‘Practical politics’ of Romney/Ryan campaign unfettered by facts

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Last evening, current Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick exposed Romney’s failed gubernatorial record.  Except for “RomneyCare” (which Mitt now disavows), Romney left a mess in Massachusetts akin to what George Bush bequeathed President Obama.  Consequently, Republicans cynically avoid and/or distort both his and the President’s actual record.  As Patrick observed, “Romney was all about getting the job, not doing it”. 

Romney has been running for President for six years, but was too arrogant or unpatriotic to close his offshore accounts and/or clean-up his tax returns for release—which Ann admits contain “ammunition” so damaging (felonies?, amnesty?) that he is compelled to forswear his own father’s exemplary precedent of releasing twelve years of prior returns. 

Romney has no military experience whatsoever, but parrots uninformed and provocative jingoistic rhetoric reminiscent of Bush-era “Neo-Cons”—who brought us the Iraq War, did more damage than Bin Laden, and now advise Romney-Ryan.

Romney also has no foreign policy experience – unless you count his two-year “mission” in France (of all places!), his four overseas accounts, the SLC Olympic Village, and/or his embarrassing trip to London, Israel, and Poland.

Just as Mitt Romney is unqualified to be President, Paul Ryan is even more unqualified—with even less foreign policy and/or military experience (consisting of voting to cut foreign aid and to invade Iraq).

While Romney’s spreadsheet approach to evaluating the U.S. auto industry as a potential Bain Capital investment led him to proclaim that it be allowed to go bankrupt, President Obama’s (and Bush’s) sounder judgment was to save it.

While Ryan (and intimidated Democrats) reflexively voted to give Bush-Cheney a “blank check” in Iraq, Senator Obama insisted that it was “the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time”. 

What more can we conscientiously ask and/or demand of President Obama – white skin?

Bill Hugenberg

As perhaps first noted by Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville in his classic “Democracy in America” (1840), but as political scientists often suggest, our version of democracy rests on the most improbable of unstated assumptions – that regardless of race, intelligence, education, material success, upbringing, and/or religious convictions, the conglomeration of our citizens’ votes will end up making the “right choice” in any given election. 

We make that entirely unrealistic assumption – not because we are convinced that it is true and/or or wholly reliable – but because we reject monarchy, oligarchy, plutocracy, theocracy, and all forms of totalitarianism, and conclude that history has produced no more fair and dependable way to make political decisions than “one (wo)man, one vote”.
Like some Founders before him, de Tocqueville predicted the consequences of extreme partisanship and feared that “the judgment of the wise would be subordinated to the prejudices of the ignorant”.  While our representative form of governance was intended to leaven extreme partisanship – by electing responsible citizens willing to compromise to advance the common good – that check-and-balance is broken.
As George Romney wrote Barry Goldwater in 1968:
Dogmatic ideological parties tend to splinter the political and social fabric of a nation, lead to governmental crises and deadlocks, and stymie the compromises so often necessary to preserve freedom and achieve progress.
Unfortunately, the GOP has fulfilled the prophecies of both de Tocqueville and Romney.
While (by definition) almost 50% of the electorate has below-average “IQ”, Democrats trust that the innate common sense of even “low information” voters can sift through the cacaphony of conflicting information, allow for “spin”, and distinguish truth from fiction. 
However, Republicans are spending millions to promulgate outright lies – repeated even though fact-checked and debunked – thereby subverting the entire electoral process.
De Tocqueville attributed the prosperity of America to the “superiority of its women”. 
We’ll see.
                Bill Hugenberg

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