Printed Letters: Aug. 21, 2014

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“FDR is to blame for Ferguson.”  Now my question is answered, the Daily Sentinel truly will print anything.

Glenn, good points, sorry Peter can’t make those kind of connections. It was reported that the young man shown in the video reaching across the counter and knocking the Asian gent that owned the shop around also wrestled with the officer and tried to take his weapon out of his holster. The officer being about half the size of the “gentle giant” as the press calls him? THIS attitude of entitlement and complete disrespect for the law seems pretty clear? Why isn’t the Asian community protesting? Why didn’t more black officers put in for police jobs and meet the requirements per the law? Glenn’s observance is one of current social structures in large metropolitan areas and reaction of citizens cultured by policies of the liberal left. Personally I would rather teach some one to fish. And yes, the Sentinel will print anything it would seem, look at Hussein Hugenburg’s comments on the Buffalo’d Bill tour of Colorado. Mr. Bright

Mr. Menard.  A truly clueless rant if I have ever read one.

Mr. Phillips, Do you know why the district changed the calendar to begin with?  Or at least the reason they gave parents?  It is so they could schedule intersessions for at-risk and poor performers during those longer break periods.  Do you know that it is voluntary?  Do you know that kids don’t show up even though the teachers are getting paid to?  Do you know this has been tried all over the country and has been proven to be unsucessful?

Glenn Menard’s letter – “Government handouts to blame in Ferguson” – raises crucial questions, including:  what exactly are “old school” Republican” conservative values”?

First, FDR’s New Deal originated Social Security and Unemployment Insurance – which offered a “hand up” to temporarily unemployed workers by easing the financial burden of supporting elderly parents.

Second, Menard falsely asserts that “four generations of inner-city Americans . . . are totally dependent on the government”—thereby perpetuating the racist “welfare queen” canard cynically introduced into our politics by Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Third, Ferguson itself is an illustrative “outlier”.  Initially populated as a “white flight”  “sundown town” (where Blacks were prohibited after dark), from 1990 to 2010 the racial mix “flipped” from 75% white to 67+% Black – many of whom were upward mobile Blacks who themselves were escaping the segregated ghettoes of urban St. Louis.

Fourth, Ferguson itself is surrounded by even more Black-majority communities.  Of the 163 people arrested during the recent violence, only seven were Ferguson residents.

Fifth, the “conservative” rationale for “safety net” programs (particularly, Food Stamps and Unemployment Insurance) is to provide a counter-cyclical infusion of purchasing power to the economy during recessionary downturns – by enabling millions of otherwise impoverished consumers to sustain thousands of small businesses pending recovery.

Sixth, for too long, the Black residents of Ferguson were willing to trust a “conservative” (the Mayor was president of his college Young Republican Club) white “power structure”  – perhaps (as Menard impliedly suggests) induced by the security of their newly-mixed community to a adopt a dependent and/or “plantation” mentality.

Seventh, consequently, Ferguson became the municipality with the greatest divergence between white/Black population proportions and political representation in the Country.

Then, “old school” regressive “conservative values” showed their bankruptcy when St. Louis County’s militarized police force confronted non-violent protestors with lethal “government handout” equipment.

Now, Republicans adamantly object to voter registration booths in Ferguson.  Hmmmm.

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