Printed Letters: Aug. 22, 2014

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Perpetual GOP apologist Dave Kearsley succumbs to familiar right-wing conspiracy theories by incoherently suggesting that “President Obama’s true agenda” is something other than responsibly addressing complex domestic and foreign affairs issues.

Thus, “at some point the evidence builds up and becomes hard to deny”.  Republicans’ “true agenda and the results are now becoming clear to a solid majority of Americans” – having sabotaged our economy and willfully obstructed President Obama since January 2009, they “etch-a-sketch” history and blame it all on Obama.

“In foreign relations”, for example, “we are seeing the cost of” George Bush’s misguided invasion of Iraq and of his inability to negotiate a “status of forces” agreement with his puppet government before bequeathing Al Maliki’s muddled mess to President Obama.

Given the political dysfunction perpetrated by GOP obstructionism and the “Tea Party’s” ideological disdain for sound fiscal policy (including adequate revenues), “Putin [rightly] saw pushing the restart as weakness” – self-inflicted by the GOP’s extreme partisanship.

“The results in just these two examples [of Republican policies] are genocide in Iraq and what may be the beginning of a new cold war”.  Fortunately, in contrast to Bush/Cheney and their NeoCon “hawks”, Obama/Biden are determined to “not do stupid stuff” again.

Likewise, “in the domestic arena”, Bush (not Obama) “maxed out our ‘China credit card’” by twice cutting taxes while fighting two wars and enacting Medicare Part D entirely on credit, then bequeathing President Obama the largest national debt and annual budget deficits in our history (not to mention the financial crisis and a near-Depression).

Meanwhile, despite Republican obstructionism, the economy has gradually recovered, annual deficits have been cut, and the ACA “tops the list of” the most successful health insurance reforms in our history – already benefiting at least 24 million Americans.

Fortunately for Colorado, Senator Udall has indeed “enabled” these successful domestic policies, while remaining a dogged critic of the NSA’s vestigial surveillance programs and a determined advocate and protector of women’s right to control their own bodies.

Consequently, Senator Udall’s campaign contributors include thousands of individual donors who oppose polluters and extremist ideologues – like his opponent Cory Gardner.

extremist ideologues, perfect description of the Socialist in charge of everything. Buffalo’d Hussein Hugenburg. The presidents agenda is one of golfing while the parents of Mr. Kersey speak of the angst and pain his personal policies of releasing killers back into society and emboldening ISIS and other groups like them. Please Buff feel free to go solve their problems for them too. I’m just sure that the republicans are causing ISIS and parasites like them to BE-HEAD other human beings knowing full well our gutless wonder of a president will do nothing, personally or politically. Your grasp of economics and world policy is great in your own mind feel free to go to Yemen or Benghazi and explain it to them, or is their belief system the one you believe in? Say hey to the 5 killers your president released while you are there. Mr. Bright

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