Printed letters, December 17, 2013

This letter is in response to Eileen O’Toole’s recent letter to the editor regarding the non-cancellation of policies. She is correct in being “confused” regarding the non-cancellation of policies on Dec. 31.

I have one of the estimated 5 million policies being cancelled that date. This estimate includes only individual covered plans. For her to state that my plan has not been cancelled is totally false.

In 2014, to keep my new plan’s premium increasing only 20 percent, I have had to double my deductible. My 2014 plan will no longer be “sub par,” according to the administration. As a 61-year-old male, I will have mandated maternity coverage. If I need this coverage, it will be more newsworthy than the Immaculate Conception.

I suspect that O’Toole’s insurance policy is one that has not been changed with the Affordable Health Care Act.


Grand Junction

Coloradans must recognize 
psychosis of gun culture

Just another routine Colorado day, another shooting at a school. Was the shooter mentally disturbed? It doesn’t matter. He was in possession of the ultimate equalizer and means of settling grievances, and he took advantage of American society’s seemingly approved implement for just such occasions.

When will Americans recognize that we have a psychological cultural affliction with our gun culture? And, as is true with our governments at many levels, monetary and commercial interests have taken over and spent billions of dollars to perpetuate it.

Does the NRA represent all gun owners? Does it fight for the rights of Americans to possess firearms of any kind? Of course, but the big beneficiary of its efforts are gun manufacturers, and they pull the strings of all the puppets who have been brainwashed into thinking they are some kind of super patriots following their God-given absolute rights under their dubious interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Guns are useful for self-defense  — sometimes — and for hunting. But in America, and particularly Colorado, they are the method for making oneself the equal of anybody else. They are the ultimate means of settling any dispute  — or hatred. They compensate for any lack of self-esteem or personally perceived social and sexual shortcomings, and they personify our wish to be the equal of anybody in our glorious Wild West, self-sufficient hallucinations.

The people of Colorado, collectively, should be ashamed for allowing a minority to have been enablers of the many shooting incidents in this state and for allowing the ridiculous recalls of elected representatives who were trying to begin to deal with our national psychosis, and that’s what it is.

Apparently, “We’re Number One.” That’s what it is all about, isn’t it?


Grand Junction


Dana Brewer’s death is 
a big loss to Grand Valley

It is with great sadness that I acknowledge the death of Dana Brewer. This humble and caring man died doing what many who knew him accept as “just Dana.” He would help anyone with anything, including locating lost cattle from the air.

There are few doctors, lawyers or other professionals in town who would give freely of their knowledge and expertise the way Dana did. He would aid aircraft owners in troubleshooting problems and lend them tools and the like at no cost just because that is who he was.

The airport lost an excellent business when it forced his aircraft maintenance facility out two years ago. More importantly, the Grand Valley lost a wonderful human being Dec. 12 when he was simply being himself, helping others.


Grand Junction


Transfering federal lands 
won’t improve access

A letter in Sunday’s paper recommended the privatization of federal lands in the West or else turning them over to the states. According to the author, this would improve public access to these lands.

It’s not clear to me how that would work. Members of the public do not have access to private land except invited or paying guests; otherwise, people are trespassing.

In my experience, state ownership results in more restrictive access than federal ownership.

For example, the public can only access state lands in Utah and Arizona during an open hunting season and when in the possession of a valid hunting license.

Otherwise the “public” land really belongs to whatever rancher or farmer is in the good-old-boy system. Doing away with our beloved federal lands in the West is not the answer to improving public access.




Replace LED lights on trees 
with cheery Christmas lights

The Christmas season is supposed to be a cheerful and merry occasion when lights are on the trees downtown. It seems there is always money for many items, but the LED lights on Main Street are so depressing. They are not pretty, bright or cheerful.

The store windows are beautiful. We were embarrassed to take a friend to see the lights. I think it would be better to return to the beautiful, cheery, regular Christmas lights.


Grand Junction


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Does AMERICAN GOVERNMENT represent ALL AMERICANS? The NRA supports its members. It is NOT mandatory for ALL gun owners to join, Period. Got it now? Does our “government” support ALL AMERICANS? No it does not. Just like the NRA it supports the “party.” The “party.” Do you think we received an “extension” to MANDATORY OBAMA CARE until a week or so AFTER the 2014 elections was because our “government” felt sorry for us? Hardly. BARRY HUSSEIN SOETORO and his minions DID IT FOR THE DEMOCRAP PARTY. You would have done much better had you taken note of the fact that the shooter was taken down (albeit at his own hand) BECAUSE an ARMED DEPUTY was on scene within 1 minute. It is tragic that a young lady was shot. So just exactly what do desire? No guns for ANYONE? Certainly any high information AMERICAN realizes that when guns are outlawed only criminals will have them. Sheesh. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Enablers? PFFFT. Minority? PFFFFT. Next time you are confronted with a gun toting criminal you can merely tell him that his gun is illegal! Then you may use your 1 in 10 accident victims per year accident insurance to recover.

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