Printed letters, Dec. 7, 2011

Electing new president will revitalize growth

We are all tired of politicians and our economic malaise. What will break that gridlock and what appears to be a downward economic spiral? The spread-the-wealth advocates feel every problem can be solved by taxing the millionaires and billionaires.

Under President Obama, government spending is 25 percent of our economy. Typically it is 20 percent. That 20 percent has been pretty steady, even when the tax rate for millionaires was 70 percent (double today’s rate). The president’s 25 percent growth in federal government is unprecedented. Whenever government spends more than 20 percent of our economy, it is borrowed money.

Tax rates will increase automatically at the end of next year. Obama signed the extension of these rates into law himself, but like everything else, he’s not responsible. What the president is actually proposing is increasing taxes even more, but that is just political smoke.

The president’s only chance of re-election is to divide and conquer, by pitting us against each other. He can’t run on the success of his programs and you have seen nothing yet. Much of his change, like Obamacare, will not take effect until what he hopes will be his second term. We would face even higher obstacles to growth.

A 2011 Nobel Prize for economics went to Thomas Sargent, who is known for his rational-expectations theory. Business owners will remain cautious until they feel government will be more of a help than a hindrance. Expectations do count. If voters don’t re-elect President Obama you will be surprised how fast the gridlock breaks and the country heals. One vote and we can get back on the track of strong economic growth.


Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae aren’t cause of problems

It is erroneous for those who continually vilify the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae programs to blame them for crashing our economy. These pseudo-governmental entities only underwrote mortgage loans that had been given hearty approvals by the private credit rating agencies like Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, etc. The mortgage brokers who instituted the loans were also void of integrity and knowingly committing casual fraud by submitting loans for people with totally insufficient wages and unsubstantiated business incomes.

The most heinous criminals, however, were those Wall Streeters who packaged known bad mortgages and then bet against them with insurance policies and made millions on both transactions.
Can you imagine the outrage and criminal charges that would likely occur from a restaurateur poisoning the meal of a football team the night prior to the game and then phoning his bookie and betting against that team winning the next day?

The anti-government/anti-tax crowd needs to turn off the ill-directed vitriol toward Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that spews from hate-talk radio. They should instead join the Occupy activists and go after the private financial-entity criminals who actually perpetrated the devastation upon millions of Americans.

Grand Junction

Associated Press stories are too full of opinion

I get so darn sick and tired of reading articles from the Associated Press that are nothing more than editorial and opinion pieces. The article “2-man GOP race for White House more sharply in focus” on Page 7A, Dec. 4 is a prime example.

The descriptions of Romney and Gingrich are opinions. Many of us may not regard Romney as bland or Gingrich as bombastic. If the writer has these opinions, then make him or her use a byline and put the articles on the Editorial Page. The article referred to is certainly not a news article containing facts.

Grand Junction

Many helped make Wreaths Across America a success

The Patriot Guard Riders, in conjunction with the Wreaths Across America, want to express our deepest appreciation to all the individuals and businesses who sponsored wreaths. They helped us make our goal in providing a Christmas wreath on each headstone and those in the columbaria at Veterans Memorial Cemetery, 2830 D Road for 2011.

Each of you are invited to the ceremony on Dec. 10 at 10 a.m.

Western Slope Assist State Captain
Colorado Patriot Guard Riders
Grand Junction

Changing the name of F Road isn’t logical

Several months ago, the county and city listened to a proposed plan to rename portions of F Road. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that shouted down by public feedback and outcry, and labeled a waste of money? Why is it not a waste of money now? And what brought it back?

As an affected property renter along that road, the decision to change the addresses will cost me money, and I resent having to constantly bear the cost of unfunded mandates. If possible, would you please clear up this mess (reasons why this is necessary, etc.) in the minds of the general public.

There is no obvious logical explanation. It’s all so confusing.

Grand Junction


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