Email Letters: September 6, 2017

Recent overdose awareness event in community was a success

The 3rd Annual Overdose Awareness and Candlelight Vigil was a success. Over 50 community members and partners attended. Several local agencies had a presence to bring awareness to multiple treatment resources to the community including Mind Springs Health, St. Mary’s Hospital, the Grand Junction Police Department, Peer Assistance Services, Western Colorado Health Network, and Grand Junction Treatment Center (opioid-specific treatment). Thank you to the speakers who shared their passion for people and their personal experiences; Snob Productions who donated audio and visual equipment for the event; all the volunteers; and a special thank you to the families who courageously shared photos of their loved-ones lost.

The main theme of the event was to stress the importance of being open about how families lost their loved ones to opioid overdose; this brings the problem out in the open and forces us to have a dialogue about addiction. This conversation reduces the stigma and encourages people to seek treatment. We implore local politicians to have more of a presence at this event next year. Community leadership can have a tremendous impact on the community response to shared problems that have far reaching effects in every area of society.

Recovery Community of Western Colorado is a grassroots movement composed of stakeholders interested solely in outreach, education, and recovery from addiction. For more information, please visit our page on Facebook.


Grand Junction

Trump lacks awareness of the duties and responsibilities of being president

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, South Carolina Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, and Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, all Republicans, have stated directly or indirectly that Mr. Trump has compromised his “moral authority.” I’ve also heard the term “moral leadership” used referring to Mr. Trump’s incompetence and lack of awareness of the duties and responsibilities of being President of the United States. His comments regarding the riots in Charlottesville only made that clearer. In my opinion he has no business being our president.

I have to smirk when I think of Mr. Trump and the term “moral authority.” In my opinion he has no morals and never has. My guess is he could not define the word “ethics” if he tried his hardest. He has never had to put ethics to use in any of his business transactions and certainly was not ethical during his campaign. To my way of thinking, making exorbitant, dishonest and impossible promises to get votes is about as unethical as one can get.

It has been stated by some that the country has spoken by electing him president. They think that he has a mandate to keep his outrageous promises. A reminder: three million more people voted for his opponent than for him. To me that is not a mandate.

He has been president for seven months and has yet to act presidential. While the world snickers behind our backs he continues to look in the mirror and see only one really great guy! Not!


Local community needs to support children ‘at promise’

Recently I attended the Southwest Regional Conference for Delta Kappa Gamma. One of the main speakers told about being born on Kauai Island in 1955 and was considered an “at risk” child. The book entitled “Overcoming the Odds” by Emmy E. Werner and Ruth S. Smith tells of this situation. The speaker had a good support system from her grandmother and many different school/community personnel and has had a successful life. She proposed that we should look at children as “at promise.”

There have been many situations where the local community can view our children “at promise.” The Mesa County fair had many super 4-H and FFA projects that involves children the year-round. The children practicing for soccer at Canyon View Park a few weeks ago were really putting their hearts into the game. The manager of Anytime Fitness on Orchard Mesa told me that he had over 100 individuals between the ages of 14 to 18 working out at the gym this summer. I have witnessed the result of an elementary school that since pen pal letters to senior citizens and shut-ins in this community. They have done that for several years.

Vote yes for 3A and 3B on your November ballot. Keep an eye out for all the “at promise” individuals in Mesa County. You will be overwhelmed. Support the future of this community.

Grand Junction

Street’s name change just allows the politicians to say they did something

I see Horizon Drive Business Improvement District wants to fix some safety measures along its route. They should take an arrow out of the city of Grand Junction’s quiver and get the city to change Horizon Drive’s name like the city has done for the good people along North Avenue. Horizon Drive could become Airport Drive and then the city could tell all of the businesses along the route that any costs to them are their responsibility, and why not add safety measure costs in for good measure?

