Printed Letters: June 11, 2014

Government violates rights 
in dictating business practices
I am writing in response to The Sentinel editorial titled, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” in which The Sentinel author states that people who have objections to a lifestyle they find objectionable must simply acquiesce because “the country is becoming less concerned with a person’s sexual orientation.” This is simply flawed logic.

Business owners have the moral right to pursue their needs to engage in life-promoting values, and based upon their own minds, they ought to have the freedom to use products of their own efforts in ways they see fit. The government has no moral “high ground” or authority to compel one group to do something that violates natural law.

In this case, homosexuals assume, as do liberally oriented newspaper owners, that this “collision of rights” between those that want to compel authoritarian compliance and business owners is justified.  The reality is that the right of people to do business as they wish, and with whom they wish, is not a “collision” at all but a violation of basic natural rights.

To take this one step further, consider this analogy: If I want to sell my car, should the government be able to tell me to whom I can sell that car? I think not. To assume otherwise is to invite escalating tyranny. To say that one should simply accept what one considers personally offensive as a “stepping stone” is a weak argument. To just sit back and accept the declining morals in a crumbling society and to compare a lifestyle to civil rights struggles is shortsighted at best and disrespectful at worst.


Candidate Pennington cares
 for Constitution and voters
I remember the sigh of relief across Mesa County when Janet Rowland left office, so it was a somewhat strange experience to get a robo-call from her supporting Steve King. I couldn’t decide if it was the support of a fellow political colleague or a love-struck sorority girlfriend. In any event, I wanted to say that it just solidified my vote for John Pennington as sheriff for Mesa County.

King has proven time and again that he neither cares for the Constitution or the voters of Mesa County, and I believe that Pennington will do a much better job at both. I’m looking forward to the primaries and to the opportunity to cast my first vote for Pennington.

Grand Junction

Constitutional sheriff best in light of King’s opinion on SB13
In 2013 when Senate Bill 13 was being debated, Rep. Jared Wright sent out the following message:

“While debating SB13 today, granting Colorado peace officer status to US Secret Service agents, I began to think about the ‘free speech zones’ the USSS constructs in areas the president will be visiting in the name of security. Here is a picture of a ‘free speech cage’ built in the area of the 2004 Democratic National Convention which protesters were forced to stand behind to practice their ... First Amendment rights. And now, Colorado legislators just blindly granted more powers of arrest for ‘state felony AND misdemeanor crimes committed in an agent’s presence’ to the Secret Service working in our state — even though the Secret Service themselves told me their making an arrest of a Colorado citizen for a misdemeanor crime unrelated to their duties would violate their own policy guidelines. So why are we giving the Secret Service authority that violates the agency’s own internal policies? Why didn’t the red flag go up for a majority of the members of the House? Last I checked, we were elected to represent Colorado citizens, not the federal government. Shame on members of the law enforcement community who supported this measure. They have willingly given up their own and their citizens’ 10th Amendment Constitutional rights in the name of possibly lightening their caseloads.”

Steve King now says that he did not understand what this law would do. Are you kidding me? With all of King’s law enforcement and lawmaking experience, I find that very hard to believe. Does Mesa County really want someone who is either clueless or trying to pull the wool over their eyes as sheriff?

Vote for a constitutional sheriff.

Grand Junction

Oil and gas industry deserves credit for the good it does
My letter is going to be short and sweet. It appears that in our society today, people are busy finding fault with others, trying to make an easy dollar, etc. People don’t appear to give credit to the good that the oil and gas industry has done.

One example of this good is the grass and vegetation on the hillsides between DeBeque and Rifle. What was once barren land is now fruitful. The oil and gas industry planted the seed. Its employees have contributed to the businesses and welfare of the community. Without their paychecks, local business wouldn’t flourish.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the oil and gas industry for all it does.



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Well said Cecil. WalMart in Williston ND is paying $17.00+ per hour. Unemployment is less than 2% statewide and Williston is less than 1%. Yes indeedy oil and gas. But not here. No sir. Comrade Norris wants us to “all pay our fair share” for economic development! What? Tax the hell out of us. Tax the food. Just what “economic” development do we need? Why not all of you elected officials get off of your collective butts and actually do something productive? Like make the PRIORITY——-JOBS.

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