Printed letters, December 13, 2013

I’d like to comment on Larry M. Head’s Dec. 6 letter concerning the closing of the Oxbow mine. He blames the “bunny huggers and tree lovers.” I got a good laugh from that one.

In fact, the mine was closed by a fire that damaged equipment and infrastructure that’s not easily repaired or replaced. Since the Koch brothers own the mine, maybe Head could appeal to them to expedite the repairs in the name of civic responsibility.

Of course, they’re not going to help. They consider miners, and workers in general, to be a financial liability and nothing more. Their views concerning those who have the least in our society are even harsher. The Kochs firmly believe that the poor in our country have it too good.

Fox News also pushes this idea through John Stossell and other “news personalities.” They say the poor should just stop complaining and be thankful things aren’t worse. It’s dismaying that wealthy, right-wing elites actually believe this drivel.

On a brighter note, I’d like to thank the Sentinel for running the Dec. 3 cartoon showing Pope Francis standing in the way of the type of “bulldozer” capitalism practiced by the Kochs and cheered on by FOX. Also, the pope’s recent comments about the cruel hoax known as “trickle down economics” have been a welcome counterpoint to the hatefulness of the right-wingers.


Grand Junction

Do environmentalists care
about Oxbow miners, families?

Recently there were two articles about the mountain or western prairie dog, as well as articles about the sage-grouse. Seems to be another attempt to close up more land to extract our resources. The prairie dog is alive and well; whether the sage-grouse is, I don’t know.

However, the sage-grouse issue is another battle for people to have jobs — jobs that benefit all of us. I wonder if the enviros have any compassion for the Oxbow miners and their families. Millions of Americans are out of work, and this present administration will affect all Americans.

The EPA and its regulations, along with regulations for businesses, will put a chokehold on the economy. How will this nation ever recover from a $17 trillion debt that is rising? The EPA is a form of religion.

Save the forest, save the planet, save nature, animals more important than people, etc. They worship the creation instead of the creator.

How about saving the unborn? What a beautiful country, and it’s slipping away.

How about taking the millions and millions of dollars and help our veterans instead of a failed website?

We are in for a very tough time.


Grand Junction


Fortifying middle class
is vital for small businesses

The president spoke recently about economic inequality and addressed many concerns important to small-business owners. This included fortifying the middle class through key issues such as immigration reform, employment non-discrimination laws, tax reform and more.

Small business owners know firsthand that growing the middle class is vital to our economic recovery. Their primary customer base is made up of middle class individuals, and the vast majority of small employers are middle class, as well. Our recent polling found only 5 percent of small business owners reported earning more than $250,000 a year.

As we close the books on 2013, it’s important to look forward to new opportunities that can bolster our still-recovering economy. We need smart economic policies such as those mentioned above that will help grow the middle class, and small businesses need to be top-of-mind when crafting these policies.

Entrepreneurs are doing everything they can to pull the economy out of the doldrums, so it’s imperative Congress enact smart policies that support our nation’s biggest job creators.


Colorado Outreach Manager

Small Business Majority



Anniversary of Pearl Harbor
merited front page treatment

Have we lost total touch with reality? On Dec. 7 the local newspaper thought the most important story was more bicycle paths around CMU. On page 5 of the front section was a short recall of an Associated Press account of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. More coverage was given to a bunch of old hippies lighting up marijuana on the streets of Seattle, Wash.

Are our memories so short we forget the thousands of lives lost protecting our freedom? Have we forgotten the price paid in building this, the greatest country ever in world history?

Bicycle paths are important to our university students, but without the sacrifice of millions of American citizens there would be no university. Please, Daily Sentinel, put patriotism ahead of most everything that takes place in our community.


Grand Junction


High court should tell
Obama to use Obamacare

We all know about Obamacare and its problems. President Obama went to the Supreme Court to get it passed — Obamacare for all citizens.

I was wondering why the Supreme Court isn’t stepping in to tell Obama that the law was meant for everyone, no exceptions. That means him and all of our representatives. No passes.


Grand Junction


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Kudos George Hansen.

The tree-huggers place the value of plant and animal life over and above the value of human life.

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