E-mail letters, Feb. 20, 2010

Body farm will stink

Regarding The Daily Sentinel’s Feb. 16 editorial “Body farm is not a stinker.” obviously neither the editorial writer nor Tim Foster lives in the vicinity.

Although Mesa College is not legally required to abide by city zoning, that does not make it right.

They say this is only two-year temporary location. We all know what “temporary” meant.

We hope as they investigate other body farms, they will note these body farms are not located in, or near residential areas. The four other states took that in consideration. People don’t want to be subject to the smell of decomposed bodies.

The “ick” factor is not being able to turn on our air conditione or have a barbecue on our patio on a breezy summer day.

Now I ask the people who live in Grand Junction, would you want to live close to a body farm? A body farm does stink!

Bob Carpendale

Grand Junction

Progressive are destroying American individualism

The new label for Democrats is “Progressives” and they are taking us off a cliff and it will be the death of this country as we know it today. Freedom and liberty will just be words of the past. We will be telling our grand children how we once had the freedom and Liberty to pursue our dreams in the United States of America. But, then the progressives, aka liberals, aka Democrats took control of our government and took those freedoms and

liberties away.

They called it redistribution and fairness. But, what it really was is stripping the American people of opportunity. Making government the focal point for everything instead of the individual.

Individualism is a threat to the progressive mindset. That is one of the reasons the unions are so important to them. (Currently union member unemployment rate is 3% compared to 10% of the rest of the country) In reality, unions along with bigger government have created much of what is wrong in the United States i.e. high wages for less work, Cadillac health care plans companies can’t afford, retirement benefits that are

unsustainable, etc. They have destroyed the very industries that have employed them. General motors and Chrysler are prime examples. We now have the government and the Auto Workers Union controlling these once-great manufacturing businesses, and I suppose they will stay in business as long as all of us keep subsidizing them.

The teachers union, SEIU and others, along with corrupt groups like ACORN have the favor of the progressive/liberal wing of our government. ACORN is receiving funding today even after all the proven voter fraud in many states and the video tapes of

corruption involving prostitution.

No, not all progressives/liberals are Democrats. The Republicans have theirs as well, such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Oh, they talk more conservative now but they both supported the stimulus mess and even once supported cap and trade and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are others. We can change this with true conservative thinking.

Neil Riddle


No wonder politicians appear so arrogant

It is our fault.. We let Congress give themselves benefits and programs far exceeding what is reasonable and much better than they could command in the private sector:

—Health insurance better than what we have and trying to cram a bad program down our throats. Their program is free (to them).

—  A free pension program after a short term in office, again free (to them). Their spouse gets it upon their death.

—An annual pay increase that is automatic unless they vote not to accept it.  This year Social Security recipents got no increase due to budget problems. They got a 3 percent increase.

—Expensive junkets: Nancy Pelosi took three planes of congressional people and others to the climate summit at Copenhagen, even though they had no part in the meeting. All this while she rants about corporations pay.

—Vote along party lines, regardless of polls or calls and letters from citizens. Neither they nor their staff reply or acknowledge correspondence from their constituents (especially Sen. Bennet)

—Won"t even talk about term limits.

They have built a fence around themselves as the elite to keep us out by ignoring us (the peasants). They “talk ” about bipartisanship,  but Pelosi says, “We will either pass this bill (health care) with their help (Republicans) or we will do it by ourselves.”

We must not let them continue ignoring the public by getting more active and assertive at every opportunity.

Dave E. Brown

Grand Junction

Thanks due to those who have helped homeles

It’s almost spring, and, as far as I know, we haven’t had anyone freeze to death on the streets of Grand Junction this winter. It is inestimable what AngelLight, Inc. and the other homeless advocates have done to bring this about. They have raised community awareness of the severity of the problem and have given the homeless hope.

Sixteen people reportedly died last winter. This winter a man lost one foot and most of

his toes on the other. Others suffered severe frostbite. I am gratified by this fact and wish to thank all of the people who opened their eyes and their hearts, including The Daily Sentinel, the television news teams, AngelLight, Inc, as well as all the other organizations, churches, and individuals that made this happen.

Just a reminder: We barely scraped by. The issues remain, the problems unsolved. We need to continue community efforts to insure the growing number of homeless (proportionate to the numbers losing jobs and houses) are cared for, not only when winter comes again but during the scorching days of summer. In other words, keep up the good work, and more, Grand Junction! After all charity begins at home.

Merle Minear

Grand Junction

Geothermal investment would be better than nuclear

Instead of building two new nuclear power plants, why don’t they use the $8 billion to design and develop new deep drilling equipment to expand geothermal usage. It’s cheaper, can be adapted to present coal burning plants, there’s no pollution, and no radioactive disposal problem.

Richard L. Stover

Grand Junction

Who paid for Obama’s campaign trip to Colorado?

I wish someone would explain to me why President Obama is spending taxpayer

dollars and time chasing around the country campaigning in Democratic

primary elections. With the state of the economy he needs to be in

Washington tending to the business at hand.

Did Sen. Michael Bennet’s campaign account pay for all the Secret Service coverage and the costs of Air Force One to make the trip? Or did Mr. Obama pay for it personally? Will it be reported as a campaign contribution?

I really resent having my tax dollars wasted in this manner. It seems to me that campaigning on the taxpayer dollar would be illegal.

Pat Steele



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