GOP preoccupation with personhood 
threatens progress on real issues

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Much of what is so boring about reading “Baghdad Bill” Grant’s insufferable incessant blather is his dogged determination to keep using the standard wannabe-cutesy terms of demonization, such as “extremist”, “anti-women” “rigid ideologues”, “zygote”, “fertilized egg”, etc, etc.
To pretend that killing a baby with no more conscience than clipping a toenail is “women’s reproductive rights” is a simplistic propaganda lie, pure and simple — and a tiresomely evil one at that.
The real question is: at what point in a human’s biological development should it be entitled to the same legal rights as everyone else? But Baghdad Bill and his ilk will never engage in that discussion because it doesn’t fit their propaganda narrative of cutesy nihilistic ad hominem.
The abortion so-called “controversy” could have, and should have, been resolved long ago with an amendment to the federal constitution which gives the mother’s right of privacy priority over the child’s right to life during the first trimester, and leaves second the third trimester abortions to the state legislatures.
But that hasn’t happened for three reasons: 1) pro-“choice” nihilists are, well, self-absorbed nihilists who ultimately believe in nothing but themselves; 2) most pro-lifers are profoundly ignorant of the serious limitations of the inherently evil and inevitably-corrupting tool of One-Ring government Power with which they would impose their personal philosophies on everyone else; and 3) the 95% of the general citizenry which falls between Type 1 and Type 2 doesn’t care enough about the issue to jump in and resolve it so we don’t have to listen to the endless droning of the Baghdad Bills of the world.
God’s free-will-based law (or Nature’s law, if you prefer), often called the Golden Rule, and/or the Ten Commandments, protects all individuals 1) separately, 2) equally, and 3) simultaneously — an utter impossibility for coercion-based human law.
In stark polar contrast, human coercion-based law pits the privacy of the mother (thesis) against the life of the child (antithesis), and after much ritualized lying and spinning and wasting millions of dollars which could have been spent feeding the hungry, the so-called “legal” so-called “profession” comes up with a fraudulent temporary “resolution” (synthesis) to what shouldn’t really have been a problem in the first place.
This latter deception-and-manipulation-based process is called the Hegelian Dialectic. It’s how evil people achieve power over “The Other” by dividing and conquering the citizenry. They frequently employ those of Baghdad Bill’s ilk to spout their propaganda.
I say all this as a “pro-lifer” whose personal philosophy holds that abortion is murder, but that it is stupidly dangerous to advocate for a Big Brother government so powerful and intrusive that it can hassle pregnant women even before they are “showing”.

People become people when they’re born. This is not a revolutionary idea. It is, in fact, a truism. That’s how it’s always been and it’s the only way it can be.

In the future I would refrain from accusing others of “insufferable incessant blather” and of using “terms of demonization” at the beginning of such an unhinged rant. Just some stylistic advice. Feel free to ignore it.

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