Printed letters, Jan. 11, 2010

I just listened to a report on TV about a dangerous product. A mother left a live electrical connection dangling on the floor next to her baby. The baby put the cable in her mouth and was severely burned and shocked.

The dangerous product was a USB cable used to charge an iPod. The mother is warning everybody about this dangerous product. It is no more dangerous than any live electrical connection. The mother is clearly negligent and needs to accept responsibility for her own actions. It is not the manufacturer’s fault.

Any adult should know enough to keep electrical cords out of the reach of babies and children.


With all due respect to Bob Strong’s service in World War II, (“Fighting in WWII may have been in vain”) printed in The Daily Sentinel on Jan. 8: I have a great deal of trouble understanding his insinuation that the Democratic Party can somehow be compared to Nazi Germany.

While the Nazi’s official name was the National Socialist German Workers Party, I find it reprehensible that anyone could claim that because the word “socialist” appears in their name, they somehow are representative of socialism. North Korea refers to itself as, The Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea. However I’m not aware of any person in the free world who would assert that because the word “democratic” appears in it’s name, it is somehow representative of democracy.

Nazi Germany was a dictatorship led by a psychopath intent on world domination, as well as the elimination of anyone not considered to have been of pure Aryan stock. While I can appreciate the angst many people may harbor concerning the direction of this country (while not necessarily agreeing with it), I feel Mr. Strong diminishes his contribution in World War II by suggesting that he was fighting to save the world from socialism. He, like millions of others, fought to rid the world of a homicidal maniac bent on genocide. For that Mr. Strong, I salute you.



The minimum wage in Colorado has been cut and Social Security and other pension benefits have been frozen because economic indicators show we are in a recession. Yet ,every time we fill our cars with gasoline or make a purchase at the grocery store, the prices have increased.

I would like to have some economist explain this to an old man who grew up in the Great Depression, experienced the Second World War and numerous conflicts since, along with several big recessions, but is having difficulty in understanding this current state of affairs.

Maybe I just don’t see the “big picture,” but perhaps what we need is a big house cleaning in Washington, D.C. next election.  It can’t hurt.



The billboard says: “Cherish Life: Born and Unborn.” Among the “born,” of course, we must include children who are abused or neglected, right? And probably those who do the abusing or neglecting, too, as well as snotty-nosed, loud-mouthed kids running around being annoying or disruptive and sullen teenagers, naturally. Plus folks with tattoos, too much make-up, or sloppy attire. Or people who are as big as a barn or as thin as a wisp. And alcoholics and addicts.

Other lives to be cherished would be the poor, those without health insurance, and highly paid corporate folks who raid our paltry savings to give themselves obscene bonuses. Without a doubt it includes socialists, Republicans, Democrats, people of faith (all faiths, Christian and non-Christian), and the agnostics and atheists, too. Can’t forget soldiers, journalists, law-enforcement personnel, auto mechanics, fire and disaster workers, bankers, supermodels, medical workers, peace demonstrators, teachers, grocery clerks and librarians.

Respecting and cherishing life also ought to include the elderly (even if they drive too slow or smell funny), bicycle riders (ditto), SUV drivers, those with physical or mental disabilities, the wise and the foolish, people we love, homosexuals, all politicians (even if we disagree with them) and even non-human life — like our dogs and cats. Also among the born are Oprah, Rush and Jay Cutler. Keep on cherishing!

I’m sure you get my drift and I hope you all have lots of categories to add to this very incomplete list. However, if you want to omit anyone, then I don’t think you can truly claim to “cherish life.”



I spent three years in World War II and I totally agree with Bob Strong in his Jan. 8 letter to the editor.  It is a very sad time for America and our Constitution. I have to believe we now have a fifth column in our government.



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