Printed letters, December 3, 2013

Concerning the riverfront, in a late effort to make up for my personal shortcomings, I’m sending the Riverfront Foundation a check and sending this letter to the editor.

What could these newcomer commissioners possibly be thinking? The Colorado Riverfront Commission budget should be tripled, no, quadrupled! Certainly not defunded. I had no idea the county contributes so little, and I am flabbergasted.

This beautiful resource should be treasured, nurtured and expanded. And not just by the lottery, but also by all of us who use the riverfront and love it. To not fund this is shameful backsliding on all that is good and lovely in this community. It is a disservice to the memory of the late Jim Robb and others like him who left us with a beautiful trail and what should be an unquestioned enduring asset. To be able to stroll along the banks of the mighty Colorado — at the grand junction.

All of you who feel the same — even though, like me, you mistakenly thought our county commissioners are automatically wise enough to use our taxes for this purpose — I challenge all of you to make your voices heard. Send a check. Send your favorite pictures. Make a call. Write a letter. And do so quickly.

We have to believe that these commissioners have somehow missed the importance of the riverfront and will graciously change their minds on the issue of defunding, and, in fact, double up on using our tax money where it benefits us so enduringly and endearingly.



Better conservative columnist 
needed to replace Josh Penry

While in the process of moving to Mesa County, my wife and I sometimes get to read Josh Penry’s column in The Daily Sentinel. We also see a steady procession of letters pointing out Penry’s errors, omissions and half-truths.

To me, Penry’s column is bad journalism. His column reads as if he pastes together Colorado Republican State Committee press releases and adds in a few snide comments.

It appears the Sentinel has local columns representing different viewpoints. Compared to Bill Grant’s well-written and researched columns, Penry is an amateur. This is not journalism, but thinly disguised advertising for the Republican Party.

Certainly the Sentinel can find a local conservative who can write better, not make up things and refrain from schoolyard taunts and name-calling. Regardless of political affiliation, readers deserve good journalism.


Glade Park


Why does the Sentinel
keep publishing Pramenko?

Why is there such a compulsion on the part of The Daily Sentinel to keep printing opinions by Michael Pramenko, I.D. (Ideologue), concerning the sweeping benefits of Obamacare?

Where is the Sentinel’s recognition of the need to acknowledge the other argument — the unworkable financial mess this law has created and the ultimate effect that will have?


Grand Junction


Obamacare website problems 
are just the tip of the iceberg

No one knows the true cost of Obamacare. Perhaps the citizens with cancer who can no longer receive treatment at the premier cancer treatment centers will tell us of the true costs. Remember, the website is just the tip of the iceberg.

A single-payer system would be administered by the same geniuses who have created the Obamacare website. (Frightening.)

Cuba and Venezuela have single-payer systems. I have never heard of anyone from the United States going to either one for medical care. Canada also has a single-payer system. Recently a premier from there came here for a heart procedure. The average wait to see a doctor there is six months.

Offhand, I can’t think of a thing our government does well except pass needless rules and regulations that limit our freedoms and hinder our productivity.


Grand Junction


Immigration reform shouldn’t 
be a top federal priority

A government’s first duty is to protect its citizens from external threat. This is also known as national security. Club 20’s Bonnie Petersen, however, proposes designating the Gang of Eight’s so-called immigration reform efforts as the top federal priority, upending the fundamental social contract established since the dawn of civilization.

In support of her breezy proposition, Peterson and her allies in similar organizations argue that “everybody agrees the system is broken” and “something needs to be done.” The solution for them lies in thinking of the situation as a business matter: That’ll fix it for sure. In the meantime, move any irksome national security distractions to the side.

I’m sure our enemies are toasting the good luck of their agendas being advanced by default, courtesy of those who believe as Peterson & Co.

No talking points can mask the absurdity of this proposal. It is abhorrent on its face and shameful by any measure. The whole scheme is right out of Lenin’s useful idiot playbook.


Grand Junction


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“Among all forms of mistake, prophecy is the most gratuitous”.  George Elliot.  Therein lies the answer to Richard Rininger’s question:  “Why does the Sentinel keep publishing Pramenko?” 

On the one hand, Dr. Michael Pramenko, M.D. – as a practicing primary care physician, past-president of the Colorado Medical Society, and former member of both Club 20’s Health Care Policy Committee and the Federal Advisory Board for Section 1322 of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) – is perhaps the most qualified and knowledgeable local commentator available.

Consequently, Dr. Pramenko’s columns are consistently fact-based and carefully explain the public policy considerations which underlie that “market-driven” approach (originally conceived, endorsed, and successfully implemented by “conservatives”) for extending affordable access to health care to 40+ million Americans.

On the other hand, local critics of the ACA – including Rininger and Gary Montgomery (“Obamacare website problems are just the tip of the iceberg”) – typically offer only unsubstantiated assertions of an “unworkable financial mess this law has created” and/or similarly unsubstantiated (but presumably dire) prognostications of “ultimate effects”.

Among the financial facts which Rininger ignores is that the ACA has already extended the actuarial viability of Medicare – by reducing its future expenditures by $700+ billion (“Obamacare’s Reviled Medicare Cuts Have Turned Out Better Than Expected”, Time), has already contributed to dramatic reductions in annual health care spending and cost increases, and that average premiums for policies offered on ACA exchanges were 17% lower than expected, saving another $147 billion in subsidies.

Meanwhile, Montgomery’s “iceberg” floats on references to Cuba, Venezuela, and a financially-independent Canadian provincial premier who (on his doctors’ advice) opted for heart surgery in Florida – in 2010.  Beginning in 2014 under the ACA, Floridians (many for the first time ever) will also have access to similar quality care.

That’s why the Sentinel publishes Dr. Pramenko’s (and contrary) opinions.

Mr Montgomery: The life expectancy in Cuba in 2011 was 79.13 years.  In the US it was 78.64 years.  In Canada and the UK, which also have socialized medicine, it was 80.95 and 80.73 years, respectively.  Your point?

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