E-mail letters, Jan. 25, 2010

Letter was unkind and self-righteous

The letter to the editor by Jodie Wright is unkind, self-righteous and blind to the issue of the suffering of innocents. There are no satisfactory answers to the problem, but it seems to me that our best response ought to be to help relieve the suffering, not to condemn the unfortunate.

Mortals have no way of weighing another’s sin and Ms. Wright exhibits extreme hubris in suggesting that she can read God’s mind.

Amos was involved in the covenant practice of self-criticism and his rhetoric excoriated the upper class. Amos condemned both Israel and Judah for social oppression. He was concerned with religious complacency, people who observe the rituals while ignoring the poor in their midst. He said, “Hear this word, you cows of Bashan ...who oppress the poor, who crush the needy, who say to their husbands: ‘Bring that we may drink ...’ “(Amos 4:1 ff.)


Congress, Supreme Court holds all the power

It’s time to remind pundits, talk hosts and the people in a daze that Congress and the Supreme Court run the country, not the president. The president can only suggest and veto. It’s not about politics or gotcha.  It’s about reminding the adults what their children already know. Show your patriotism.


Local veterinarian helped out-of-town pooch

I just want to say a huge thank you to Dr. Paul Bingham and his crew at Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic in Fruita. A couple weeks ago my beloved four legged friend, Tucker, tore his ACL. I am a college student living in Glenwood Springs and after checking local vets I realized I was not financially able to provide Tucker with the surgery he needed.

However, Dr. Bingham was able to do the extensive ACL surgery for a fraction of the cost I was quoted in Glenwood. Not only did he do an amazing job on my dog’s leg but he went the extra mile to help me in my situation. He is very caring and understanding, as is the rest of the staff at Arrowhead. I would highly recommend them to anyone with pets, large or small animals – they help all kinds and sizes! Thanks again Arrowhead and Dr. Bingham!


Talking heads are to blame

The Daily Sentinel editorial of Jan. 6, “Indebted nation,” was interesting. But I’d like try to trace some things that I, and many others, feel got us here.

Back when the Middle Eastern countries kicked British and U.S. Big Oil out, we, the great unwashed, non-talking head public, (UNTHP) remember mutterings of retaliation from Big Oil.  But little showed to the public eye through the first Bush’s relatively un-eventful reign, then Slick Willie/Hillary time up to Bush Two’s wild romp.

It appears to lots of us UNTHP that indications are Bush II, having received from Slick Willy 200B$

surplus, decided to divide the loot among his long-suffering, oil-rich buddies by tax breaks aimed at their brackets.  Also, he decided to teach those Mid-Easterners not to mess with Big Oil so he conjured up some stuff about nukes and mushroom clouds, urging citizens of history’s most powerful nation to cringe in terror because a pip-squeak nation with no delivery system or the industrial base to produce one, or noticeable navy, MIGHT have a couple of nukes and might be stupid enough to attack that powerful nation - -  at eight thousand miles range!  Then, he, Bush II took Our Nation to war

against that nation - - killing tens of thousands.

But, wars cost money, so he borrows several trillion dollars from folks that never did like us very much. (By ‘fives’ you could count about $10 a second.  Counting 24-7-365.25 it would take about 317 CENTURIES to count 1T$.)

Predictable, ballooning inflation sat in.  So, rather than RAISE TAXES, he shovel billions more borrowed dollars into the top of the ‘economic pyramid’ - - so it could ‘trickle down’.  Only it never trickled.

Then came Barack Obama from the Chicago Political Machine, who refuses to take the simple steps of demonstrating proof of his US birth, who makes wonderfully crafted speeches, and who’s wife was never proud of the US before she became First Lady. He continues Bush II’s borrow-and-spend ‘cure’ to inflation and ‘bulling through’ unpopular, super-expensive, health care reforms

Our Congress, Constellationally appointed Fixers, spend full time explaining in painful detail, who, besides themselves, are to blame. The Talking Heads talk.  And the Mushroom Cloud grows - - its clearly labeled ‘INFLATION’!



Scott Brown is

a guy’s guy

There are people I’ve spoken with from Massachusetts who for the first time voted for a Republican when they voted for Scott Brown. This guy’s the real deal and was known as a basketball player (both high school and college) to put team before himself (and he had a great outside shot).

He works hard to get things done. He’s a guy’s guy (drives a pickup) and graduated from two great schools (Tuffs, Boston College Law). Wrentham, where he lives, is a small blue-collar town not too far from where I grew up. We used to drive through it on Rout 140 on our way to the cape. He is a fiscal and defense hawk, but he listens, speaks softly and respects different opinions.

He is known for his sense of humor. He’s down to earth, much more so than President Obama. I see him working with everyone in Washington, once he adjusts to the lay of the land, but I don’t see him compromising his principals.

He won’t be any less fiscally responsible or more dogmatic on wedge issues. He may last only two years.



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