For one global-warming alarmist it’s time to leave science behind

You have to hand it to the global warmingers — they’re ingenious on every level. Except, of course, for the ones that count.

Take, for instance, Jonathan Foley, who directs the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, who last week opted to trudge the old carbon footprint all the way to Aspen’s Environment Forum.

Foley was far from alone. More than 300 people junketed to Aspen to the feel-bad festival of the year, in which they were to be told of the horrors of global warming and how mankind, specifically homo-Americanus, that coal-burning, tree-shredding, AC-loving, Hummer-driving, sweet-crude swilling juggernaut of planetary destruction, was at fault.

Given the lack of reports that some 300 people were hiking along Colorado Highway 82 (widened in recent years so as to safely accommodate the very same homo-Americanus in its never-ending pursuit of leisure and conspicuous consumption in oh-so trendy locales) on bloody feet so as to spare the bovine community the necessity of unwilling contributions to the demand for shoe soles, it’s reasonable to assume that at least 300 carbon footprints swelled significantly on the trip to Aspen. Six hundred if carbon footprints match the number of feet of the participants.

Be that as it may, participants in the forum were aghast, according to The Aspen Times, when Foley told them it was time to leave the science behind global warming, er, climate change, behind.

“Climate scientists — stop talking about climate science,” Foley said. “We lost. It’s over. Forget it.”

Not that he believes that for a minute, of course.

Foley was referring, of course, to the failure of the thermo-industrial complex to persuade people that Pandora opening her box had nothing on them when they switch on the bathroom lights.

Foley’s palpably contemptuous approach is that homo-Americanus is simply incapable of comprehending the subtle thinking required to grasp the science of climate change.

One would almost think that the infamous hockey-stick dogma on which so much of the thermo-industrial complex is underpinned had never been retracted, one would think that overblown forecasts that the Maldive Islands would be inundated by rising oceans had never been retracted, one would think that the high priests of the cult had never been publicly stripped down to their epistemological unmentionables when their e-mails were made public, one would never think that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change weasel-worded findings were based on poorly researched, misleading and sometimes just plain erroneous data.

It’s worth noting one hockey-stick graph is standing the test of time, that being the one reflecting the increase in sexual-assault investigations targeting the highest of the highly-paid priests of the cult of global warming, one Al “Hey, baby want to know who put the ‘vice’ in vice president?” Gore.

Now of course, one ought never judge a movement by the (alleged) actions of its leadership, unless, of course, it can be smeared with the taint of Big Oil or the like. That’s just fine.

In urging his fellow believers to simply leave the science behind, Foley opts for the old sleight-of-hand gimmicks to get the unwashed headed in the right direction.

“I like to walk into rooms like that and say, ‘Forget about climate change. Do you love America?’”

And it works, just like Snausages on schnauzers, so Foley says.

Oh, but Foley has committed a cardinal sin. He let the temple secret out — screw the science, go with the scare tactics.

Sadly, it’s been evident for some time that the science was lacking and that scare tactics were the order of the day.

Foley says humans have a decade to save themselves. Ten years ago, we had only five. By some estimates, the Earth’s condition hit irretrievable a year ago; by others, we should have starved to death under burning orange skies at the turn of the century.

Rather than leave science behind, Foley and friends might opt for a novel approach and actually employ some. Just a thought.


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