Printed letters, April 25, 2013

As I sat in the City Council meeting last week, I knew something was very wrong. A feeling of mob rule dominated the proceedings. Then it occurred to me I was witnessing a scene very like that in a Paris courtroom during the French Revolution.

Politically motivated leaders, who had decided that a neighbor threatened their goals, had used a smear campaign to dupe noble-minded men and women to speak out against him.

In those days, a guillotine was waiting just outside. Thank goodness, we are not French.

That evening last week at the City Council meeting, the “threatening neighbor” was Rick Brainard. The “leaders” were five of the current City Council members, sitting on the podium, wielding the puppet strings.

And the “noble-minded (but duped) men and women” were a series of good Grand Junction citizens who had fallen prey to the smear campaign of the five council members.

Of course, the motivation of the current City Council is to overturn the voters’ decision in the recent City Council election that stopped them from stealing tax dollars from us by their behind-the-scenes circumvention of our TABOR rights.

If Brainard abdicates, the “leaders” will have overturned the decision of the people.

But, is Brainard the monster the leaders hope we believe he is?

Here’s my thought. What allegedly happened in his home happens 100 times every Friday night in bedrooms all across Grand Junction.

In almost every case, the participants realize the foolishness of their actions and make up the next morning.

In this case, no marriage was at stake, no child’s future was at stake and Brainard and his girlfriend simply decided to dissolve their relationship.

I suggest we let them do that and get back to the business of our city.


Grand Junction

No woman ever deserves 
to be slapped by a man

No woman ever “deserves” to be slapped by a man, especially to the point of creating a bruised, black eye.

The use of physical violence to resolve conflict is a form of bullying and is not an acceptable manner of discipline in the United States in 2013.

No child “deserves” to be slapped, or any other person for that matter. In failing to perceive this basic fact, Rick Brainard has lost my public trust, and I respectfully ask that he decline City Council elected office.


Grand Junction

Mob rule, anarchy should not
supplant the rule of law

What is mob rule? Could that be the court of public opinion? Maybe we should overthrow the Constitution and turn everything over to mob gatherings of personal opinions.

I don’t know who wrote the resolution quoted in The Daily Sentinel April 18, on page 7A under the heading, “Oath: Many in the audience applauded vote.”

Whoever wrote this, and those who believe it, remind me of the old Salem witch trials. I am including a copy of that resolution as part of my letter to be sure that everyone has a chance to read it again and think about the implications implied therein:

“While we know that all persons have legal and Constitutional protections including the presumption of innocence and the right to trial by one’s peers, we also know that some things in life do not need to be decided in the court of law; sometimes the court of public opinion should decide,” the resolution states.

I, myself, choose the rule of law as provided in our Constitution.


Grand Junction

Does fertilizer plant owner
raise a family in West, Texas?

Under the premise of “What were they thinking?” comes the “We don’t need no regulations” argument regarding the explosion in West, Texas.

Without knowing whether the fertilizer plant was there before the town of West or vice versa, who in his or her right mind would put nursing homes, schools, apartment buildings and houses next door or across the street from a highly explosive industrial complex?

Yes, don’t we know business is always respectful of human life, so there is never a need to regulate any of the dangers connected to any industry?  

Texas is famous for resenting government rules and regulations of any kind — local or federal. 

Of course, one would think the citizens themselves would avoid living near such an industry or at least have something to say about it. But we seem to live in a world in which people don’t have to think or reason simply because someone will save us or, if not, we can sue them.

It would be interesting to know where this particular business owner lives in proximity to the fertilizer plant — Waco, Dallas or New York? It’s probably too late in the scale of reason or logic to suggest industry owners build their mansions and raise their children next door to the danger.


Grand Junction


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Mr Carson:  Are you saying that decrying self-admitted woman beaters ISN’T part of the business of the City?

Interesting that two letters appear decrying “mob rule.”

I’d simply point out that the Salem witch trials were a community-sanctioned form of violence against women.

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