Email Letters: September 6, 2016

49’ers quarterback portrayed ignorance and poor judgment

The editors are celebrating with their editorial on that kneeling quarterback for the 49’ers. While I can agree that he has a right to not join in respectful acknowledgement of our national anthem, I am deeply offended by his ignorance and poor judgment. The football enterprise pays him how many millions of dollars to use his status as quarterback to stage an on-field political protest? He ought to be penalized by the team or by the NFL appropriately. If he is paid to be quarterback then he ought to model his focus on football and not be grandstanding for terrorists. The yellow journalists give him far too much ink; he has already shown his reasons are without merit.


Men and women risk lives to defend what our flag and anthem symbolize

Reading the Friday morning Sports and Rec section story titled “Kaepernick, 49ers teammate kneel during anthem” I was struck by the picture showing a marine PFC with two rows of ribbons (cropped) standing at attention during the singing of the national anthem. This marine and the sailors with him have taken an oath to defend the constitution at all costs, including their lives, to fight to the death if necessary.

I couldn’t help but wonder how their lives, supported by a pittance and paid by the country they have dedicated themselves to defend, compare with the compensation paid to these pampered athletes who, without any sacrifice on their part, enjoy the benefits of America’s flag and anthem.

If they feel their lives would be better elsewhere, we might recommend the Canadian Football League and any other country or organization in the world, including ISIS, where their assets, if not their lives, would be worth so much more.

This country, with its flag and national anthem, which is America’s fight song, are easy targets for every twit with an ax to grind because it encourages freedom of expression and choice, tolerance and equality. They have inspired many men and women to face extreme danger and witness many lives lost, including their own, in the defense of what these symbols say and stand for.


Grand Junction

It’s time to create one risk pool via single-payer health care systems

Big, for-profit insurance carriers bailing out of the Affordable Care Act was something many of us anticipated. It seemed obvious that these corporations would not be able to provide coverage to big numbers of unhealthy consumers and still maintain profits, shareholder dividends, sales commissions, advertising, company jets, executive bonuses etc.

Young healthy consumers not having major financial penalties for not buying into to the insurance company system prevented reasonable risk pools for these companies, also. Risk pooling is the whole crux of providing health care in the U.S. The “old” insurance system enabled insurance companies to use underwriting to obtain the healthiest pool possible for themselves. People with major health problems were taken care of by taxpayer-supported Medicaid or left uninsured – but went to hospitals anyway when their conditions became calamities. Since they couldn’t pay for their care, hospitals had to charge insurance and direct paying customers more to recoup financial losses. So consumers paid directly and indirectly supporting this lousy system. Many uninsured citizens also just died from this arrangement – 52,000 annually per analysts’ estimations.

Americans need to decide if it is important for insurance companies to maintain a parasitic role in health care. Also, are we going to allow “cherry-picking” competition for risk pools so that insurance companies can reap their selfish financial benefits and the rest of us pay dearly, including some paying with their lives? If not, then it is time to create one risk pool via single-payer (i.e. Medicare for All, Colorado Care etc.) systems. The huge savings from eliminating for-profit insurance companies would show that we are abandoning Darwinist health care and that we are compassionate and united with our fellow Americans.

Grand Junction

Letter incorrectly asserted that we drove Mexicans across Rio Grande

A letter in Sunday’s Sentinel says, “Drove the Mexicans across the Rio Grande…” We did not. Read the actual diaries, letters, and records from the 1800s. The border was established after payment to the Mexican government, and those to the north of the border immediately became U.S. residents and citizens.

The U.S. Army put a lot of effort into protecting all those citizens from murder and theft by local tribes and bandits from both sides of the border. There was even a popular rumor in Mexico in those days that the border agreement would lead to free American schools for everyone, even in Mexico.

Grand Junction

We need to address causes, not just symptoms, for homelessness

Your recent front-page article on the homeless – “transients” you called them – haunts me. Surely I am not alone among the baby boomers that remember the “sudden” phenomenon of homelessness in the wake of the Vietnam War. As my own children grew up, I was always aware of this “problem” growing alongside. As a teacher, over the course of three decades I watched the numbers of homeless children increase at an appalling rate.

