Executive privilege is not a political shield

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You left out one inconvenient fact. This program was implemented by the Bush administration, and stopped by Holder. The documents being requested have nothing to do with finding out who authorized the program and who knew what when. It has everything to do with Issa wanting to do everything he can to embarass Obama. The rumor that the whole point of the program was to make the case for tougher gun laws was started by a right wing gun nut blogger who first advocated that rocks should be thrown through all the windows of Democratic headquarters offices across the nation. Fox News then jumped on the bandwagon, stirring up the passions of gun nuts. Shame on you, Sentinel, to stir up those same passions here in Grand Junction. Paranoia should not be driving either the news or the editorial staff at the Sentinel.

ahhhhh…. back to “its Bush’s fault”  Keep on drinking that kool aid CK….

LOL, Joyce, we have to stop meeting like this. Facts are facts, and I stopped drinking kool-aide when I was 12 or so. I know Fox News viewers are afraid they might catch something if they watch MSNBC, but try this link if you want to see the story about how the myth about Obama stealing your guns and the Fast and Furious rumors got started.

no thanks, MSNBC and Rachel Maddow lost credibility a long time ago and obviously you did not stop drinking the kool aid….... I think its pretty moldy by now.

You know what they say, you can lead a conservative to the truth, but you cant make them drink. One big difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals will watch Fox News AND MSNBC, but conservatives will listen only to Limbaugh and Fox. I know what’s going on in your world, but you are clueless about what is going on in mine. Do America a favor this fall, and don’t vote. American Democracy was founded on the idea that voters would be informed about the issues. You choose to be ignorant of issues that don’t neatly fit into your closed mind.

Oh but I do watch CBS, ABC and NBC as well as FOX.  I don’t listen to radio talk shows.  I read, I talk to people of all ‘ilks’, I listen to all sides and my goodness, I still believe that the Conservative values are whats best for our America to stay great and free.  Whatever the majority votes for I will accept…I may not like it, but that is how this Republic works, and mark my words, dear, I will vote!!

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