Printed Letters: Aug. 31, 2014

Nuke facility opinion stems from ignorance
I feel that Jim Shults’ letter about the proposed Green River nuclear plant in Thursday’s edition of the Sentinel needs to be addressed. So that there will be no misunderstanding, let me state that ignorance and stupidity are not the same. Ignorance is simply being unaware of the facts.

I moved here about 15 years ago from Rainier, Oregon, where the Trojan Nuclear Plant was in operation. As with any kind of factory or production there are bound to be accidents, some far more serious than others. It is a fact that in a nuclear power plant there are several levels of hazards from the least serious to the catastrophic. The lowest level incident indicates something so small that even a small light bulb burning out triggers an alert while the most serious requires an evacuation of several miles distance from the nuclear plant.

I was a volunteer in the Rainier Fire Department for about 13 years and during that time we had several ambulance calls for employees who had been injured in falls, electrical shocks, seizures, and so on, but never a response that involved the nuclear facility itself.

The nuclear facilities are inspected regularly to make sure there are no hazards that need to be addressed, and if so, they must be corrected immediately.

One of the examples of ignorance is that what appears to be smoke is actually steam that is emitted from the cooling tower of the nuclear plant. It’s water vapor, with absolutely no radiation being emitted. I once had a confrontation with a man from Portland who was complaining about the pollution and radiation coming from the cooling tower, and I was able to let him know that there was no pollution or radiation that was in that water vapor. He hadn’t known that this was the case.

I suspect that Shults was reacting to a similar lack of knowledge. I would suggest that anybody, including Shults, should be careful before writing such a letter when it arises from a lack of knowledge. Instead, please check the facts before writing.

Grand Junction

Prepare now for terror attack on nation’s electrical grid
Having just talked to the staff of our senators and Congressman Tipton, I feel compelled to do everything I can to warn of a likely impending tragedy. I believe that within a couple of years fanatical jihadists will launch electromagnetic pulse bombs that will knock down the power grid in this country so thoroughly that it will take at least two years to fix it. Food will spoil in supermarkets, transportation will crash because the pumps won’t work, and public sewers will fail without power. In that time, I believe nine out of 10 Americans will die of starvation, dysentery or disease. Our government is derelict and there is nothing we can do to stop this.

Three bills have been in committee for the last three years and are still there. These bills are HR2417 (Shield Act), HR4298 (Grid Act) and S2158. They would harden our grid against an EMP as Russia has already done. But without political clamor, nothing will be done to stockpile the grid transformers that are so big they have a two-year lead or to harden the existing ones so they can survive an EMP.

There are things you can do to protect yourself if you have a propane tank. Buy a propane generator from Home Depot and put it in a metal-screened box. Running a freezer just one-half hour a day will keep things frozen. Buy a metal garbage can to protect your inverters, electronics and solar panel. Grow a garden. Have and build a food storage stockpile. Most of all call, write or meet with our representatives to urge them to take action to avoid this. Failing that, be prepared.


Gardner an example of a
 true Colorado statesman
I must say, Coloradans, that there are no statesmen from Colorado in the U.S. Senate. Why, do you say? Statesmen do not tell lies or tell false facts. Sen. Udall and his special interest groups are doing just that. Their television ads are full of false facts and scare tactics about Cory Gardner.

You see, Cory Gardner is a statesman, a man of honor and integrity. Sen. Udall is a politician and is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles.

You have not and will not see a negative ad from Cory Gardner. So I say this to all of Colorado: Send Cory Gardner to the U.S. Senate. And shake it up.

La Junta


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Get real, Ray.  You don’t see negative ads from Gardner because other people are running them on his behalf.

Forget about the ads Ralph. Name one damned thing that anti-gun voting Udall has accomplished? Husseincare? The reality is that Udall is a party line voting worthless senator. Period. Negative ads aside we all know he is useless. You should read his response to me concerning his vote to give gun control to the UNITED NATIONS. His main pretense is that 70 nations have signed on (no names mentioned but I suspect N. Korea, Bangladesh, Mogadishu, Haiti, are among them). He assured me that he is “in constant communication” with zero and insuring our second amendment rights. Oh yes I believe him. Just I like I believe that he HAS tried to manipulate husseincare numbers. He HAS tried to distance himself from zero. And he has sat on his ass with regard to our southern border. And Mike Mason has a valid point. Jihadist’s are in fact amongst us, just across our border and are planning an attack. All the while Udall has sat on his ass. I do not want to hear about the house not voting for immigration reform. We have laws on the book already.

So Ralph you need to “get real.” The democraps poured millions in here (other people) running ads to get useless Bennet elected. GET REAL indeed.

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