Environmentalists have become 
fringe element for Democrats

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Kudos to Mr. Penry and Gov. Hickenlooper for their educated stance on fracking. Someone needs to stand up to the fact ignorant, emotionally biased and marijuana / mind damaged leftist wingnuts.

Smog in the Uintah Basin and Pinedale are at levels comparable to large cities, from oil and gas development.  Does stating a documented fact make me ‘fringe’?

For most citizens living near this activity, whether its the actual frack or some human or mechanical error that occurs during the frack operation that causes blow outs, failures, wells spewing, etc. is probably splitting hairs. 

Did you notice that Longmont citizens overwhelmingly banned fracking, despite being outspent by industry money at some large ratio; that the Ft. Collins council is posed to do the same?  One can be part of the solution, sit down and admit that there are legitimate impacts and concerns, and maybe make some progress in addressing these issues and finding some way forward; or columnists can just parrot the industry talking points and refuse to accept the reality of growing citizen and community concern, by attempting to marginalize all legitimate discussion as ‘wing nut.’

This later strategy, I think, will lead to more local governments standing up in response to what their constituents demand, as any good Republic should encourage, and more citizen initiatives in 2014.  Remember how easy it is to amend our Constitution in CO. 

When in the future some astroturf energy PR firm (or columnist) bemoans citizens and communities seizing the initiative, think back to this column discounting citizen concern as an example of the arrogant industry attitude that led Coloradans to assert more control.


“State regulators say at least 84,000 gallons of water contaminated with oil and chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing spilled from a broken well-head in a field about 4 miles north of Windsor.”

Also from the Denver Post article: 

“A Jan. 22 spill by PDC released 2,880 gallons of oil and covered 3,900 square feet, leaving groundwater contaminated with benzene at a concentration 128 times higher than the state limit along with toluene and xylene chemicals.”

Read more: Water fouled with fracking chemicals spews near Windsor - The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/environment/ci_22586154/water-fouled-fracking-chemicals-spews-near-windsor#ixzz2KyqkoYla

Funny JP would name the Sierra Club (always a kicking post for anti-enviroment vitrol)because up until recently they supported enrgy efforts, including fracking. Probably because of the information flow in, they have recently decided that O&G industry hasn’t been quite forthright and shifted their position some.
Of course, ol’ JP blames it all on Democrats and blithly glides over the fact that many sensible pubs are involved to clean up this destruction of the environment that is necessary for us to live. Unlike JP, they don’t see a lack of “temperate” environmentalists, but they see an over whelming majority of concerned scientists and health experts that are rapidly taking up the alarm for irreparable damage being done.
Great to have a home heated by natural gas, but useless when you can’t breathe the air or drink the water. The practice currently followed could be drastically less water damaging and chemical polluting if they used LNG to frack with, but no, they percieve a greater cost and would prefer destroying millions of gallons of water to save a buck. JP needs to stop looking at some vanished past and wake up to view what is coming in the future with the poisoning of the life giving resources of air and water.

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