Printed letters, Jan. 14, 2010

I don’t see how The Daily Sentinel’s Jan. 13 editorial preference on the latest tax scheme makes any improvement in the proposed health insurance reform. The tax on my so-called Cadillac plan is the only thing in the Senate proposal that comes close to restraining health costs. Whereas proposed taxes on the rich will surely slide right into the middle class. Meanwhile, job-creating investment income will chase investments in countries where it is not heavily taxed.

However, the Pelosi and Reid gang are happy to see us and the media stuck in the weeds of congressional machinations when a true economic catastrophe is about to befall our country.

It is an out-and-out fraud that the plan(s) will be anywhere close to deficit neutral — from Nebraska Sen. Nelson’s Medicaid reprieve to Florida’s Medicare advantage reprieve and others. The 20 percent reduction in Medicare doctor fees is included but will be backed out in a separate bill. Also, the OMB calculation used 10 years of taxes to offset six years of new benefits and they use a straight-line model rather than a dynamic model, thus underestimating costs. That is, they do not account for human reaction to changes mandated by the law, such as how many businesses will drop employee health policies and take the lower-cost IRS fee.

There is a new medical device manufacturer tax included. Since most of these devices go to Medicare patients, have they adjusted this cost as well? Does this reduce health costs?

With the reprieves above spread to all states (which is expected) and the true cost of Medicare. So add this to the huge — some say over $10 trillion added liabilities in 2009 alone — new deficit and we are looking at a Third World economy.

My libertarian friends are anxious about the freedoms lost through the added federal mandates involved. I maintain the crushing deficit itself will make slaves of us all.

We’ve seen three entitlements brought to the federal level by the Democratic Party: welfare for dependent children, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. Every one of these were over-promised and underfunded. It took President Reagan to get action on Social Security (but only a generational fix) and the Republican Congress in the ‘90s to fix welfare by transferring it where it belonged: to the individual states.

If costly federal mandates on health care and health insurance were removed, I have no doubt the states could take care of the health responsibility just as they do primary education.


Government transformation has nothing to do with helping

What we are witnessing being done today by the federal government and the Democrats in particular has never happened in the history of this country. We now have an arrogant one-party dictatorship in power.

It’s mind-boggling the way the Democrats are railroading huge spending bills and new programs through without even reading them or allowing the American people time to look at them. No real debate or input allowed. Quick, hurry, they all must be passed yesterday or the world will end. It’s outrageous.

Stimulus, bailouts galore, takeover of companies, cap and trade, pork, health care takeover, oppressive regulations, corruption, and more stimulus that does no good, and on and on.

All in the name of “helping” our children and us. But really, what kind of “help” is this when we are burdening future generations with unconscionable debt just so crooked and ignorant politicians can brag they “helped” us. Please, give my intelligence a break.

And on top of it all, the D.C. con artists ignore and distort the Constitution to justify anything.

Shortly before the election, Obama said: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” This “transforming” has nothing whatsoever to do with “helping” us, the American people. Rather, it has every thing to do with creating as much government control, power and redistribution of wealth as possible. Google the Cloward-Piven strategy for more.

This is the most dangerous and radical group of extreme socialists in this country’s history. They need to be replaced with people who understand the principles that made America strong and prosperous.



Political definitions of the ‘is nots.’

Oh boy, another national election year. Aren’t you excited? I am.

In the interestes of adding some clarification to the usually murky political waters of undefined terms, I offer the following definitions:

Conservative: That which is not liberal.

Liberal: That which is not conservative.

Moderate: That which is not either of the other “is nots.”

I hope it is not entirely unlikely that you will now feel better informed by these robust historical statements.



Seems Obama had adopted Cheney’s failed policy

Dick Cheney’s well-publicized theory that we should react to all threats with force, real or imagined, even though there’s no credible proof and a 110-to-1 possibility it could be wrong, seems to be the same war policy adopted by President Obama, his generals and the media.

Obama’s opposing politicians and right wing media are doing all they can to make sure he doesn’t stray from the uneasy spot he’s on. It wasn’t enough for Obama to say “terrorists” a dozen times during his last conference, his detractors want him to repeat it two, three dozen times, just to prove he isn’t weak.


Grand Junction

Last 10 months have change our country

Quite a few of us old codgers were born in the 20th century. Without a doubt, we’ve seen some amazing historical stuff, but we’ve also seen some things come and go that this century’s kids will never know — like non-government-built Chevys and Chryslers, non-bailed-out banks and mortgage companies, executives with pay not set by bureaucrats and public projects not funded with pork-barrel money.

Just think, all that happened before our very eyes in 10 months of 2009. Soon, very soon — maybe even before the annual State of the Union address — we’ll get a new health care reform bill. Some say socialized medicine. At any rate, it will signal a start down that long road to European mediocrity and the beginning of the end of another personal freedom. Oh well, just another one gone.

Oh yeah, we old codgers remember a lot of other personal freedoms too! Ask us sometime.


Grand Junction

Residents live in a gas field

I’m amazed at the number of residents of Battlement Mesa who seem to be unaware they’re living in the middle of a gas field.

Somehow, there is a disconnect between where their property lies and where drilling may occur. If in doubt, check it out. Then proceed knowing that you may be subjected to drilling either next to your property or, if you lack the mineral rights, on it.

If you don’t like the facts, live somewhere else. It’s too late to complain later.



Scientific fact lies with creation

Steve Miller’s letter to the editor claiming evolution is a scientific fact is interesting.

However, there is no known case of macroevolution. There is no known transitional series of fossils from one kind to another among the billions in the fossil record. Dr. Randy J. Guliuzza, a professional mining engineer and a medical doctor, gives one of the many examples that refutes evolution and supports creation.

Guliuzza stated that in the human body, “the immune system doesn’t have one central dedicated organ — it is a functional system dependent on every other body system, which themselves would not survive without immunal protection. It’s a complex system and every area fights selflessly to rid the body of its foe and cleanse it of deteriorated cells. As the Bible says, “We are fearfully and wonderfully made” — Psalm 139:14.



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