People already have a ‘Better Deal’


When Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. NancyPelosi announced in Virginia this week that the Democratic Party would be offering the American public a “Better Deal” as part of the strategy for 2018, I was pleased but curious about what they would do with their time after they had resigned from Congress and left public life. But I found out that wasn’t what they were talking about.

Instead, this “Better Deal” was a new slogan — their vision for America. Apparently they learned something from the president’s campaign trademark, “Make America Great Again.”

That evening I listened to a Democratic congressman on one of the cable news networks explain what that meant. As I write this, I realize the word explain is vastly misused in this particular context, because after about two and half minutes of explanation, I realized that absolutely nothing of any substance had been transmitted.

Assuming that perhaps the congressman had consumed too many Gin Rickeys before arriving at the studio, I utilized the miracle of computer video and watched the speech given by Sen. Schumer which had even less information — if that was possible — than the explanation I’d just heard.

According to an op-ed that the senator had written for The New York Times (a publication read predominately by people who write for other newspapers) the Better Deal consisted of a triad of really swell ideas: “First, we’re going to increase people’s pay.  Second, we’re going to reduce their everyday expenses.  And third, we’re going to provide workers with the tools they need for the 21st-century economy.”

I hate to rain on the Democratic National Committee’s parade but my first question is, “How are any of those things the job of government?”  All three generally are thought to be the job of private enterprise.

But then I realized that a substantial percentage of Mr. Schumer’s voting base appears to believe that private enterprise should be a thing of the past.

That knowledge helped me make a lot more sense of his proposal.

I read a little more about Democrats “Blue Light Special” (boom! Throwback Thursday to the 1970s). In the interest of brevity, I believe I can sum the program up by saying the promise is of a chicken or perhaps two in every pot, a Packard in every garage and a Philco Cathedral radio in every living room.

Think of the fun we can have when the Democrats implement their new plan — a tasty chicken dinner followed by a luxurious cruise around the neighborhood in our Packard and then coming home to listen to another hilarious misadventure of Fibber McGee and Molly on the radio.

To paraphrase President Barack Obama’s remarks to Mitt Romney about the Russians being a threat during the presidential debates in 2012 – the 1930s called and would like their political agenda back.

I understand the present disarray and generally broken nature of the DNC would make them nostalgic for the 1930s. After all, they were running most things, the country was in the midst of an economic depression, and the Russians, I mean Soviets, were knee-deep in American politics through the trade union movement.

It’s a desperate, but understandable ,move to try and take attention away from what’s going on in the most important area that affects U.S. elections — the economy — by trying to keep the focus on one manufactured scandal after another so voters don’t realize how much better things are for them than they were a year ago.

The problem is no matter how much they get their friends in the mainstream media to ignore the economy, it’s a lot better and voters are very sensitive to its condition.

Reality is tough for Democrats right now. Employment is at its lowest point since 2001, consumer confidence is at its highest point in years and during the Trump presidency the stock market is at record levels. Tuesday surged another 100 points on a better-than-expected earnings report.

Here in Colorado we have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and in Mesa County our unemployment rate in June was around 3.2 percent, down from 11.8 percent in 2010.

I’m thinking people are realizing they already have a better deal.

Rick Wagner is a Grand Junction attorney who maintains a political blog, The War on Wrong. He can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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While Mr. Wagner may be well intentioned (many zealots are), he is one of those individuals who is all too quick to claim credit (all too frequently for the efforts of others), while denying any type of responsibility for what those “others” had to do.  Such is the case with his claim that the American people already have a “better deal” because of Republicans gaining control of the House and Senate.

When such individuals refer to the Great Depression, and the near collapse of the entire world economy at the end of the administration of GWB (something which Barrack Obama had to deal with), such as Mr. Wagner don’t look at what ideas and theories, and thereby policies, which led us into those quagmires, essentially the “robber baron” and “laissez faire economic” policies which have been the “property” of those so-called “conservatives” and Republicans for almost a century, and popularized under Reagan such that it has now approached the level of “religious zealotry”.

Mr. Wagner is therefore little else than what some of us refer to as a “cut and paste” historian, selecting only those parts of history which serve to support his a priori determined position, while ignoring (and even condemning) everything else.

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