The problem of transients (do you mean vagrants? bums? hobos?) is not a transient problem. It is like a malignant growth that increases in size until we cannot pretend it will go away. When will we be able to look at this terrible social illness honestly and begin to address the causes and not just the symptoms? If society were a family, wouldn’t we be throwing all of our money at this problem, along with our careful attention and compassion? It seems we are still under the influence of the English Poor Law, first established centuries ago to serve monarchs, but alive and well today in our thinking. It says, basically, that vagrancy (joblessness, homelessness) is a criminal state caused by the condition of being poor and, therefore, of lesser worth as a human being. The homeless are an inferior social group. Charity should be only enough to help the unfortunates subsist, but never enough to eradicate the problem entirely. Thus we ensure that homelessness will continue.

As Jonathan Kozol, the great educator and writer and tireless advocate for homeless children might say, if society were a family, the growing numbers of homeless children would be the worst case of neglect that ever was. If society were a human body, wouldn’t we be aggressively seeking a cure, regardless of cost?

Grand Junction

Proactive approach to homelessness in our city is encouraged

The Aug. 31 headline, “Tackling a transient dilemma” and its recommendations, leads me to recall a train trip to Salt Lake City this past July. The train arrived after 11 p.m. and the accommodations were five or six blocks away, so walking seemed reasonable. It’s just that I had to negotiate what appeared to be a “post event” crowd. Groups of people were informally seated, many lounging or sleeping casually along the grassy curbs. Occasionally stepping over a person and dodging a bicyclist and a couple of panhandlers among the hundreds, I had the impression that I had entered a third world country – India maybe?

The next day the party I was to do business with had no idea what Salt Lake City is like at night. An associate said that area is where food is distributed.

Becoming a beacon to the poor and then ignoring them and their real needs is kind of like feeding the bears at Yellowstone. The idea of a proactive approach in Grand Junction is encouraged, despite the smaller scale of homelessness. Maybe it can serve as a model for Salt Lake and other cities.


Grand Junction

Trump becoming president would be an insult to all veterans who served honorably

The diachrony, or changes extending through time, seems very diabolic when you consider the lives of two individuals of the same age. The first is my brother-in-law, Arthur H. Cordova, who lies in our local VA nursing home having suffered for many years as a result of his military service in Vietnam. As a Silver Star recipient and hero he returned home in 1969 in honor, only to be spat upon. Today, undergoing dialysis for over 10 years, having an enlarged heart, other internal organ problems, along with a leg amputation, you have to wonder why does one person have to suffer so much for having served his country? It seems diabolical.

The second is true trumpery. You have a person/coward named Trump (five deferments form military service in Vietnam while Cassius Clay was excoriated for not serving) aspiring for this nation’s highest office. For him to become commander in chief will be a true indignation and great insult to all veterans who served honorably and heroically. Since when is a coward like Trump qualified to be POTUS and commander in chief? If this occurs, it will be truly diabolical since it appears to me that the goodness and well being of humanity will have succumbed to ill will and evil.

Grand Junction

A simple Google search shows Hillary is a long time and persistent liar

In the Sentinel on Sept. 1, 2016, Don Bell takes issue with Dan Bledsoe calling Hillary a liar. Mr. Bell mentions several websites to fact check Mr. Bledsoe. A simple Google search of Hillary shows that she is a long time and persistent liar. She claims to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary; she claims she was under sniper fire in Bosnia; she lied to the parents of the Benghazi victims; she lied to the American people about a video causing the attack, and Mr. Bell can go to CSPAN and watch the FBI Director’s testimony before Congress where he confirms the many lies Hillary has given to the public. Maybe Mr. Bell is fine with all of Hillary’s lies.

He also mentions her 40 years of service. After Hillary left the State Department, the spokesperson was asked in a press conference about her accomplishments as Secretary of State, and she couldn’t list any. In various interviews, Hillary herself has been unable to come up with much. Just as Mr. Bell speaks of her 40 years of service, Hillary speaks of working towards something or working on a particular issue, never seemingly achieving anything. I don’t believe we should turn over the most powerful office in the land to someone who only seems to be working toward something without ever accomplishing anything.


Grand Junction

September is Primary Biliary Cholangitis awareness month

Did you know that September is PBC awareness month? Probably not, as most people have never even heard of this disease. I had no idea what it was, and neither did my family doctor. After 10 years of seeing certain blood markers go up, I was finally referred to an internist in Montrose. He ran more tests and said he thought I had PBC. I asked him how many other patients he had with this disease. He answered, including you, one! I’m sure glad I did the blood draws at the annual health fair; otherwise it might have never been caught.

