Printed Letters: Aug. 22, 2014

One-party government has negative outcomes
A one-party state often fails because of corruption, lack of accountability, cronyism, self-dealing, lack of ethics, inefficiency, arrogance and inflexibility. A one-party government helped to bring down the Soviet Union and many other countries.

Much of the Western Slope consists of one-party counties. Look what this situation has brought to Mesa County:

√ Two ethically challenged legislators, both former cops, one indicted for felonies.

√ An airport no one wants to come and manage, still troubled by lack of transparency and arguably illegal meetings.

√ Party operatives who say they support term limits, but trade government offices around to avoid them.

√ A sheriff’s department and a university where no one seems to know that one of their employees was well connected politically, and worked so many hours, including his legislative job, that he must have a time machine.

√ A university run by a former Republican legislator that is slipping in national rankings and graduating a pathetically small number of students, but building lots of buildings and promoting sports instead of academics.

√ Ambitious young people who leave for better incomes elsewhere. Who wants to stay where incomes are 80 percent of the state average?

√ Economically, Mesa County lags behind the rest of the state, especially those areas governed by Democrats. Only one other major county (Republican El Paso County) is also lagging behind all the large Democratic ones in recovering from the Great Recession. Conservative Mesa County has more crime than liberal Boulder County.

Democratic states are richer and healthier than Republican ones. When a Democrat is president, the country grows significantly faster and the stock market goes up much more than when a Republican is president.

Want more of the same? Vote for the same party that has misgoverned this region for decades. That’s the definition of insanity.

Grand Junction

Henderson makes case for Mesa County Assessor’s post
In the upcoming election, Mesa County voters will be asked to determine the direction of the county for years to come by the deceptively simple, yet immensely powerful, act of marking a name on a ballot.

Mesa County citizens deserve the best-elected officials possible and that begins by understanding the candidates for each office. Much focus and attention has been paid to races which display the most drama. But they are far from the only ones to consider.

Every individual and business in Mesa County is directly affected by the work of the Mesa County Assessor’s Office. Whether it is in how accurately your property is valued (determining the amount of taxes you pay) or how the services we all depend upon for our livelihoods and daily living are funded, the assessor’s duties are essential to the quality of life in the county. So is your choice for assessor. Will you choose the one with the most experience and best qualifications to do the job from day one?

I have nearly a decade of experience in the assessor’s office and the endorsement of current Assessor Barbara Brewer, GJ Result and JJ Fletcher (candidate for House District 54). I am determined to provide fair, open and equitable valuations to Mesa County.

When you receive your ballot and get to the line for Assessor, please consider carefully your choices. Vote Steve Henderson and you will get the most qualified, experienced and professional candidate in this race.

American Constitution Party
candidate for Mesa County Assessor
Grand Junction

Sen. Udall a key enabler of Obama’s progressive agenda
At some point the evidence piles up and becomes hard to deny. President Obama’s true agenda and the results are now becoming clear to a solid majority of Americans.

In foreign relations we are seeing the cost of getting all our troops out of Iraq without leaving a presence to secure the peace. Putin saw pushing the restart button with Russia as weakness. The results in just these two examples are genocide in Iraq and what may be the beginning of a new cold war.

In the domestic arena Obama has maxed out our “China credit card.” The economy struggles under an avalanche of regulations. Obamacare tops the list of costly programs that limit our personal freedom. The EPA swings an economic wrecking ball. Obama’s abuse of executive power scares even liberal constitutional scholars, like Jonathan Turley. I could go on as it is quite a pile.

This is my opinion and if you are a progressive, you will see it differently. That’s a valid debate.

However, if you are Sen. Mark Udall, you don’t get to deny that you have been a key enabler of Obama and his progressive agenda. That includes being anti-coal and anti-natural gas. Udall will deny it, but the best evidence is the campaign funding he receives from the anti-coal and anti-gas environmentalists. Hollywood progressives are another great source for him. If you like the results, Udall is your guy.



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Perpetual GOP apologist Dave Kearsley succumbs to familiar right-wing conspiracy theories by incoherently suggesting that “President Obama’s true agenda” is something other than responsibly addressing complex domestic and foreign affairs issues.

Thus, “at some point the evidence builds up and becomes hard to deny”.  Republicans’ “true agenda and the results are now becoming clear to a solid majority of Americans” – having sabotaged our economy and willfully obstructed President Obama since January 2009, they “etch-a-sketch” history and blame it all on Obama.

“In foreign relations”, for example, “we are seeing the cost of” George Bush’s misguided invasion of Iraq and of his inability to negotiate a “status of forces” agreement with his puppet government before bequeathing Al Maliki’s muddled mess to President Obama.

Given the political dysfunction perpetrated by GOP obstructionism and the “Tea Party’s” ideological disdain for sound fiscal policy (including adequate revenues), “Putin [rightly] saw pushing the restart as weakness” – self-inflicted by the GOP’s extreme partisanship.

“The results in just these two examples [of Republican policies] are genocide in Iraq and what may be the beginning of a new cold war”.  Fortunately, in contrast to Bush/Cheney and their NeoCon “hawks”, Obama/Biden are determined to “not do stupid stuff” again.

Likewise, “in the domestic arena”, Bush (not Obama) “maxed out our ‘China credit card’” by twice cutting taxes while fighting two wars and enacting Medicare Part D entirely on credit, then bequeathing President Obama the largest national debt and annual budget deficits in our history (not to mention the financial crisis and a near-Depression).

Meanwhile, despite Republican obstructionism, the economy has gradually recovered, annual deficits have been cut, and the ACA “tops the list of” the most successful health insurance reforms in our history – already benefiting at least 24 million Americans.

Fortunately for Colorado, Senator Udall has indeed “enabled” these successful domestic policies, while remaining a dogged critic of the NSA’s vestigial surveillance programs and a determined advocate and protector of women’s right to control their own bodies.

Consequently, Senator Udall’s campaign contributors include thousands of individual donors who oppose polluters and extremist ideologues – like his opponent Cory Gardner.

extremist ideologues, perfect description of the Socialist in charge of everything. Buffalo’d Hussein Hugenburg. The presidents agenda is one of golfing while the parents of Mr. Kersey speak of the angst and pain his personal policies of releasing killers back into society and emboldening ISIS and other groups like them. Please Buff feel free to go solve their problems for them too. I’m just sure that the republicans are causing ISIS and parasites like them to BE-HEAD other human beings knowing full well our gutless wonder of a president will do nothing, personally or politically. Your grasp of economics and world policy is great in your own mind feel free to go to Yemen or Benghazi and explain it to them, or is their belief system the one you believe in? Say hey to the 5 killers your president released while you are there. Mr. Bright

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