E-mail letters, March 8, 2010

Some better ideas for health reform

Here are some questions for Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, and Congressman John Salazar:

If you say you can stop fraud and cut costs in Medicare and Medicaid, then why have you not already done this?  If you have had any math, then why can you not understand that you cannot cover everyone with pre-existing conditions and cover 20 million to 30 million more who do not presently have insurance, all for less money? Why do you think that we want gigantic cuts in Medicare coverage?

My suggestions on what to do, as we do need to make some changes, are as follows:

—Be allowed to buy health insurance anywhere in the United States. Our free market system will take care of giving you the best coverage for the best price.

—Create a division of the F. B. I. to delete fraud in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

—Establish limits for tort reform that are fair for both doctors and patients. (No lawyers would be allowed to make this decision.)  The enormous cost of lawsuits are “skyrocketing” the costs of health insurance and medical liability.

—Preexisting conditions will not disqualify you from getting insurance and you will pay the same rate as others.

—You must be a citizen of the United States to get health insurance.

—Abortion is not covered under health insurance.  If you want to murder your fetus or your own baby, do it at your own cost.

—Everyone does not have to buy health insurance, as that requirement is against our Constitution.

—Try the above rules for one year.  If there is a surplus to cover all the uninsured, then allow them to get health insurance.  If there is not, then start over to make improvements.  We must not jump into this enormous problem without deleting our deficit first

Bertie (Bingaman) Deering


We can’t command sea to stop making waves

When I started working for the federal government many years ago, information was readily shared to provide a team effort in accomplishing our objectives. Prior to my retiring a new philosophy took over, in only providing us with the minimal amount of information to do our jobs.

When I questioned the change, I was told that information is power and those in power wanted to control us by only providing the least amount of information. They came up with slogans “You don’t see the whole elephant, only a small part of it,” “You’re not privy to the same information that we are,” “You don’t get the big picture.” Sounds a bit like the present administration with “cap and trade,” “global warming,” and “carbon footprint,” doesn’t it?

I agree that global warming is taking place and has for eons, but I question whether it can be controlled by man. The glaciers that once covered most of North America melted. Was that caused by primitive man’s carbon footprint?

We can handicap our nation by pursuing the cap-and-trade plan, while China and other countries will not. We can regulate our economy into ruin with unfounded theories or we can make haste slowly, with sensible actions.

I am reminded of an old story about an emperor who commanded the sea to stop making waves. When the sea didn’t obey, the emperor sent soldiers down to lash it with whips. Perhaps we should lash our carbon footprints.

Neal A. Ward


Treasurer candidate is proud conservative

My name is Ali Hasan and I’m a proud Republican running for state treasurer.

Regarding the recent article, “GOP Rivals Favor Bailouts, Treasurer Candidate

Claims,” I am disappointed that my fellow Republicans, J.J. Ament and

Walker Stapleton, support bailouts. More importantly, I am disappointed that they ardently agree with Democrat Cary Kennedy in wanting to continue keeping Colorado’s investment capital with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The most important part of serving as state treasurer is managing around $6.3 billion in state investments and around $2.5 billion of that money is currently invested with Fannie

Mae and Freddie Mac.

Ament, Stapleton and Kennedy contend that we are not investing in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Rather, we are simply “getting a bond.” Please do not allow these three politicians to pull wool over our eyes — according to SEC filings, when Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae sell a bond, the monies they receive from it are often used to issue subprime


More importantly, many of our bonds in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac only offer around a 4 percent return, with none of that money creating jobs in Colorado. Compare that to the bonds of Mesa County Valley School District 51, which are AA3 rated, are creating jobs in Mesa County, and offer a 5 percent return.

As state treasurer, I will divest from Washington losers like Freddie Mac and invest in Colorado winners like Mesa County.

Lastly, there are some important points I want to provide in conjunction to the


First, GAMCO never received bailout funds and for J.J. Ament’s campaign to say such a thing shows a lack of careful research.

Second, I have never gone on record saying that I would never do personal business with bailout companies. Such a quote is a deception being perpetrated by Ament and his campaign. Nonetheless, I am personally divesting my interests out of bailout companies and I would not invest Colorado’s investments in bailout companies, nor would I work in

“getting” their bonds.

I am proud to be endorsed by Colorado Minority Leader Mike May and former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich. I do not sway when attacked because I will never apologize for my conservative beliefs! And as a Colorado small-business owner, I will pioneer this strong vision as state treasurer: divest from Washington losers and invest in Colorado winners!

Ali Hasan


McConnell is the man to replace John Salazar

My New Year’s resolution to refrain from political involvement didn’t last very long, since I submitted a letter to the editor published early January that naturally received sharp rebuttal from an Obama “hope and change” zealot.

So, I compromised my resolution to allow political dialog, but vowed to avoid political campaign participation. Well, that came to an end Feb. 22, when I met Bob McConnell, who is running for Congress in our 3rd Congressional District.

As a volunteer in Bob’s campaign, I hedge by claiming I’m not really involved in politics, because this man’s not a “politician.” How refreshing-a candidate running for office that’s not a typical

political “stooge” or “beltline celebrity.”

No, McConnell, like most of us ordinary citizens, doesn’t have name recognition in Colorado, but he will before the 2010 election, because he‘s “extra” ordinary. This man is a rarity among politicians because he’s a leader. Do a roll call among congressional “so called” leaders in Washington. How many demonstrate true leadership rather than a self-serving, compromising, patronizing style that promotes their own best interests?

Ask Bob why he’s come out from obscurity to run for office and he’ll simply tell you that he’s mad about what is happening to our country and he’s running for us, as the candidate “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” As a retired Airborne Ranger colonel, he has led men into battle. As an accomplished outdoorsman, he has led expeditions up Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro.

Visit Bob’s web site, http://www.mcconnellforcongress.com, and you will find that he’s not only well-versed, but forthright in his perspective on important issues.

Here’s the man to replace John Salazar and provide leadership in Congress with a voice that truly represents the will of the people.

Richard Doran



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