Homework: Student Voices November 03, 2008

Students from East Middle School, Fruita Monument High School and Grand Junction High School comment on the cost of the war, global warming and the presidential race.

Will we stand united or fall divided?

Stop! Stop the fighting and the wars, because there’s a bigger problem we all have to face. It’s not just over in Iraq or Russia and Georgia. It’s everywhere, right under our very noses. What is causing temperatures to change, ice caps to melt and animals to lose their habitat is global warming.

First, the facts. Whether we like it or not, global warming is causing climate change. Places that are usually cold and wet year-round are getting warmer and drying out, and vice versa. This creates some big problems. Hurricanes are becoming more frequent and more brutal as the sea gets warmer. The sea warmth brews hurricanes and also does something else. You guessed it: the melting ice caps. This means that the animals that live on ice are losing their habitats and could become extinct.

I know what you may be thinking, “Why should I care? How does any of this affect me?” Well, chew on this: The melting ice is raising the sea level. Scientists predict that if all the ice melts, nearly all of Florida will go under sea level.

Now that we know what we are facing, what can we do about it? Everyone can help. Ride your bike more often. Not only will this help save the environment, but you will save money on gas. Change to alternate energies, like solar or wind energy.  .

Stopping global warming will change so much. The air will be cleaner; the raging seas will cease. Yet that won’t happen unless every single person reaches out and tries. “United we stand, divided we fall”  are the famous words that hold true to this day. We need to unite and face the problem together. So, end the fighting and begin turning the tides.

Larissa Cox, 12, East Middle School

Use money spent on Iraq war in wiser ways

The United States spends an average of $270 million a day on the war in Iraq. While I am not saying that this is wasted money, I just believe we could be using it in more productive ways.

Think of what we could do every day. We could put this much money towards cancer research or a cure for AIDS. Or we could spend it helping people in need. Thousands of children fear for their lives every day in Northern Uganda, yet very little of the world even acknowledges that this is happening.

Doing this would benefit everyone. No more U.S. lives would be taken in what many have deemed a pointless war;  people victimized by disease would have better lives with new treatments and medicine; and, finally, it would change the perception that the United States tries to be the “bully” of the world.

Getting out of Iraq and doing some good in the world would help us greatly. We are in a dark place right now, but using this money to benefit others would be a huge step toward a bright future

Andrew Fowler, 17, Fruita Monument High School

Obama can turn country around

After almost eight years of war and Republican views at the White House, the next president has to be the best choice possible in order to turn our country around, and that is Sen. Barack Obama.

Sen. John McCain is an intelligent man with many experiences, but he’s not who we need to run our country. Though Americans respect him greatly and know that he wants to do good things for the United States, his ideas are old. Obama is a fresh young face with great ideas. A Harvard law student, he knows how to inspire America to think differently.

Although no country ever wants to pull out of a war cold turkey, exiting is a good idea; it would bring our troops home and enable us to start putting our economy back together. At Obama’s official Web site, the senator says, “Here is the truth: Fighting a war without end will not force the Iraqis to take responsibility for their own future. And fighting in a war without end will not make the American people safer.” John McCain says on his official Web site, “It would be a grave mistake to leave before al Qaeda in Iraq is defeated and before a competent, trained and capable Iraqi security force is in place and operating effectively.”

Before we vote, we should take some time to sit down and ponder who the better choice is for the United States of America. As a young person hoping for a better future, I see the best answer as Obama.

Acacia Cordova, 14, Grand Junction High School


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