Printed Letters: August 3, 2017

Lifelong Republican wants his party back

I’m a 60-year-old Coloradan who has voted Republican most of my life. But not any more. The Grand Old Party has been taken over by fanatic idealogues owned and operated by a handful of billionaires who want to have their way.

The party that had seven years to do something about health care couldn’t win even though they own the casino. Republicans have made a laughing stock of America. Our allies have been thrown aside and are laughing at us. Our president has tried to drag us all down to his level, but he’s shown us he’s nothing but an incompetent, draft- dodging bully who can’t help but to lie. Where is the all the legislation we were promised? Seven months in and they still haven’t passed one piece of legislation.

Trump’s Cabinet picks look like a Wall Street board room. His family is using the White House to line their pockets and his staff picks are incredibly amateurish and ill-suited to their jobs. Trump’s phony religious piety, his backstabbing his friends, his disgusting behavior should have been enough for the GOP to do something. But they are being paid to look the other way for their short-term gain. Right now the GOP is owned by four people: Charles and David Koch, and Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah. Between the four of them they run ALEC, The Heritage Foundation, The Cato Institute and a hundred others. They write new laws for state legislatures, spend millions to put their candidates in and now control more than 30 states.

I want my party back. I didn’t sign up for some billionaires controlling our way of life. I want my party back.


How about Mount University instead of Mount Garfield?

I will be 73 in September. I grew up on 29 Road, one-third of a mile north of North Avenue. Almost any automobile trip I took started on North Avenue. To get penny candy or a newspaper, I walked down to the store on North Avenue. When I was six, I had extensive special training on how to carefully cross the main highway (North Avenue) to get to Fruitvale Elementary.

North Avenue has been North Avenue for a long time and I believe it has earned its “landmark” status. It make no more sense to me to change its name to University Boulevard than to change the name of the national monument to University Monument; to change Grand Mesa to University Mesa; or to change Mount Garfield to Mount University. The university is an important asset to the Grand Valley but North Avenue has been the way to access it since it was Mesa Junior College. Perhaps we should consider changing the university name to North Avenue University.


Legislation will allow killing of beloved local wild horses

As people enter Grand Junction on Horizon Drive, they are greeted by powerful scenes of our iconic national treasure, the wild horse. The Little Bookcliffs herd management area, located behind Mount Garfield, celebrates more than 100 free-roaming horses that enrich our tourism and brand image.

And now, a long-standing law designed to protect and preserve wild horses is being threatened. The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 (Public Law 92-195), proclaims “Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people; … it is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death…”

But now Washington D.C. wants to slaughter thousands of these horses, our living symbols of the West! In Dennis Webb’s July 23 Daily Sentinel article,“Horses in the crosshairs,” an interviewee states “The bottom line is we have pushing 100,000 excess horses and we have to do something.”

In Colorado, we are doing something. Three of the four wild horse areas are successfully slowing the population growth of herds through birth control. The fourth is following now. Locally, at a mustang sanctuary in Glade Park, they support, protect, and honor our iconic wild horses which includes utilizing proven science to manage the horses in their wild habitat.

Make no mistake, our beloved Little Bookcliffs wild horses will not be able to “dodge” the bullet if the amendment passes. It will pertain to all currently federally-protected wild horses. What would our area image and tourism be like without horses running wild and free?

Grand Junction

Our current health care 
system makes no sense

I’m an American citizen that worked hard all of my adult life until I became disabled from an accident on the job. I now live on a fixed income. I recently had tests done that determined I needed to be on oxygen. However, my insurance won’t cover my oxygen therapy unless I have another similar test. My insurance, however, will not cover the cost of the new test and it’s a struggle for me to pay it.

In the meantime, I am just waiting. Instead of being treated, my health continues to deteriorate and I continue to struggle while waiting for the insurance company to waste more time and money. This is our current health care. Does this make sense to anyone?

Grand Junction


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Well said, Mr. DeMist.

I’m surprised the Sentinel printed Ms. Tuttle’s letter as it is a perfect example of what’s in store for us all if we keep going down the road we are on. 
Here are the suggestions I offered yesterday:
Ms. Tuttle, I’m sorry to hear of your plight.  I’m sure when you are needing Oxygen and can’t get it it’s difficult to fight this battle, but don’t give up.  Here are a few suggestions: 
Call the insurance company every day until you get someone who will help you.  Or, if they claim they cannot help ask for a supervisor who can.
Ask the Doctors office to intervene on your behalf.
If you are on Social Security call the Social Security office and ask who can help you.
If you are on Medicare call them.
Call the Legal Center for the Disabled and ask who can help you.  970-241-6371
Good luck.

I agree with Mr. DeMist on his frustration with the Republicants in the House and Senate, but anyone who thinks the party whose leaders are Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton is the answer is “whistling past the graveyard”. 
Time for a third party I think.

Mr. Myers is apparently of the opinion that whenever someone needs medical care, he/she should have to “jump through hoops”, which is exactly the current system, with one party shifting the obligation and responsibility over to the other party.  He may enjoy that process, but some of us do not. 

Neither is this “not my fault and I am not the one responsible, the other one is ” mindset present only in the medical field, but between companies as well.  Some of us get tired of that, and very quickly and have not the time for it.  Now, perhaps Mr. Meyers does.

Mr. Meyers, you should probably drop the “personality” arguments and your personal feelings about individuals, at least long enough to give issues some thought.  As to political parties, there are more than just two parties in this country but you want another one, the question then being what do you want it to be all about and what would you want to do with it?  That is something to which you have apparently given little thought.

Mr. Laitres, Ms. Tuttle is in the predicament she’s in because her healthcare insurer will not pay for what she needs.  I think they should cover her oxygen, but since they will not I offer suggestions that might help her to get the therapy she needs.  How is that thinking she should HAVE TO “jump through hoops”????  Under the current system may people have to jump through many hoops to get any of the care they have paid for.
Your reading comprehension this morning is very poor.  Maybe some coffee would help???

Oops, slipped there.  Should be Under the current system maNy people…

Mr. Laitres:  Re: politics.  The people listed are all borderline senile…  Got it.  Trust me you don’t want me to post videos.
As for 3rd party.  Did I say a NEW third party???

Mr. Meyers.  Perhaps you could tell us how you have determined that the people you mentioned are “senile” or, are you one who have acquired the ability to diagnose from afar (with or without pictures)and have no need to even see the subject. 

Perhaps, Mr. Meyers, if you wish to engage in that type of activity you should begin with yourself by looking in a true mirror, keeping in mind the story by Oscar Wilde, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

Here are some videos of Nancy and Maxine that you haven’t seen on CNN:;=&oe;=

What about those pictures, Mr. Meyers?  Could you perhaps be living too shallowly, with “sounds good”, “looks good”, etc.  Some of us have known many “good looking” people, but once they open their mouth, its all over.  Perhaps you have never moved beyond that.  Some of us have.

I don’t know what pictures you want to see, Mr. Laitres.  I posted a google search with a number of YouTube videos.  If you click on the link the video plays and you can see for yourself what I was talking about.

Mr. Meyers.  I do not live my life by “pictures” as those are but superficial.  We like to use something more substantive than “it looks like”.

That’s fine, Mr. Laitres.  To each his own.
Here is a direct link to YouTube:
In a country this size you are not apt to see any of these things in person and if you refuse to look @ whatever other people have recorded that is up to you.

Well said, Mr. DeMist. A lot of us would like to have the old Republican party back. At least it occasionally made sense.

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