Fracking-fluid consumption verus 
giving up produce made with gas

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Come on Josh,  does it always have to be political wrangling. As one who donated to your campaign and even voted for you in the hopes that we might finally have an intelligent candidate who will do the right thing regardless of party it just ain’t so in good ol Mesa County.  While people can look the other way for Meis’s arrogance and even elect Jared Wright I am really glad that there are the Jim Spehar’s out there who will call it like it is…..Grandstanding!

There are probably 50 items that could have been the first order of business for newly elected commissioners yet fluffing up their feathers over federal control on an emotional issue took precedence?  At least have some intelligent conversation about options while still protecting the 2nd amendment!

And for the issue of fracking while I would prefer our community to be like it used to be as an agricultural base we have become dependent on the energy industry for our identity though our spirit has been broken time and time again.

How about I get Jim and you and we’ll head out to I-70?  I know the owner of a trucking company.  You can pick the truck, we will flag ‘em down .  You can bring Kathy and Hick along and we’ll pour a glass for each of you?  Jim and I will even go bottoms up albeit with a bud light we will have and you can have one to wash away the after taste. Cheers!

You would think that with Josh’s experience in politics, he would know how to conduct a petition, yet conducting in “opinion”, he wants you to think his opinion carries weight - because of politics. Did you help embarrass a client, Josh?
From the Coloradan:
“The Colorado Oil and Gas Association says it wants to withdraw an error-filled petition it submitted to the Fort Collins City Council opposing a ban on fracking within the city.
Twenty-two of 55 businesses on the petition said last week that they were inaccurately represented as part of a coalition of Northern Colorado businesses fighting the fracking ban. COGA included them in the coalition based on signatures on its petition.
Many of the petition signers were unaware they were representing their business; they later asked to be removed from the coalition. In other cases, COGA was unable to identify some of the signers and verify that some of the businesses it listed as part of the coalition had signed the petition.
“COGA has ascertained we made mistakes in the collection of signatures on a petition submitted to City Council last week opposing a ban on hydraulic fracturing,” COGA President and CEO wrote in an email to the council on Monday. “As a result, we withdraw that petition from the record.”
But Fort Collins city officials will not remove it from the public record, said Rita Harris, deputy Fort Collins city clerk.
“We’re not giving it back,” she said.
Once a petition is part of public record, it can’t be withdrawn, said City Councilman Gerry Horak.
“It’s all sort of immaterial, because there’s nothing ‘official’ about the petition — it’s purely used to demonstrate public sentiment,” Harris said. “Most of the time, we don’t even keep these types of petitions for more than a couple weeks.”
The COGA petition drive was led by energy consulting firm EIS Solutions, whose vice-president is former Colorado Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, a Grand Junction Republican.
COGA and EIS Solutions both declined to respond to questions Monday.”

While the Halliburton chemicals used in fracking could be made like the swill Hick SIPPED, it is “too expensive for general use. What is used, in Western Colorado at least:
And most of Josh’s far ranging list of “enjoyments” are not DEPENDENT on NG, it is a convenience and almost all his items were made without it when its use was very limited. Plastics are now heavily dependent for feedstock, but it could replaced as they were initially developed from renewable organics (fossil fuels were originally living organics BTW). His inference that people would not have cars is a real reach because petroleum/NG are only some of the fuels that can be used. Besides, he like all people addicted by this mania, never wish to see the finite side of present fossil fuels and really don’t care as long as their selfish “I want it NOW for me” is their main philosophy.
Fracking could use LNG and stop the plundering of billions of gallons of water and the introductions of toxic chemicals, but it isn’t the “cheapest. So it all boils down to putting the most money in a few pockets NOW – not what is best for the people, the world, and future generations. 
Same-O-Same-O industry proaganda sloganizing!

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