PBC stands for Primary Biliary Cholangitis (formerly Primary Biliary Cirrhosis). It is an autoimmune disease of the liver that slowly destroys your bile ducts. Women are affected 10 times more than men. It is usually diagnosed in patients between the ages of 35 to 60 years. Those with PBC may look extremely healthy. The slight bronze pigmentation of the skin that is often present in the advanced stage of the disease makes the individual look tanned. The outward appearances don’t tell the story of what is going on inside their bodies.

Because the symptoms are slow to appear, you may not even know you have it. The cause is unknown, but it is not alcohol or drug induced. Rising blood markers (Alkaline Phosphatase, ALT and AST) and a positive AMA (Anti-mitochondrial antibodies) test are indicative of this disease. If confirmed by your doctor, you will likely be referred to a liver specialist.

Symptoms are slow to appear, but include fatigue, intense and unrelenting itching of the skin, and dry eyes and/or mouth. If undetected, it will slowly lead to cirrhosis. But if it is detected, there are medications that can help arrest its progress, which will add years to one’s life. There is a support group for people who have PBC or want to know more about it. For additional information, visit their website at


Voters who elected Obama did so solely based on the color of his skin

Ms. Holly Von Helms based her comments on skin color and ignored the realities of why American citizens of all colors do not like Obama: his policies are exact opposites of what he led the American voters to believe in in order to get elected.

The “intelligent” voters actually do their research and make their own decisions based on what they learned, not what they were told to believe by the media and assorted political parties.

The people who elected Obama, an unknown, racist agitator by trade, inexperienced semi-black person, did so solely based on the color of his skin.

Please look up the job description of a “community organizer” if you doubt my words.


Cumming, Ga.

Vote Gail Schwartz come Election Day

I just read Amelia Potvin’s letter to the editor about Rep Tipton. I agree with her 100 percent. I have contacted Mr. Tipton by email probably 50 times over the years and instead of saying, “I’ll keep your thoughts in mind” he has to scold me for using email instead of going to his web site to complain about what he isn’t doing. Please vote Gail Schwartz come Election Day.

Grand Junction


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What happened to the men who served in Vietnam was a travesty and the ones who managed to make it back continue to pay the price for that horrible war to this day.  I’m sorry your brother-in-law was one who was severely injured. 
How did you feel about Bill Clinton serving as Commander in Chief after he used every method known to man to avoid being drafted?  Bill didn’t do anything illegal, but he certainly used every loophole in the law to his advantage.
As far as I know that’s pretty much what Trump did as well.

Yet you’re still voting for him, right?

He openly mocks disabled people, yet you’re still voting for him, right?

He calls on foreign countries to interfere in American elections, yet you’re still voting for him, right?

He calls on “2nd Amendment people” to “do something” about Hillary - after the election, yet you’re still voting for him, right?

Apparently, all Trump had to do was not be Hillary. Nothing else he does or stand for matters, right?

Iles worries too much about who other people will vote for.  Maybe he should consider reevaluating voting for a woman who told the FBI she couldn’t remember security briefings after she cracked her head and had a stroke, but now claims to be, “fit as a fiddle”.  She also claimed she wasn’t briefed about handling classified information, but she signed she received training in 2009.  She told the FBI she didn’t know what the (C) means but Labor Day on her plane she stated she is knowledgeable about classified information.  WHICH IS IT???

Don’t want to answer the question do you Mrs Kneisel.

I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to admit such a double standard either. Of course, that’s the nice thing about basing your position on facts and evidence. You don’t need a double standard in the first place.

So what, Iles.  We’re even.  I will vote for not Hillary and you will vote for not Trump.  Why are you avoiding my question?  Don’t want to admit Hillary is either a liar or has memory problems too severe to serve as pResident?

There’s nothing to admit. Your assertions are based on nothing but assumptions. That is not evidence. You still don’t get it, do you. Come up with some actual medical evidence that contradicts the evidence you are ignoring, and you just might convince me. Your personal opinion of her health based on watching YouTube videos doesn’t cut it.

I repeat:  She “told the FBI she couldn’t remember security briefings after she cracked her head and had a stroke, but now claims to be, “fit as a fiddle”.  She also claimed she wasn’t briefed about handling classified information, but she signed she received training in 2009.  She told the FBI she didn’t know what the (C) means but Labor Day on her plane she stated she is knowledgeable about classified information.  WHICH IS IT???”
Thanks for not answering.  I guess that means you are admitting she is a liar!

Do you remember every detail of what you did seven years ago? I guess you’re just as ill as she is.

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