Printed letters, December 12, 2013

A recent comment in “You Said It” referred to Rep. Jared “Less than Forth” Wright. I thought that was quite clever, as opposed to the “Welcome To Fruita” stickers that are about as clever, thoughtful and original as the deep thoughts written on a million public bathroom stalls across the country.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am neither a fan of the Republican Party, which actively ignores our Constitution, nor of the Democratic Party, which actively ignores and despises our Constitution.

In regard to “Less than Forth” Wright, I know The Daily Sentinel (in general) doesn’t approve of Wright, and neither did I. But I read in Proverbs 18:17 that there is often more to the story. I don’t know if he was or wasn’t less than forthright, but judging from his performance since his election, I’d vote for him.

Millions of Americans know that President Barack “I could never disown Reverend Wright — well, OK, throw him under the bus” Obama is about as far from being forthright as anyone could possibly be. Yet, in spite of his performance since his election, many continue to support him.

Less than forthright? Every time I hear our president pitch his signature health care plan (which he would never inflict on his own children), the old song, “Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies” gets stuck in my head. The lies are pretty sweet. But I’m afraid the truth is going to be ugly.


Grand Junction

Rep. Wright, other leaders 
must focus on local problems

Is Jared Wright really going to audit the Colorado insurance exchange? Hmm … His district over here, especially Fruita, had the worst sales tax revenues collected this year. Wright should put the focus on the dire economic numbers here. He has an emergency situation here.

Recently, one of the politicians in this community suggested the economic recovery has now been pushed to 2015.

Well, last year it was said 2014 would be our recovery year, and that we typically lag behind the Front Range a year or so. The recovery is well under way on the Front Range.

Wright, Rep. Scott Tipton, the county commissioners and members of the City Council and the chamberof commerce need to hold emergency meetings immediately on this economy and come up with solutions.

Commissioners and chamber members run to Utah for meetings, but they don’t learn anything from them.

Our leaders must come up with some solutions instead of every year saying, “Oops, we didn’t recover this year, but maybe next!”

Wright should stop trying to run state business, and Tipton, federal, until they have turned around their county and district.

The next thing I would like to see in the paper would be Wright’s good ideas to turn this area around. Then I guess I would have more confidence in his ideas for the state and country.

Get to work, all of you. It’s your job.




Pugliese, Justman remain 
true to campaign promises

In answer to Jennifer Bowden’s letter to the editor, I disagree with her. There were 45,471 people who voted for Rose Pugliese and 40,471 who voted for John Justman.

Both of these candidates held numerous town halls and meet-and-greets, and they listened to the people. They were very upfront about their conservative fiscal values and are remaining true to their campaign promises. Did Bowden attend any of the events?

She also stated that they are only representing the tea party. What is that?

It’s an informal group of people who believe in fiscal responsibility; after all, the “tea” in tea party stands for Taxed Enough Already! Many Republicans who believe in fiscal responsibility and limited government were also involved in their campaigns.

The solution to not enough tax revenues to fund absolutely everything is to open up our economy — not by giving out more handouts, as Bowden seems to suggest, but by opening up energy restrictions that have stifled our economic growth.

The government should not be the entire answer to our problems. If grants from Great Outdoors Colorado were self-sufficient, they would not need a government handout (subsidy).

Please have some regard for the hard-working people of this county who are also struggling to keep their heads above water and must limit themselves, just as our county government must do.


Grand Junction


All those in CMU’s concert 
deserve gratitude for magic

Thank you, CMU, for once again providing us with a magical Sunday afternoon full of great tunes during the annual holiday concert. Kudos to all the vocalists, musicians, directors and behind-the-scenes folks for your hard work.

My favorite pieces this year were the Vocal Chords’ rendition of “Let it Snow” and the concert choir’s “Shepherd’s Pipe Carol,” along with the always beautiful Austrian carol, “Still, Still Still.” It is “still” playing in my head as I write this note. Very nice!


Grand Junction


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