Full equality for my son: the greatest Mother’s Day gift of all

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My religious beliefs will NEVER permit me to support that. What you really want is for gay/lesbian marriage to be recognized by the state and therefor enjoying the benefits. I do not subscribe to the theory “that the world is very different.” We are a country of Laws. Laws passed by majorities. Majority rules. Where would he be in an Islamic country? It seems that the liberal progressive majority want the majority to bend down and suck it up. I WILL NOT. I do not care about his choice of bedmates or sexual preference.

>>>>>lib prog minority want the majority>>>>>.

It’s only a matter of time. Marriage equality will be a reality in Colorado within two years time most likely. People like Jerry Sanders will either have to get used to it or transfer their irrational anger towards another target.

Get used to it? Transfer my anger? No sir. You are the intolerant one. All is well for those who agree with you. But by gosh let someone disagree and you go into attack mode. Typical progressive liberal. Everyone should agree with you. I will NOT be stylish and jump on your bandwagon. I do not agree with homosexuality period. I will NOT vote for any politician who does. And my opinion is just as valid as yours.

Whether you agree or disagree with me doesn’t change the reality of the situation. Marriage equality is coming to Colorado will soon come to the whole country as well. How you choose to deal with that reality is up to you. Have a nice day if that’s possible.

My day is just fine. I surely do NOT need for you to tell me what to do, think or feel. It is obvious to anyone reading this that I do NOT agree with you. Whether you like it or not Jesus Christ WILL return. Still, I am hopeful that we are moving in the right direction. The world Zach is living in is a very different place than the one I grew up in. “As more and more people find the strength and the support to be open and honest about their lives.” I have the strength, granted me by GOD. I do NOT need to FIND IT. I am standing up.

Standing up against equal rights is nothing to be proud of. Letting gay people get married and have equal protections under the law will not harm you in any way. And I’m not telling you what to do or think. I’m just presenting the choices that will face you as anti-gay bigotry becomes more and more fringe and reviled. You can accept it or continue to blow into the wind. The choice is entirely yours and it makes no difference to me.

I get it already. Again you seem to know what will or wont harm me. Get over it. Again you seem to know everything. Slam around crap like anti-gay bigotry etc. Hope you don’t believe at the second coming of Christ. I wont call you any names——yet.

If you believe you will be harmed by marriage quality I would love to hear exactly how. Hurt feelings don’t count. You will be allowed to keep believing whatever you want to believe just like everyone else in America. It’s just that this one particular thing you believe in is becoming increasingly unpopular. You can’t have failed to notice that reality over the last several years.

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