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On July 17, the Obama for America Campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party filed suit in Ohio to strike down part of that state’s law governing voting by members of the military. Their suit said that part of the law is “arbitrary” with “no discernible rational basis.”

I know I am not the only one disgusted with how the president is constantly suing one state after another — at our expense! People on the left scream that voter ID laws disenfranchise minority voters, yet they work overtime to disenfranchise our soldiers. It’s time to put a stop to this insanity.

Here’s one more obvious example of just how out-of-touch and selfish this current administration is. Anyone with a brain knows members of the military have the most difficult time getting their votes counted due to time constraints. Obama is only concerned about his re-election.

Because of proposed budget cuts to military spending, Obama fears a backlash from military personnel at the voting booths. He should be afraid, very afraid. His total lack of respect for the military and our need for a strong defense is screaming at us at every turn.

Additionally, patriotic Americans need to demand that the ballots get to those serving overseas quickly so the ballots can be returned in time to be counted. The men and women in our armed forces protect us. The least we can do is stand up and protect their right to vote.



Truman failed at business but was a great president

In his letter to the editor of July 29, Rodney Johnson seems to miss a point himself. Romney and Team’s wild successes came at a cost for many Americans.

I congratulate their success, but their actions traded American jobs for Romney and Team’s profit. Many Americans can’t or choose not to afford, associate or identify with teams with that view.

Maybe Romneycare was a good starting point. Many people in Massachusetts support it.

As a Republican, I know there’s more to running a country than being a successful businessperson. Harry Truman comes to mind. He was a failed haberdasher who finished a war, stopped MacArthur from fully attacking China and initiated the Berlin Airlift. It’s about people, too, not just profit.

It pains me to remember our former president saying he didn’t know where Bin Laden was and didn’t care. It’s country building to point out those actions cannot be accepted in America, and a lot of al-Qaida’s top dogs are gone.

It’s also country building to make new agreements with former U.S.S.R. countries to rein in and control leftover radioactive materials on a trip that was billed as nothing but apologies. I like a president who’s respected by other countries.

Congress has had big negative influences in our sagging economy and bears responsibility, too. Jobs, baby, jobs. Why wait so long to approve a jobs bill?

Who does offer demonstrated success in such a global environment? I’m pulling for America’s team.




Amtrak losses show problem with government enterprise

Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman once said, “If you put government in charge of the Sahara Desert in five years you’ll have a shortage of sand.” To which I would add, what sand is left will cost more.

Now we have the spectacle of Amtrak. In 10 years it lost $834 million on its food service. Its overall losses dwarf the food service loss.

What does the government run without a loss? Nothing I’m aware of.

Yet somehow there are people who think that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which is really the Unaffordable Care Act, will run efficiently and lower costs. Folks, if you believe that for even a nanosecond, you are living in a fantasyland.

This November there is only one course of action to save this country: You must vote for candidates who promise to shrink the size of government, and then make sure that they do. It’s the only way. Otherwise, we’re doomed.


Grand Junction


Take attacks on Romney with a grain of salt

We do enjoy reading letters to the editor, as it always amazes us what people are thinking and writing about. The letter from David L. McWilliams really caught my attention, and I felt the need to respond.

Mitt Romney’s sons did not serve in the military. Our military is, and has been since the Vietnam War, an all-volunteer force. Thank heavens for those wonderful individuals who have chosen to serve in our military.

May I remind the letter writer that Bill Clinton never served in the military? He never even wore a Boy Scout uniform. As far as Barack Obama is concerned, he never served in the military. In fact, he wouldn’t know one military uniform from the other without a teleprompter. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Color me red.

Regarding the ridiculous diatribe about Romney’s offshore accounts, until you can verify or disqualify these accusations, don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you read.


Grand Junction


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Juanita R. Williams’ misinformed letter (“Military deserves its voting rights protected”, August 9, 2012) epitomizes the extent to which President Obama’s Republican critics routinely rely on gross falsehoods – rather than facts – to mislead gullible local voters.

Thus, while “on July 17, the Obama for America Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Ohio Democratic Party filed suit in Ohio to strike down part of that state’s law” abbreviating early voting by Ohio residents, that lawsuit in no way affected or threatened “voting by members of the military” serving overseas. 

Rather, the lawsuit seeks to restore three days of early voting which Ohioans enjoyed in 2010, but which the Republican-controlled Ohio legislature eliminated in a transparent effort to suppress the Democratic vote. 

In 2008, Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State deployed far too few voting machines in populous urban areas, resulting in discouragingly long lines that prevented many from voting.  Under threat of action by the Justice Department, Ohio expanded the early voting window to avoid future problems and to equal the time frame afforded overseas military.

In 2010, over 20% of Ohioans voted during those three days, such that – in November 2012—over 900,000 veterans and active duty military personnel residing in Ohio will find their access to the polls “arbitrarily” truncated by their Republican legislature, with “no discernible rational basis” other than voter suppression.  In addition, early voting times have been expanded in Republican counties, but – by action of the Republican Secretary of State—not in Democratic counties.

Thus, Williams’ “disgust” is based on a manifestly false premise – and she should not be “the only one disgusted with how” the Romney campaign’s advertising “is constantly” presenting false information to mislead the electorate, and with how Republicans are cynically and systematically attempting to suppress the Democratic vote.

              Bill Hugenberg
              543 Rim Drive
              Grand Junction, CO 81507
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