In fact, if it is such a good idea why don’t we go all in and change a bunch of streets names? 12th Street could become College Boulevard. Orchard Avenue could become Maverick Row. Fourth Street could become Home Loan Street. F Road or Patterson Road could become St. Mary’s Boulevard. Seventh Street could become Sentinel Way. Think of all the good things that could be accomplished just by changing the name of a street. I am sure that we could come up with some more.

The fact is this is typical government program. It allows the politicians to say that they did something. Whether it made sense or added unnecessary costs to businesses is immaterial. In the liberal fantasy land where unicorns and sasquatches abound, though I did see a very large, hairy man walking down North (I mean University) Avenue one evening, businesses have this very large pot of money that can be used for more taxes and unnecessary things like this.


Grand Junction

Elected officials need to explore all avenues of revenue without a tax increase

I am opposed to any real estate or sales tax increase until our elected officials have explored all avenues of revenue to help solve the income problem without a tax increase.

It is my understanding that Colorado does not require sales tax to be charged and collected on TV sales or online sales. Why? The appropriate sales tax percentage could be sent to those TV and online retailers by state zip code and then the sales tax could be charged to the recipient address zip Code. This would help level the playing field for the large and small retailers. If a recipient lives outside the city limits and has a zip Code that includes both inside and outside the city limits, they have a choice to buy locally, online, or TV sales.

I also believe that bicyclists should be required to pay a fee and have license tags just as cars and trucks. If bicycle paths, lanes, and trails are to be provided, then they should help pay for them. When I was young we had to license our bikes. Why not now?

Grand Junction

Sen. Scott makes questionable claims about oil and gas industry

Sen. Ray Scott claims recently that there currently are 100 oil and gas inspectors in Colorado, which is up from 33 in 2007 when in fact, according to the Department of Natural Resources, there are only 30 at this time, up from 21 in 2007. Then he claims that many of today’s inspectors are “sleeping on the job.” This is based, he claims, on oil and gas company insiders, who he refuses to name. All of these questionable claims are just a smoke screen for his belief that there shouldn’t be any oil and gas inspectors at all because any kind of regulation is bad for us all, period.

Let’s just remind Sen. Scott why we attempt to have regulations in the first place. Does the senator have amnesia about the recent house gas explosion in Firestone, killing two people? Or how about the 13 Superfund sites in the Houston area that have not been compromised due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey? How did these 13 Superfund sites happen in the first place? The answer is that back in the 1980s, there were no regulations on the petroleum or industrial activities at the time and companies were allowed to create and store toxic chemicals right in the middle of Houston neighborhoods. Now Houston has a situation where vast stretches of land will be toxic for decades.

Is it worth the Sentinel’s time to feature Sen. Scott on the front page when he makes one ridiculous claim after another? And he long has a history of doing so in the Grand Valley, much to the detriment of common sense thinking people.


Grand Junction

People give the money they can for school district

An item in the Sunday, Sept. 3 edition of the Sentinel “You Said it” claims there is a mean spirit in this valley that keeps people from giving more taxes to their children’s education. I believe that is not true. People of different incomes and backgrounds do the best they can. Many people see the editorial cartoon showing in the same newspaper all the needs of money for Mesa County. All those services are deserving.

We all try to stretch our money and are, of course required to pay our taxes for everything. Look on your tax notice – the schools are the highest percentage on the list. The school district pays for many things to be contracted out, including bus service. I wrote another letter about that several years ago and The Daily Sentinel would not print it, because they may have thought it was the truth buses were costing a great deal of money. Need some examples: just get in your car at bus time and see how many go the same direction or make close stops with few children aboard. Other children have to be driven to school or walk a mile.



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Ms. Von Helms, AMEN! Trump is a huge embarrassment and has already done damage to our country that may take years to correct. Just as embarrassing and damaging to the country is the inaction of the Republican party. It may not follow a dictionary definition but I consider their inactivity and words treasonable. It may be over-the-top but I think our country is at a crossroad. What are the supporters of both entities thinking? Or thinking at all?

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