Printed letters, December 11, 2013

If people read The Daily Sentinel Sunday, they now know that two years ago the Department of Defense signed a secret, no-bid (aka, single-source) contract for more than $1 billion for dozens of Russian helicopters to give to the Afghans.

Jobs created here? None, nada, zip, zero, unless you count the procurement people and the staff to concoct the lies concerning why we did this.

Arguments are made that the Afghans are familiar with this Russian MI-17 helicopter. Because they long ago captured them? So what. They can also learn to fly some American-built Chinook choppers. And then, at least, there is something that could be called a benefit for our country — “jobs.”

I am amazed. Surely some Pentagon officials did not do this on their own. With all that has gone on with the Obama administration, I believe the White House knew of this and sanctioned it. If not, then when do the heads roll for this bargain purchase? And these should be civilian as well as military heads.


Grand Junction

Grant relies on dubious source 
for his column information

Reading the tripe from Bill Grant in the Dec. 4 edition of The Daily Sentinel got me to investigate the single source Grant used for his attack on the Independence Institute — the Center for Media and Democracy.

According to, “The Center for Media and Democracy is an outfit of left-wing attack dogs disguised as an independent media and information outlet. The group characterizes pro-business or free-market advocacy as bought P.R. for major companies, but CMD takes significant sums of money from left-wing foundations to fund its agitprop.”

From “The Center for Media and Democracy is a liberal non-profit American-based media research group. It was founded in 1993 by environmentalist writer and political activist John Stauber.” Grant’s single source for his attack can hardly be considered an unbiased source.

Also true to left-wing orthodoxy, Grant has to take a swipe at the left’s biggest bogeymen, American businessmen David and Charles Koch, for funding conservative causes. At the same time, he fails to mention that major funding for his single source comes from the Open Society Institute, an organization founded and funded by the Hungarian-born George Soros.

A single quote from Soros can pretty well sum up his position: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

Looking into the single source Grant uses for his editorial should also tell you everything you need to know where he comes from, as well.

As the campaign season hits, everyone should go to and print out the list of Soros’ front groups so they can check to see where groups supporting the Democrats are getting their money. Have plenty of ink in your printer — the list is long.

I would like to thank The Daily Sentinel for running Grant’s columns. I find them invaluable when considering where I stand on an issue. Whatever Grant is for, I am against; whatever Grant is against, I am for. At least that is my starting position as I investigate the matter to see if, by accident, Grant may be right.


Grand Junction


Closed-door meetings flout 
citizens’ right to know

I wonder just exactly why the school board, city council, county commission and similar government entities conduct any “executive session, closed door” meetings or votes?

The Daily Sentinel reports voting results for U.S. representatives and senators. The school board in “executive session”? Just exactly what is discussed or voted upon that is not the people’s (voters’) right to know?


Grand Junction


Decision on wind farms shows 
Obama abuses his power

I am appalled by the story on the front page of The Daily Sentinel recently, that the president would condone the killing of eagles and other birds by wind-farm companies, with guarantees of freedom from punishment. And he keeps the number of kills secret so that we ignorant people in the hinterlands won’t be upset. (So much for transparency.)

With no environmental review and no consultation with Congress, he dictates by administrative decree. I would like to know who made him God.

And where are the environmentalists? They have apoplexy if any animal is found dead within 5 miles of a drilling rig. Of course, that animal is extremely valuable. Apparently, golden and bald eagles (the symbol of our country) are not nearly so important to them if killing them advances their agenda. What hypocrisy!

At 74 years old, I have lived through 13 presidencies, and this one is more despicable even than Richard Nixon. I have the utmost respect for the office of the president of the United States, but not one shred of respect for the man who currently occupies it.

How can I respect a man who does not respect us? By his own words, he believes if we don’t like what he plans, it is because he just hasn’t explained it to us well enough. What an ego!




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Kudos Mr. Cron. Well said.

While Robert Cron is to be commended for taking the initiative to research the bona fides of “The Center for Media and Democracy” and duly report his findings (“Grant relies on dubious sources for his column information”), his effort somehow overlooked several (perhaps less “dubious”) available sources which entirely confirm Bill Grant’s “column information” about the insidious threat posed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (“ALEC”) to a transparently functioning representative democracy (not to mention ALEC’s alleged violations of tax exempt status and lobbying laws).

Cron apparently missed Jonathan Salant’s report for Bloomberg News (“ALEC Thought of Non-Profit — Then Thought Not”, December 13, 2012); Suzanne Goldberg’s and Ed Pilkington’s expose’ in the Guardian Newspaper (“ALEC calls for penalties on ‘freerider’ homeowners in assault on clean energy”, December 4, 2013); and NPR’s interview with Pilkington on December 10, 2013.

Notice also that Cron dismissivley ignores the substance of Grant’s column, but changes the subject by asserting a false equivalency between George Soros’ public contributions and the Koch brothers’ more secretive activities – again, without evaluating the substance of their respective public policy positions.

While Cron is self-admittedly “spring-loaded” to oppose “whatever Grant is for” and support “whatever Grant is against” – mimicking the typical “knee jerk” Repugnican’s mindless attitude toward President Obama – he at least claims to be open to new facts.

Thus, Bill Grant is laudably serving his journalist purpose as a weekly Sentinel columnist – by prompting others to ask their own questions, to seek out relevant information, and to exercise their own powers of critical thinking to reach relevant conclusions.

Therefore, I predict that:  if Cron moves beyond his “starting position” and independently investigates ALEC’s dubious activities, he may well conclude that Grant’s columns are not mere “tripe” and that it is no “accident” that Grant is usually “right” (albeit “left”).

I just knew that penis envy Hugenburg wouldn’t resist. So WHAT? Who got hurt? What exactly is the problem. Our country is capitalist. Why do you espouse that YOUR references are the be all and end all. I am really hoping that your size thing is fixed soon.

Robert Cron, I thank you for your due diligence reading and evaluating Bill Grant’s columns.  They are so biased and far out in left field I can no longer stomach reading them.

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