Printed letters, April 10, 2012

I usually find The Daily Sentinel’s editorial columns balanced and logical. But the reasoning that BLM recreational-use rules are equivalent to oil and gas rules is just not fair or honest.

Drilling may affect the long-term health, livelihood and community, particularly in the North Fork Valley. Bike riding and camping regulations can change, but they do not impact the water and air quality, the possible pollution of organic farms, the loss of millions invested in vineyards.

Why the rush to tie up these acres in a rural valley, when the industry doesn’t even know where it will get its water or clean it up and store it after fracking?

The BLM’s resource management plan is from 1989 and will be updated by 2013. Wait until there is better information, and also more information on results of fracking questions being investigated in other areas of the country. The long-term risk to our valley is too great. We need to defer the leasing.



New administration needed to offer hope on gas prices

The Obama administration is being blamed for high gas prices. In the short term, that’s nonsense. New sources of energy can’t be found, transported and refined overnight. However, if the president had supported — instead of opposed — the locating of resources by drilling, transporting by pipelines, and refining when he first became president, the future for energy supply would be greatly enhanced.

Three culprits can be blamed for the current high cost of fuel. The first is the green machine —the extremist environmental movement that wants to shut down our most abundant resource, coal, and has done everything it can to complicate and restrict the development of all other carbon-based energy resources. 

Lawyers are collectively the second culprit. Legal procedures can stall the development of energy resources almost indefinitely.

The third culprit is, of course, Congress, which, if manned by persons with strong intestinal fortitude, could correct many of the economic problems suffered by our country due to the lack of cheap energy.

Bringing in a new administration after the 2012 elections offers some hope. 




Focus research money on new technologies

It’s great to see the BLM taking a cautious approach to leasing public lands for oil shale work. There are many, many questions still surrounding this technology and what the impacts of full commercial development might be.

But the most important question of all is one that “we the people” must ask ourselves and the agencies we charge to protect our biosphere. That is whether the change to non-petroleum based energy is going to be any easier 25 or 50 or 100 years in the future when the last oil shale is processed and the last well runs dry.

We know these are finite resources, with significant environmental impacts. Shouldn’t research and development dollars be focused on new technologies that address this fact? The BLM is, by definition, the agency that should be making this point in its planning processes. It’s up to us to see that they do it.




Gas industry drives hiring for Garfield County commission

Based on the circumstances surrounding the firing of Ed Green and Judy Jordan, it is no wonder that the Garfield County commissioners are having difficulty coming up with a candidate for the county manager’s position. Not only does the candidate have to meet the job requirements, but must also must be approved of by the gas and oil drilling companies, at whose altar the public servants on the board of county commissioners worship.

I think that is what Commissioner John Martin was referring to when he stated that they were looking for a “knock-it-out-of-the-park” employee.


Battlement Mesa


President showed his lack of constitutional knowledge

In his speech on April 3 to the Associated Press luncheon, our esteemed president showed his lack of knowledge again.

He refereed to unelected judges overturning acts of Congress. I am surprised, considering his supposed background, that he does not understand why our founding fathers gave us the three branches of government, formed the way they are, to oversee each other.

Just another reason that I believe we need a change in November.




Editorial was on target regarding Obama’s comments

I commend The Daily Sentinel’s editors for having the courage write the editorial of April 4 regarding President Obama’s blatantly false assertion that a Supreme Court reversal of Obamacare would be “unprecedented.” The Supreme Court has overturned more than 150 federal laws. Such rulings are their specific duty.

Obama further claimed, that the act was passed by “a strong majority.” Records show it passed the the Senate by 21 votes and the House by seven votes, with 32 Democrats voting against it.

Kudos, also, to the Sentinel for having the guts to publish the editorial that calls out the president for his deliberate lies. Surely Obama is aware of his untruths.


Grand Junction


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Institutions that pay no taxes to the people, should not be able to dictate as they have for 2 thousand years, how to treat women and their specific needs.  It is obvious they are not very Christian throwing the first stone at women in need of health care.  I doubt Jesus would approve.

Mr. Strong if you would do a little research you would have found that Cushing Oklahoma is the pinch-point for the transport of American drilled shale oil and gas.  The unfortunate thing here is once this pipeline from Cushing to Houston goes in, all that product will be sold overseas at a high price then what it would sell here in America.  Oil companies pursuit of the bottom line.  If these companies were nationalized we would, as citizens, have access to that product, we would stop the oil and gas subsidies, we would get the direct benefits of products sold overseas, we would stop receiving the LOWEST royalties for the people’s resources in the world and the price of gas would go down.  Right now we are paying the oil and gas companies to take our resources.

So much for a fair and impartial debate hosted by the League of Women Voters. What is that people do not understand about the First Amendment? The requirement to force religious institutions to provide services against their moral standards is a plain violation of freedom of religion.

They are not providing “services.”  For over 3 decades the Catholic church and other “religious” organizations that have paid no taxes to this country, have supported and puchsed for their female employees re healthcare insurance that covered birth control. DId you think they are being forced to provide “services” Kevin?  No, they are being asked to continue what they have done for a very long time….support the health and well-being of their female parishioners. Jesus would approve of that very Christian thing to do for half of the population of this country that pays taxes.

Deanne if you have ever lived outside the US like I have you would have a more critical and analytical view of the plight of women and how religion has been used, by all the major religions, to justify separating and denigrate the female gender.  I am not going to put my head in the sand and pretend that the 400 pieces of legislation that has been passed in state legislatures, will not have a lasting effect on the future status of the female gender.  Contraception accessibility is only a glaring part.  The Affordable Healthcare Act is NOT requiring anything more then what the “churches” (for want of a better word) have been providing for decades.  You apparently did not know that.  Did you know that most of the 400 gender specific legislation has been put forward by old white sexually depressed men?  Where do you think they have their minds at?  I don’t want their kind to determine the future of women…do you?  By the way, I left a “lucrative” career for my kids as well but didn’t need a church to back my decision up….it was all my idea and my husband loved it.

Deanne you and I have had interaction before. You are right though I do not “know” you nor do you “know” me so presuming that you think I regret my worldly travels is an assumption that you warned me not to make about you.  Till I see you again at the WSCA.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you till today.  I agree it has been fun.  Sorry if I was mistaken. But I really do hope to meet you.  Thank you

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