Printed Letters: July 8, 2014

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Jane, thank God you don’t represent all women. If the employees don’t like the health benefits they receive, go find another job. Everything in life is not about birth control.

Indeed Jane you might read the US Constitution again or maybe for the first time. Hobby Lobby is a privately owned company. They provide 16 of 20 or so contraceptives. I did NOT see a mass exodus of female employees as a result of the SCOTUS ruling. If you do NOT like it then quit. If you do NOT like it then DO NOT shop there. Seems to me that all parties FREEDOM’s were protected.

Ms. McAuley, I think you need to read the 1st Amendment again. It does not say anything like “The First Amendment was instituted to protect individuals from the tyranny of anyone else’s religion”.

What it does say is “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof:” The meaning here is that the government can not establish a religion and it can not prohibit the people from the freedom of worshipping as they like.

Your statement seems to be in direct opposition to the 1st Amendment.

wow, the whole Hobby Lobby debate came because of “the use of federal funds in the payment for an abortion”. If you want one you can still buy one but some of us among you are not really high on the idea of using our tax dollars to pay for one because that is YOUR choice. It isn’t a cold your curing here, it’s about life and the freedom to choose life. Mr. Bright

Only in America, land of the First Amendment’s enabling of absurd hyperbole, could having to pay for your own birth control be called (with a straight face) “persecution” by wannabe-clever—(either that or embarrassingly clueless) – political manipulators such Jane McAuley.
McAuley gratuitously used the phrase “Nazi/white power proponent”. So what about men-hating Feminazis, heterosexual-hating Homonazis, Judeo-Christian-hating Islamonazis and white-hating, race-card-playing AfroAmerinazis? Are we supposed to ignore all those and just focus exclusively on white heterosexual male Caucanazis aged 18-70? Or can we talk about all the other kinds of manipulative anti-self-ownership fascists as well?
McAuley talks negatively (aka “hatefully”) about “religion”, and then proceeds to lump people into “religious” groups and demonize them. I call BS!
“Religion” merely means “world view”, nothing more, nothing less. “World view” means how you think the universe around us in fact actually functions. Even random-conglomeration-of-molecules-based “atheism” is a world view. The real moral and intellectual issue is whether or not your religion is based on Golden-Rule-based self-ownership or on the ancient slavery-based “God wants you to do what I say” political manipulation which has been traditionally used throughout history by so many ecclesiastical politicians and their Baskin-Robbins-like variety of religions denominations.
KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor who travels the country teaching the Constitution and the history which gave us our founding documents. I love her rebuttal to the anti-Hobby-Lobby-decision whiners: “I am a woman and my perspective is simple: Pay for your own stinking birth control. Pay for your own abortions. Pay for your own health care. This is not a war on women, this is called being a grown-up. Dear little liberal whiner-baby, this is what happens when you grow up! Pull up your big girl panties and take care of yourself. If you want equal pay for equal work, if you want to be treated the same as the ‘men’ in the world, stop your crying.”
McAuley’s first name reminds me of the hilarious Saturday Night Live skit made famous by Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd, where Curtin prefaced her ad hominem attacks on Aykroyd with “Dan, you pompous overbearing ass”, and Aykroyd prefaced his ad hominem attacks on Curtin with “Jane you ignorant sl*t”.
I believe it is an essential political strategy for the so-called “Right” to match the manipulative hyperbole of the so-called “Left” tit-for-tat. It’s the only way I see to sift the real-issue grain from the hyperbolic chaff. Accordingly, my response to McAuley’s “personal responsibility = persecution” fraud is: Jane, you ignorant “S-word”, stop trying to hump everybody else’s leg and pay for your own damn birth control!

WOW. Mr Wilkenson kudos and touchee.

Thank you John Wilkenson! I know I could not of said it better. Could you please tell Bill Grant where to take his column too!

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