Printed letters, April 6, 2014

Pity poor Kara Taylor. She had to endure the indignity of having herself and her children exposed to the hated gospel of Jesus Christ while at a museum, of all places!

Where are the freethinkers of western Colorado when you need them? Call out the National Guard and American atheists; an unspeakable travesty has taken place in Fruita.

Christian puppets, pamphlets and music “foisted” upon her unsuspecting children? I guess members of the group putting on the show barred the doors until after their “indoctrination” was complete. God forbid (no pun intended) that she be thankful that someone cares about the spiritual needs of her children. You know, the old “Easter” thing about an empty tomb somewhere and a great gift to all men.

Taylor should be thanking God Christians were putting on the performance, the same kind of people that were instrumental in the founding of our once-great nation. Had she lived in Algeria, Sudan or in any other Muslim countries, she’d have had the privilege of accepting the Koran at the point of an AK-47 instead.

Indeed, blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Conversely, the woes in this country that has abandoned its spiritual heritage are only too obvious to anyone who cares to look.


Grand Junction

WCAF members don’t tolerate
choices different than theirs

I have concerns about The Daily Sentinel article on March 21 expressing the Western Colorado Atheist and Freethinkers’ protest of a video shown at a midde school which offered activities for youth, which happened to be at a local church.

First, the First Amendment to the Constitution has two clauses: 1) forbidding the extablishment of religion, e.g., the government cannot require religion 2) free exercise of religious belief, meaning the government cannot forbid individual expression of religious belief.  In the referenced article there is no indication that anyone coerced or suggested anyone attend a church, merely offered an option for healthy activities.

Students could choose to, or not to, participate. Also, for a school to discourage students from individual prayer at lunch is a clear violation of the “free exercise” clause.

 Secondly, if individuals need assistance, would the WCAF not refer them to Catholic Outreach because they might come in contact with religion, or to the Salvation Army, because it’s a church? I think a referral for youth to be involved in healthy activities is great, even if it may be at a (gasp!) church.

Additionally, I think members of the WCAF should remove the “Freethinker” from their title —  they certainly don’t encourage “freethinking” when that allows someone to make a choice with which they don’t agree.  How is that “freethinking”?


Grand Junction   


At-risk students’ attrition rate
reflects CMU’s systemic flaws

University trustees are asking the wrong question with regard to counseling services and screenings as they relate to student attrition. On- or off-campus access to services for students in crisis isn’t the burning issue. What really needs to be looked at are the systemic failures at the university that contribute to attrition amongst at-risk students.

As the parent of one of those students (who was recruited by CMU), I believe our family’s experience has been that poor academic advising, inexperienced instructors and a lack of communication between departments are the greater threat.

Across the board our son’s experience academically and socially on campus hasn’t come close to meeting reasonable expectations. The stress this creates for a “normal” student, let alone a one with any kind of disability, is overwhelming. Anxiety, depression and feeling like a failure are just the tip of the iceberg. This says nothing of the cost financially.

While almost everyone in the classroom and administration at CMU is responsive and personable, at the end of the day nice doesn’t keep your kid in school — a system that works does.


Grand Junction


Lady Mavs, coach earn thanks
for ‘pure basketball’ season

Thank you for a season of pure basketball as we fans experienced this past winter and spring from a dedicated and talented group of young women and their coach.

It was nice to see the stands become more packed as the season progressed when fans began to realize what a special season we were witnessing.

Many of us will long remember this season and this team and the records it set. As a fan and an alumna, I am proud to have been part of all of this.

God be with you, and best wishes for the future, whatever it may bring, as you benefit from the lessons and memories you take with you from this experience.

I also want to thank Patti Arnold for her dedicated coverage and well-written articles in The Daily Sentinel.


Graduate of Mesa Junior College 1952

Grand Junction


Are Hobby Lobby, others

prepared for costs of children?

I understand that Hobby Lobby and other companies like it may not want to allow their insurance to cover birth control for their employees. I hope, then, that they will provide maternity coverage, paid maternity leave, required space and time for the pumping of breast milk, on-site day care, and paid time off for those days when the children have those pesky childhood illnesses they all get.


Grand Junction


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KATHRYN YOU ARE A LOW INFORMATION WRITER. Hobby Lobby does NOT have a problem with contraceptives. Hobby Lobby refuses to pay for contraceptives THAT CAUSE ABORTIONS. Hobby Lobby already covers 6 or 8 contraceptives (I have forgotten). If you DO NOT want to work for Hobby Lobby the feel free to not work for them. Dictating health care by our chairman barry is totally out of line. Have you noted that Hobby Lobby closes EVERY Sunday. Of course you’ve not. Low information. Knee jerk. Liberal progressive…........

Kudos Mr Deal. They want their “freethinking” to be everyones “freethinking.” I have had many life’s experiences and in each and every one when it “came down to the nut cutting” each and every “freethinking atheist, agnostic” cried out to God and for their mother. Amen.

Mr. Deal, please be better informed with the facts before your write, and try to grasp the larger principles of the central argument regarding the 4640 issue.

Facts: A religious organization was allowed to promote its youth indoctrination center in public school. This is a violation of U.S. law. The violation has been acknowledged by District 51, which has promised to be aware of attempts like this one to proselytize in schools, and to work to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The First Amendment requires government to remain neutral in matters of religion. The incident at Grand Mesa Middle School was a taxpayer-funded endorsement of Christianity. Had it been a taxpayer-funded endorsement of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or Judiasm, you doubtless would have more clearly seen the focus of the problem at hand.

The mission of the 4640 youth center is not to entertain. It is to indoctrinate children into Christianity. Fellowship Church’s Facebook page for the 4640 center states that “The mission of 4640 is to reach young people with the Message of Jesus. Teach them with truth from God’s Word. Tend to their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Send them out to be leaders for Christ in their generation.”

Would you want your children lured to an Islamic, Rastafarian or Jainist “recreation center” with promises of a foam pit, a ledge swing and all the junk food they care to eat?  I doubt it.

No one ever asked that children be made to refrain from prayer at lunch or on their own time. That was never an issue, since kids can do whatever they want on their free time.

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