Printed letters, April 10, 2012

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Institutions that pay no taxes to the people, should not be able to dictate as they have for 2 thousand years, how to treat women and their specific needs.  It is obvious they are not very Christian throwing the first stone at women in need of health care.  I doubt Jesus would approve.

Mr. Strong if you would do a little research you would have found that Cushing Oklahoma is the pinch-point for the transport of American drilled shale oil and gas.  The unfortunate thing here is once this pipeline from Cushing to Houston goes in, all that product will be sold overseas at a high price then what it would sell here in America.  Oil companies pursuit of the bottom line.  If these companies were nationalized we would, as citizens, have access to that product, we would stop the oil and gas subsidies, we would get the direct benefits of products sold overseas, we would stop receiving the LOWEST royalties for the people’s resources in the world and the price of gas would go down.  Right now we are paying the oil and gas companies to take our resources.

So much for a fair and impartial debate hosted by the League of Women Voters. What is that people do not understand about the First Amendment? The requirement to force religious institutions to provide services against their moral standards is a plain violation of freedom of religion.

They are not providing “services.”  For over 3 decades the Catholic church and other “religious” organizations that have paid no taxes to this country, have supported and puchsed for their female employees re healthcare insurance that covered birth control. DId you think they are being forced to provide “services” Kevin?  No, they are being asked to continue what they have done for a very long time….support the health and well-being of their female parishioners. Jesus would approve of that very Christian thing to do for half of the population of this country that pays taxes.

Benita, interesting word you choose in “dictate”.  You need to re-evaluate what is being dictated.  The Obama Administration is dictating that religious institutions go against their beliefs. Mr Mccarney is right on - this is a violation of religious freedom.  If they can force this, what’s next?  Furthermore, while it is true that the Catholic Church is a tax-exempt organization, consider the global contributions of Catholic hospitals, Catholic schools, Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities and so on.  You make it sound like Catholics are a bane to society.  Catholic Outreach here in GJ is invaluable in caring for the hungry and homeless in this very community and you don’t have to be Catholic to get assistance. 
When I left my lucrative career to stay home to raise my children because I knew it was the best thing for them, it was the Catholic church that was the only institution that truly supported my decision and I have absolutely no regrets about that decision.  You’ll still be able to get your birth control from Rite Aid, Walgreens or wherever it is you get it and your insurance carrier will probably still pay for it so why force this burden on an institution that doesn’t believe it is the right thing? 
BTW, I would never presume to guess what Jesus would do in any situation.

Deanne if you have ever lived outside the US like I have you would have a more critical and analytical view of the plight of women and how religion has been used, by all the major religions, to justify separating and denigrate the female gender.  I am not going to put my head in the sand and pretend that the 400 pieces of legislation that has been passed in state legislatures, will not have a lasting effect on the future status of the female gender.  Contraception accessibility is only a glaring part.  The Affordable Healthcare Act is NOT requiring anything more then what the “churches” (for want of a better word) have been providing for decades.  You apparently did not know that.  Did you know that most of the 400 gender specific legislation has been put forward by old white sexually depressed men?  Where do you think they have their minds at?  I don’t want their kind to determine the future of women…do you?  By the way, I left a “lucrative” career for my kids as well but didn’t need a church to back my decision up….it was all my idea and my husband loved it.

I am so sorry, Benita for your bad worldly experiences, truly I am.  Please know that I am not passing any judgment on you and I respect that you will do the same with me.  I’m missing where you addressed the issue regarding religious freedom and first amendment rights.  I find it very scary to think that if THEY can take away my religious freedom, where will it stop?  Any comment on that?  My faith is very important to me as it is a source of strength and prevents me from becoming bitter towards my fellow human beings.  BTW, presuming to know anything about me, my viewpoints, or my life is silliness as you know nothing about me or my experiences.  Make it a great day!

Deanne you and I have had interaction before. You are right though I do not “know” you nor do you “know” me so presuming that you think I regret my worldly travels is an assumption that you warned me not to make about you.  Till I see you again at the WSCA.

I now know who you are - Google can be so useful sometimes - but sorry to say you are mistaken about me as I haven’t been to any WSCA events per se.  I guess we just agree to disagree…
Thanks for the banter it’s been entertaining.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you till today.  I agree it has been fun.  Sorry if I was mistaken. But I really do hope to meet you.  Thank you

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