Outnumbered 3 to 1, county Dems can count on minority status

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This article speaks so poorly of a community attitude. I noticed a sign posted on a business on North Ave. about ‘building a business’ that was making a play on the election propaganda twisting of the President’s context. When groups spew out hate, there are the radicals that propagate that venom with a mindless loyalty. Typical of rush’s ditto heads, they would rather ‘ditto’ than think for themselves. There is another name for the behavior and it is ‘mob mentality’.
But then again, political agendas from so many years starting in the late 50’s, have been built on fear that it is ingrained on 5 generations. Hide under the desk to protect against a nuclear blast was a start and now it is ‘can food and get a gun’ to save yourself from the President. It is complete with a TV show that rates the success of survivors’ efforts of making jackasses of themselves. When you think about it, if you need to protect yourself with a gun, food and water supply, who would it be against – your neighbors, the military, an invading nation? Anything beyond your neighbors would most likely be of short duration measured in hours (even in the face of a swat team).
Rational thought and critical thinking has been replaced by emotional pandering to hedonistic tendency, greed, bigotry and self serving posturing. Soap opera living has become a way of life for right wingnuts -even more so as they play to each other in ‘support groupies’.

I see Democrats standing up and being Democrats all over the Grand Valley. Of course most of them are retired, and no longer care what a boss thinks or doesn’t think. For the record, I’m a Democrat. I’m proud of the work my party is doing to help ordinary people instead of lining the pockets of the already rich.

What passes among Democrats as “rational thought and critical thinking” is more like functional illiteracy in the subjects of Economics 101, Politics 101 and History 101. Too many left “wingnuts” are impervious to any fact/s which might gravitate against their UNsustainable utopian agendas. For example, Obama’s college transcripts from Occidental College indicate that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the school (http://bit.ly/PpQqlC). To a rational mind, that would seem to be a smoking gun which legally disqualifies OKenyan from even running for, or occupying, the office of President of the United States on grounds that he is not a natural born citizen for the purposes of Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1874), the only on-point U.S. Supreme Court decision.
Of course the natural laws of economics — e.g. 1) whatever you tax you get less of, and 2) whatever you subsidize you get more of — are utterly irrelevant to the self-perceived-as-brilliant minds of the Flat-Earth Society that is the Left. To their self-absorbed nihilistic minds, stealing from A and giving to B in the name of “taxation”, and under the form of “law”, is a sustainable economic practice. And anyone who disagrees on philosophical, moral, religious or common sense grounds is a “racist”, “bigot”, “hater”, “homophobe” or “misogynist”. Is leftist “logic”, “rational thought” and “critical thinking” just amazing?!
It all ends up with many gullible and naive people pretending all sorts of weird things such as the bullet that killed JFK didn’t come from in front of him.
Meanwhile we completely ignore the provably unconstitutional global debt-as-money fraud because America’s duopoly politicians serve (and receive money from) the oligarchs who own and benefit from it. The language used to cover it all up? TINA. (As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “there is no alternative” to the monstrous black hole of debt which is the world’s monetary and tax structure).
“Right wingnuts”? BIOYA. (I’ll let the omniscient Left figure out that acronym for themselves.) In the meantime, I’ll be busy trying to reacquire basic survival skills to prepare for life in the coming Weimar Republic States of America.

“OMG, the sky is falling!”, said mr. little as he read all the emails of those hit on the head by something. Time to live in cave?

Ahem…I know many of you don’t want the facts, but some of you do, so may I submit:
This is from http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/barackobama/a/obama_citizenship_questioned_2.htm (there are also numerous sources on this as well)

Did Obama attend Occidental under the name “Barry Soetoro”?

No. Soetoro was the surname of his stepfather, but there’s no evidence Barack Obama used it when he attended college. Fellow alumni quoted in the press remember him as “Barry Obama.” According to an Occidental spokesperson quoted on FactCheck.org, the college has no records showing Obama used his stepfather’s last name.

Did Obama attend Occidental under a Fulbright Scholarship for Foreign Students?

No. According to various news sources Obama did attend on a scholarship, but it wasn’t a Fulbright scholarship, let alone a Fulbright scholarship for foreign students. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program accepts Master’s Degree and Ph.D. candidates only. Obama, an undergraduate, was neither. He couldn’t have been awarded a Fulbright scholarship for foreign students even if he had been born outside the U.S. (Source: Fulbright Program)

Mr. Wilkenson has another problem then just being brainwashed. Far Rightist, that I do not consider “Republican”, forget OUR, that means ALL of OUR…Our President is as much white as he is black. Times they are a changing and those that choose to think that they do not have to change, get left behind.  I am old enough to remember the VietNam War.  Everyone in the neighborhood just knew we needed to show those “Commies” a thing or two. It was like that till a neighborhood boy (one of the best types) as a Medic was killed while trying to save another soldier.  Then the “Commies” could have NAM and just get the boys out. Each generation lives in times that from ground level appears foggy, especially when that fog is taking OUR Nation into the future from which some people feel detached or abandoned either financially or in some other manner not of their choosing.  As a Republican, I say, if we are not reasonable with one another, if we pretend that this country cannot under any circumstances elect a black, brown, yellow, red or white President and show that person all the respect due that office, then this country is surely in trouble.  Grow up now. We are only promised this moment. Try using it in a positive manner and make yourself less miserable.

I took a look, in all fairness, to the link in john’s citation. I found a web site dedicated to the smear of the President. It used unbelievable gimmicks to fabricate many lies. First it started with a copy of an application for when Obama was a child in Indonesia with his mother and step father. Any application made then was NOT by Obama, but by his then father. However, all the writing going on around the picture was accusations that this was an Occidental transcript showing and supporting the rest of the lies going on. It even inserted a newspaper article, which if called up, wrote a complimentary article. They only showed it up to support that “Barry” was a nickname Obama used when young to further inflame readers that what they were lying about had some semblance of truth, it wasn’t people at Occidental remembering him as Barry S., as the article admonished, but “Barry” Obama. Many other lies that have been disproven by reputable sources continued on from there.
As another writer herein has shown, when you get beyond poison blogs, and go to reputable sources, john’s example falls apart. This was to be an example he added to prove his statement, “Too many left “wingnuts” are impervious to any fact/s which might gravitate against their UNsustainable utopian agendas.”  Which looking at the said example had nothing to do with what he had just stated.  This is the very disassociation of thought I brought out in my original comment.
It looks as if john proved my point by demonstration.

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