Printed Letters: July 9, 2014

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Joe Dion’s sarcastic letter (“Polis surprisingly quiet on immigration problem”) is indeed “missing something” – namely, any relevant facts.

On December 10, 2008, by voice vote, both houses of Congress passed the “William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008” (“TVPRA”) with broad bipartisan support.  President Bush signed it into law on December 23, 2008.

That statute prohibits the Border Patrol from deporting non-Mexican unaccompanied minors entering the U.S. illegally, and instead directs the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) to transfer such children to the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) within 72 hours – to properly determine whether those children were victims of human sex trafficking (particularly from Honduras), etc. 

Thus, Dion is either woefully uninformed or completely disingenuous by asserting that the “overwhelming flood of illegal immigrant children crossing our southern border” is being “caused by the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce our immigration laws, deport illegals, and secure our border.”

Rather, what is being “overwhelmed” is the DHS’s capacity to timely comply with the the “immigration law” that Congress itself amended during the Bush administration.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration” has more faithfully “enforced our immigration laws”, “deported [more] illegals”, and deployed more Border Patrol agents to “secure our border” than any previous administration – and is now attempting to comply with the TVPRA, while asking Congres to either appropriate sufficient funds and/or repeal it.

While cynical right-wingers blame President Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (“DACA”) Exectuive Order for “laying out the welcome mat”, DACA applies only to minors brought here illegally prior to June 15, 2007 (“Dreamers”).  Moreover,  the “script” which Dion cites closely matches the TVPRA procedure.

President Obama, Congressman Polis, and the U.S. Senate (including 14 Republicans) support the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013” (S.744).  Does Dion?

Ol * envy Hugenburg protecting his idol barry hussein. It is simple Bill—-close the damned border. Your idiotic history lesson is bogus. Even you would agree a problem exists. SIMPLE—-close the border. Period. You and the rest of husseins idiots can worry about vote chasing after that. I personally do not give one tinkers dam about who/what idiosy is involved. It is easily fixed. By the by tell me again how great obama care is/is going to be.

Ms Richards. Steve King IS GUILTY. He was fired as a result. He has no honor or morality. King says he “wants to help” and “wants the event ended professionally.” What? King lied> Period> King got caught> Period> King said in comments to the Denver Post (obviously avoiding the local newspaper in the county he wants to be sheriff) that he had trouble “keeping his campaigning, work with MCSO and security at MSU duties separated.” What? All of you King supporters spewing honesty, integrity and experience please come forward and tell me again just how great thief KING is. I cannot find any attempt by King to challenge his firing. Certainly were it a “$90” mistake…....Next mistake may be millions. Show some honor for once STEVE KING. Withdraw.

As is already obvious to all, sad-sack sergeant “bubble head” Sanders is at it again—offering only disgusting racist epithets and silly simplistic “solutions” to complex problems.

First, if just “closing the damned border” were so easy, it would already have been done.  Texas alone has 1200 miles of border with Mexico—which doesn’t even count our lengthy coastlines (which Sanders apparently assumes can also be “closed” even though they can be easily accessed by boat, our even longer land border with Canada, and/or our equally lengthy Alaskan borders and coastline.

Second, S.744—the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013”—would attempt to “close the border” with Mexico by spending some $43 billion dollars on 700 more miles of fencing, surveillance equipment, and more Border Patrol Agents.  Seems SIMPLE enough, but—even though 80% of Americans and the U.S. Senate (including 14 Republicans) support that bill—Tea Partiers like “bubble head” Sanders does not.

So, just like our “broken health care system” defies Sanders’ simplistic solutions, so too our “broken immigration system” is not so “easily fixed”—particularly when public policy is being controlled by “bubble heads” like Sanders.

Meanwhile (while Sanders was ignorantly railing against President Obama), between 24 and 29 million Americans have obtained health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (through either exchanges, expanded Medicare, or through CHIPs) and some 10,000 people per day are still signing up.  That’s “how great” ObamaCare already is.

Therefore, there is a SIMPLE solution to “easily fix” the broken immigration system: the Tea Party-controlled House should take an “up or down vote” on S.744.  However, the simplest “solution” is to do nothing at all—and accept the fact that the present system is exactly what simpletons like Sanders want it to be.

No penis envy Hugenburg it is that simple-close the damned border. Article 1 scetion 8 of our constitution. Period. Trumps many and all BS from the democraps controlled senate and dirty harry reid. Idiot. It PREVENTS deportaion of non-mexican… does NOT say let them in. Idiot. There are some California Towns that secured their own border and are NOT going to be brow beaten by king hussein. Should I educate you in something more than community organizing? Idiot.
Indeed I am a sad sack when it comes to your similar education and penis envy to barry hussein. Did that similar education include community organizing, dope smoking and going by a different name. Lying, cheating and stealing. Transforming the presidency to that of king? Which, by the way, George Washington, refused.
My bubble head is above my shoulders Hugenburg must be elsewhere below the waist. Deported more? What a joke. Because dumb butt barry and his AG let em all in. Idiot.
Where did you get them seriously overstated husseincare enrollment numbers? Out your rear? Did any “real” number include the 24% who have dropped out or are not paying. Idiot. 10,000 per day according to what source? Hugenburg Penis Envy Daily Democrap? Does it include people who have died awaiting this crapola? Idiot.
The republican party is NOT the tea party nor vice versa. Idiot.

Yes indeed I trust you and your idol barry to fix “complex” issues just like husseincare, IRS, VA, Fast and Furious, missing Lerner emails, Benghazi, Iraq, Afghanistan. Indeed I will sit back and wait. Just look around and name only ONE. Idiot.
Do you mean Jeh Johnson and his DHS Department? Haven’t you found a way to blame W yet?
Yes you and your simpleton, educated organizer minions are indeed doing the simply thing. barry and the boys are indeed sitting upon their collective asses and doing nothing and they’ve you on their six.

One more Ugly American” exposes himself—and refuses to look in the mirror.  Pathetic!!

let’s start a fund to send buffaloed bill to Mexico to solve all the immigration problems. Maybe in a prisoner transfer for one of our Marines? You obviously have the whole situation well in hand (0) there buffaloed. you know all the history and the laws, well why not your a lawyer. You should know how much help you could be to the Mexican people and their country. Do you need a bus ticket? we could take up a fund if we weren’t strapped for cash trying to cover all the illegal immigrants? I’ve been down there unloading aid busses for them, and I didn’t see you. do them a favor and lead them back to their country and give their country the favor or all your wisdom? Mr. Bright

A lawyer? I do not think so. Bill stated he had a similar education to barry soetoro. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh

The gift that keeps on giving!!

In your case, indeed it does. However, I thought that envy thing would have come about when hillary’s wife limpwilly was in office? My guess is Mexico doesn’t want you?

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