E-mail letters, Jan. 27, 2010

Obama inspired many to be better citizens

Happy First Anniversary President Obama! And thank you for your service.

If it wasn’t for Obama we wouldn’t have this reawakening with our founders. He has inspired millions like me to become a better citizen, active, responsible, and to become more aware of what Washington is doing. It’s been a long time coming. We began to take notice in 2008 when we heard Obama say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for” and “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” And the one that got the ball rolling was his comment to Joe about “spreading the wealth.”

We were curious about his character and he said to “judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.” We did and found he has 40-plus “czars” within earshot of which many are radical, anti-American, socialists and even self-avowed communists. Obama has a manufacturing czar, Ron Bloom, that says “the free market is nonsense.” There’s no place for these “radicals” in our government. Don’t you know that socialism and capitalism are mortal enemies?

My guess is there may be 20 percent of American’s that agree with his far-left agenda. And there may be another 20percen that are in the extreme right. But I think what he is now seeing is the middle 60 percent that gave him a clear message in Massachusetts of all places.

That 60 percent is comprised of Democrats, Republicans and independents. Obama has alienated many of those Americans when he called the Tea Party protestors “extremists” and yet give Islamic fundamentalists a pass and Constitutional rights. We didn’t like being called racists by his minions because we disagreed with his policies. And we are tired of the countless apologies to the world for being American.

So, continue traveling in that far left lane and therefore becoming a lame-duck president come November — with two years left to go — and he is still in his first term. Good luck with that.


Allow insurance companies to compete with everyone

While volatile opinions abound these days the ironies grow. So, what the heck, let’s try the free market on health insurance. Eliminate employer-funded insurance everywhere. Allow insurance companies to compete openly for everyone. Let’s see if they can learn to compete.

Want government to be run like a business? It can’t. Business is dictatorial. Government is not.  Government provides infrastructure not products. Ever wonder how many of the people in the Minneapolis bridge collapse a few years ago voted against government building new bridges? I learned this week that Haiti has a totally capitalistic system with very little government. Hey, isn’t that what we all want?

Government may not spend wisely, but doesn’t corporate America spend the same way? Retold endlessly this past year is that business and big corporations can’t make it without borrowing money.  After all business philosophy claims it’s best to use other people’s money to succeed.

We’re living the Dilbert cartoon. Business executives no longer care about their products and don’t care if their subordinates to do the same. Top to bottom people’s only interest is a paycheck. Execs care only about the latest Excel graph, but don’t care if someone below fudged it. Consumer confidence is irrelevant. But if we can’t afford to buy, who will? We are all our own customers.

Finally, if conservationists (i.e. environmentalists) and conservatives (i.e. Republicans) oppose each other’s beliefs, isn’t it interesting their root word is conserve, which means “to keep, to save” (i.e. never change.) Wouldn’t it be nice for us all really to know what we’re saying?  Everybody seems to want “their” socialism but not for “everyone.”


Attacks for one and all

In his Jan. 24 letter to the editor, John Borgen took shots at several writers in the Jan. 17 edition of The Daily Sentinel. He chastised Janet Rowland for her view that Penry’s departure from the governor’s race helped to cause Ritter to bail out. One person’s opinion, and not “trash talking”  as ascribed by John. He took on a letter pushing creation vs. evolution, and called it a bogus controversy. If he were talking about the futility of the arguments, I would agree. No one is convincing anyone on this.

And then he jumped on Gary Harmon (“the paper’s resident uber partisan, reactionary combination reporter and columnist”) for two articles. John once referred to me as “the sage of the sewer,” so he can turn a nice phrase. He castigates Gary for picking on president Obama’s strange wording in calling the Haiti earthquake “cruel and incomprehensible.” Without a Teleprompter and written speech, the president often flubs on his comments; “Full Biden,” as Gary said. John assumes Gary was intimating the earthquake damage level was Haiti’s own fault.  Well, they could have used some building codes that might have lessened the effects. The problem now is far beyond codes, it is total devastation and human misery.

How do we help now, beyond donations and all the other support pouring in? The country does sorely need good government, but it is theirs not ours.

Then, of all things he criticizes a “second jewel,” Gary’s article on pollution controls and their costs.  Then John admits the article was “factual.” Gloryosky! Now he attacks well-researched articles.  What’s next?



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