be truly “disgusted” by the pornographic specter of our lawless president profanely “disrespecting” our Constitution by using his governmentally provided “bully pulpit” to divisively castigate the players. We veterans were willing to die for the exceptional values our country professes, not for its superficial symbols and songs.

Grand Junction

NFL players protested to exercise their democratic freedom to speak

Wow! Another major distraction from our illustrious first distractor. This time it’s the NFL. So many teams showed support for their teammates of color. It warmed my heart.

The flag is an emblem of our country. It’s a form of identification and a symbol of who we are and how we got here. I don’t believe it’s an altar of patriotism where we pledge eternal loyalty to our country.

The NFL protesters were doing so to exercise their democratic freedom to speak, protesting as a unit in support of all team members who are black Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans. They were protesting for social justice and equality for all as is stated in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” The Declaration was written in 1776. Don’t you think it’s time we lived by its words?
To me it’s far more important to treat each other with respect than to make sure I stand for the national anthem. When we pledge allegiance to the flag we repeat the words, “with liberty and justice for all.” Do we live that pledge? Hardly.

People of color are denigrated, mistreated and, yes, terrorized. I have friends who fear for the lives of their children and grandchildren. Daily, we read of black adults and children being abused and even killed for absolutely no viable reason.

There is something terribly wrong when we say the pledge and read the Declaration of Independence and choose to live adversely to the words each contains.

Those of you who have chosen to “never watch football again” are hurting no one but yourselves. My guess is you will be back in front of your TV’s before too long, openly or clandestinely.


Coverage of vandalism at park only encourages such behavior

I realize that the Sentinel frequently needs to “fill up space” in the daily news, but I hope my suggestion is taken to heart. On page 2A of the Wednesday paper, prominently displayed was a large photo (with accompanying “story”) of a trashed restroom at Long Family Park.

Don’t do this. The idiot(s) who do this sort of mindless stupid activity will be tempted to do it again. “Hey! We made the paper! We’re famous!” So-called newspaper “coverage” such as this probably only encourages more of such brain-dead behavior.

Instead – consider a small addition to the police blotter—such as “Damage was done to the restrooms at a local city park” on such-and-such a day, etc. No pictures. The description should also include a description of the offenders, such as “brain-dead slobs.” You could also describe them as “anal-orifices,” which is also an appropriate label for the kind of people who, instead of building things, choose to destroy.



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For the record, before the Sentinel’s politically correct police edited it, I used Bricker’s own words to describe our “racist-in-chief Donald Trump’s base of “under-educated . . . idiots in MAGA hats” to describe him and Nash.

Cody Davis, you absolutely should follow your worldview AS HOW REACT TO OTHERS but liberals of all kinds take exemption to any mixture of religion and government. There is no effort to infringe on people’s religion and their right to it except to keep strict separation between government and religion. This is a country , a lot of whom are Christians, which has a secular government and it is not a Christian nation in the sense that any religion is sanctioned as the national religion.
I think your protest is not about what Mr. Fisk said or meant. I’ll stay out of your religious business and you stay out of mine and both of us will keep religion out of government. You think and act in whatever way your religious beliefs tell you, as long as they are legal.

BH, According to your best friend, Borgen, name-calling is childish.  Did you clear this with him?

RA:  Often, yes; but here I’m merely emulating our insulter-in-chief and his local deplorables.

LOL, BH.  How funny you reference “Deplorables”.  I was online the night Hillary was stupid enough to make that comment.  People started designing “Deplorables” tee-shirts and a new meme was born.  She lost the election all by herself alone!

Keep on buyin’ and a readin’ Hillary’s tomes about why she lost.  She’ll keep a writin’ them as long as a publisher is dumb enough to pay her.
Meanwhile I’m gullible for pointing out what really lost the election for her.  LOL

BH, I see you are continuing the practice of you and your ilk of attacking a person personally for presenting an alternative view.
Since you’re up to you old tricks anyway, I’ll give some something else to attack me for.  You are on the wrong side of the NFL controversy, but I’ll let you figure that out on your own.

RA, you are a continuing source of amusement. How can a person be accused of name calling when he is only accurately describing someones apparent character? Gullible? That is believing something without any effort to verify the accuracy of the information. That is your stock-in-trade. Everything you say is as if it was from some conservative TV program or from some broadcaster that depends on your listenership for his wages. Same non-issues, lies and general “fake news”. Sometimes word-for-word.
Keep up the good work! Everybody needs a little amusement and nonsense in their internet reading diet. If you consider yourself to be a spokesperson for conservative causes they’re in big trouble. Growing up might help.

LOL, Borgen, I know reading comprehension and retention is not your strong suit, but if you were to look carefully through this thread you might figure out that my comment on name-calling refers Hugenberg’s comment calling our President racist-in-chief and Trump’s base and Mr. Bricker and Mr. Nash idiots.  This is comment number 1 in this thread.
Comment #2 is Borgen drivel
Comment #3 I referred to name-calling.  Are you with me so far???
Down thread farther Hugenberg claims I’m gullible. 
I responded to the gullible comment.
In a second post following mine I wrote about attacking someone personally for offering their opinion which is the stock response on this site by progressive leftists to anyone they consider to be Conservative or Republican.
And now, Borgen, does the final take down…...
What is it that you think I believe without being able to prove the accuracy?  Memes were born the night Hildabeast screwed up with that Deplorable comment.  Check out the date Amazon started selling “Deplorables” tee shirts and take a gander of her poll #s after that.  Sure, pollsters still claimed she’d win, but not by as much.  Since she didn’t win you prove that comment did not do the trick.  I know she claims that wasn’t what did it, but she blames 47 different things last time we counted.
Still mad about getting caught repeating your daily, “talking points memo”, word for word I see with your attacks on Hannity.
The joke’s on you.  Actually, you ARE the joke.

Also, Borgen:  I do not consider myself a spokesman for anyone or any cause.
If I feel like expressing my opinion here I will do so…..
I think this person doesn’t care for the Steelers any more

RA, yada, yada,yada. Grow up!!

Poor little Borgie!  I guess his talking-points memo isn’t out yet today.

RA, again, grow up. You are pathetic with your childish retorts. Go outside and play, now. It’s a nice day and you need some fresh air.

You need some new material Borgen, I can predict what you will say.

The week in Pictures Powerline Blog.  There’s a laugh here for everyone who has a sense of humor.

What can you expect from those with the mind of a ten year old, at best. Local Trump supporters seem to be somewhat retarded so an eight year old is probably closer to the truth. Their “come backs” are all the same, “back atcha”. What a waste of time! Trolls are not interested in information. They are here only to screw things up. Do they realize what a joke they are? It’s only themselves that look stupid.

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