Printed Letters: Sept. 6, 2016

Planned roundabout not the best solution
A small group of concerned Redlands residents recently met with local CDOT engineers to discuss the planned roundabout at Redlands Parkway and Broadway (Highway 340). While they were pleasant and willing to listen to our concerns, their “solution” to an unsafe intersection was not debatable.

Roundabouts do not magically appear where lights used to be. If you have not been concerned about this change, you may envision a few weeks of one-lane traffic. Not only will thousands of west Redlands residents endure an estimated six to nine month-long nightmare of getting to and from town, but also the CDOT plan is to raise this intersection with tons of fill prior to construction. That may require lengthy detours (even for emergency vehicles) through adjacent residential area streets.

Many of us are very concerned that some students who live within three miles of Redlands Middle School will have to cross the eventual roundabout without the current corner “Walk” lights that stop traffic. It is unclear where any new walk lights would be located, when Parkway and Broadway traffic lanes will be entering and leaving the roundabout at will. The safety of young pedestrians should be of more concern than protecting drivers from each other. Moving vans, trash trucks, cement trucks, horse trailers, and motor homes — all will be negotiating this roundabout without lights.

The supposed reason for this “safer” unlighted intersection is the history of 28 accidents over a five-year period. There are other solutions, such as more turn signals, or warning lights on the two Broadway hills to slow approaching cars, that could have been working over the past five years. The roundabout is not set to begin until a year from now, with completion up to two years away. How many accidents have occurred or will occur when other measures could have been installed a long time ago? It seems clear that safety has not been of the utmost concern. Rather, the “free money” (job security) and the agenda of city staff that originated this project have prevailed.

If CDOT were required to get public input before opting for the most costly solution, most citizens would have chosen immediate, less costly improvements. If more economical, quicker solutions were available, why spend $3.6 million on this one intersection, raising the national debt, while most of Broadway continues in deplorable condition? Maybe raising the national debt doesn’t bother you, but we think it is irresponsible to burden our children, grandchildren, and their children with enormous taxes to pay for such lavish federal grants.

Grand Junction

Clinton has not accomplished one thing of importance
This letter is in response to a letter submitted by Don Bell, who stated that he would be voting for Hillary Clinton, based on her service record. Obviously, Mr. Bell either didn’t do his homework or is simply oblivious to the facts. 

The fact is this woman has no record. Her only claim to fame is the fact that she is married to Bill Clinton. In her 40-plus years in the public eye, she has not accomplished one thing of importance. She was a disgrace as a lawyer. She did not pass one significant piece of legislation as a senator, and she disgraced the country during her time as secretary of state.

Donald Trump is the only candidate that is talking about fixing our broken country. The Democrats seem to be in denial of the facts. I will take my chances with Trump.

Grand Junction

America’s last chance is to vote for ‘Culture of Life’
“Claiming to be wise they became fools.” St. Paul had it right when he wrote to the people of his faith community in the first century AD. He could be addressing the two political parties of today with the one party’s political platform of solving problems with death and espousing the “Culture of Death” i.e. abortion (women health issues), euthanasia (physician assisted suicide) and (misunderstanding) terrorism.

The other political party challenges and refutes each other in their failed attempt to form a cohesive political call for a “Culture of Life” under a strong leadership willing to speak truth to power.

To return to that “Culture of Life” it may be time to follow Abraham Lincoln’s words and make a decision for ourselves, as Americans, to form a government “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people and for the people will not perish from the earth.”

We have one more chance to keep our nation the great hope of all peoples and of all nations. We can vote, not as political party operatives, but as free individuals for the “Culture of Life” and again ask, as Lincoln did, for God’s help.



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Tuesday’s inane letter from Jerry Wilson (“Clinton has not accomplished one thing of importance”)—in response to last Thursday’s more cogent letter from Don Bell (“Vote for service record, not a narcissist”) – proves only that Wilson (not Bell)
“didn’t do his homework” and remains “simply oblivious to the facts”.

Contrary to Wilson’s baseless contention, his assertion that “this woman has no record” is patently and provably false.;

Perhaps Clinton’s three most important “accomplishments” are the Children’s Health Insurance Program, securing federal funds for New York City and 9/11 first-responders from a spendthrift Republican Congress, and her tireless efforts (once lauded by Trump) to restore our reputation and credibility abroad following Bush’s lawless duplicity in Iraq – which did in fact “disgrace our country”.

In contrast to Donald Trump’s perpetual narcissistic braggadocio, Hillary Clinton makes no “claims to fame” – because she has never sought it.  Her record of public service – replete with both successes and failures – speaks for itself, while Trump’s parallel record of bankruptcy, fraud, and stiffing small businesses suggests that he’s the only “crooked” candidate.;_term=.fcaa7d6a72f1.

Hillary Clinton was not “a disgrace as a lawyer”, but successfully advanced the legal agenda of the Children’s Defense Fund, before serving on the Watergate Committee staff.

In sum, Wilson’s bubbleheaded support for Donald Trump merely proves the persistent truth of P.T. Barnum’s old adage:  “There’s a sucker born every minute”.;;_term=.fd5a3d06a796.

So many moonbats… little time.

So many claims, so little evidence.

Roberta… I think Steve has a thing for you….  or was he referring to Hugenberg.

Well, darn…. I meant Scott ha ha ha ha

Joyce, since I didn’t make any claims he must be referring to Hugenberg’s.

No worries, Mrs. Kneisel. When you can’t refute anything Mr. Hugenberg says, all you have left is snark and insults. Situation normal.

Joyce, did you notice how the internet blew up today with stories about Hillary’s health after the WashingtonCompost told us we shouldn’t be talking about it?  I guess nobody told the guy who wrote the article he can’t get away with that before he gets Hillary coronated.  I showed my appreciation by cancelling my subscription.  The $5/month deal was up next month anyway. 
I figured Iles might be so freaked if he saw Drudge he’d need a shot of Diazepam.

Have a nice night, Mrs. Kneisel. Keep swallowing those whoppers. Its hilarious the contortions you twist yourself into.

Sorry Mr. Iles, I’m not the one who has problems swallowing….

You’re absolutely right. For me to believe, it takes facts and evidence. All you need is the claim. You have no problems swallowing at all. Which is what I said.

Freudian slip?

You tell me. The slip was yours, not mine.

The slip was yours and you doubled down on it just as I thought you would.  Now, since I have not discussed anything about what was said on the internet regarding your beloved Hillary’s health condition in this thread, I’ll leave it for you to figure out.

Right, Mrs. Knesiel. You said you weren’t the one with the problem swallowing, and that is exactly what I said as well. But keep on believing I’m the one who made the mistake. You have apparently swallowed that lie as well.

There’s your little picture that revolves around you and there’s the big picture about which apparently you have no clue.  Hillary suffered a 4 minute coughing spell when she was starting to give her speech in Cleveland.  She had another coughing fit aboard her plane on Labor day.  There are many things that can make you cough, but one that has been much discussed is called dysphagia.  I am not saying that is why she coughs, but considering it has been much discussed it appears you did a Freudian slip accusing me of swallowing…  If you don’t get it, OK.  Don’t bore me with it.

That’s nice, Mrs. Kneisel. It’s just another example of how you will swallow anything that you agree with. You aren’t saying she has it, but you won’t stop believing she has it. You’ve swallowed it without evidence, just like I said. You just proved my point perfectly.

Have a nice night.

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