Printed Letters: April 21, 2017

Park Services provides a positive field trip

I recently had the opportunity to attend a field trip for the second-grade class from Dual Immersion Academy to the Colorado National Monument. I wanted to tell the Park Service and the volunteer members of the Mesa County Search and Rescue team what an awesome experience they provided for our students.

I especially want to say thank you. I was extremely impressed with the organization of the trip, the facilities and professionalism of all the presenters.

The Park Service had put together five different 20-minute sessions. Each session was jam packed with information and presented in a way that was enjoyable to learn about. It is no easy task to keep 7- and 8-year-olds entertained, but all students (and adults) were engaged and participating. The presentations varied from information about plant life and biodiversity to what to do if you were ever lost. The students were able to see awesome visual aids and even act out real life rescues. It was very fun, and educational as well.

After doing the presentations, the students were than taken on a hike. They were in small groups and a park ranger led each group. The rangers were so good to our students. They were patient, kind and, most of all happy to be there. The students were so engaged and excited to learn about what they were seeing. One student even commented about how, “I wish I had a park ranger to take me on every hike!” It was awesome.

As a parent, I know it is hard to be upbeat and kind when young kids are around and I can’t express how nice it was to watch the way the rangers engaged with our students. It was outstanding. To all who were involved, thank you. It was a delightful experience in a beautiful setting.

Thank you for being so welcoming and for providing an educational experience to our students that will not be forgotten.

Grand Junction

Neil Gorsuch clearly lacks sense of justice

The most striking disqualifying element of Neil M. Gorsuch’s character is that he has no sense of, and no interest in, justice.

If he did, he would have publicly stated that Merrick B. Garland was the legitimate candidate for the recent Supreme Court justice vacancy. Additionally, he would have publicly repudiated the past 13 months of vicious Republican Party machinations by which his illegitimate nomination and installation were engineered.

Grand Junction

We can’t trust industry to put environment over profits

Back in January the Republicans in the House of Representatives, including Congressman Scott Tipton, voted to eliminate an Obama administration rule often referred to as the “Methane Rule.” This rule was created to require gas production companies to take responsibility for stopping the release of gas into the atmosphere due to faulty equipment and gas “flare-offs” that have made the Four Corners the methane hot spot of the country.

It seems the gas industry’s main concern is that any regulatory restrictions will lower profits. They say the rule is not needed because it is in the industry’s best interest to eliminate gas waste anyway. Makes sense right?

Then today I read an article by Durangoan Wayne Warmack (High Country News, April 18) who worked in the industry for almost three decades claiming we can’t trust the oil and gas industry. Therefore we do need the Methane Rule. Maybe he knows something. To quote Mr. Warmak, “Wherever I worked, one thing remained constant: It was clear that voluntary measures to address problems were never enough. The oil and gas industry, driven by profit, needed firm but fair regulations to ensure a safer and cleaner environment.” I realize how important the oil and gas industry is to our economy. But am I ready to trust them to put the health of my environment over profits? No way.


Forest Service not justified 
in closing Hanging Lake

The Daily Sentinel’s story, “Vandals ruin it for all” is not correct. It’s the Forest Service that is ruining it for everybody. The beautiful Hanging Lake area will be taken away from everybody, and everybody will be made to suffer. Not the vandals. No, the vandals won’t suffer anything; they won’t even be caught.

The rangers assigned to this area are paid a wage by the public, in the form of taxes, to take care of this area. That’s their job. No matter what that job might end up being (in this case, cleaning), that’s their job for that day.

Why does the area have to be closed off to the public while someone is cleaning it? We, the public, are capable enough; we can “walk around” the cleaners. The Forest Service’s first reaction to this incident, “closing it off to the public” is just not justified.



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Mr.  Anderson’s letter is an interesting one as it illustrates how he reasons.
  His argument is that because the vandalized site is paid for with tax money and that the Forest Service Crew is paid for by tax monies as well, that the site should not have been closed.  Let us take that type of reasoning into another situation, and see how that works out.
  If Mr. Anderson were traveling on a public road, and came upon an accident or a construction site, what would he do?  Is he going to barge right through, running right over law enforcement or construction site personnel in the process, because both the road, law enforcement and construction crew are being paid with “tax” money?
  Hopefully he would not do so but, if he did, some of us would be interested to hear Mr. Anderson (or his attorney) attempting a defense of “Well, I paid for that road and those public service employees, so I had an absolute, not only legal, but even Constitutional right do what I did.”  Some of us wonder what Mr. Anderson believes would happen to him if he did that.
  Some might say that this is a ridiculous response to the gentleman’s letter, as he would never do what I suggested.  But, all I actually did was use his own argument against him, and clearly illustrated the falsity of his argument and, by the simplest of logical tactics “reduction to the absurd”, clearly showed that his argument is a false one for, if my argument is a false, his has to be as well.
  Is Mr. Anderson ill-intentioned?  I seriously doubt that.  However, what his argument clearly demonstrates is something far too common.  It is someone with a micro perspective attempting to deal with a macro world.

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